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  1. 11010490


    Insurance companies will try every scumbag tactic to not pay. Even in very clear cut claims, they will try to screw you at every turn. Play the game, never get frustrated with them and call them EVERY day. Even if you have nothing to say. The more time you cost them, the more tired they become of their own game. Be prepared to wait (6-12months) because it's another tactic. Be sure you cost them money every day they don't pay your claim - call them, email them, visit them in the store. Time is money. If you're living with your parents, you are a caretaker or something other than a renter or boarder - no money is involved. Never tell an insurance company more than they need to know. They have too much access to information (including metadata....) so don't make it easier for them (they make nothing easy for you). Be political, be polite and never give up.
  2. 11010490

    prescription drugs & driving

    I can't remember the flyer handed to my by my GP when I had three crashes (no injuries, only property), something like Moore's Law (but clearly not). Basically, yes, it can be a problem if there's an incident and you are under the influence of anything, even if it's prescribed.
  3. Also - rough guide on copper pricing http://www.copperrecycling.com.au/scrap-copper-prices/ If you want copper, just wander down to your local metal scrapper. You'll want a nonferrous scrapper if you got the choice. They'll just charge by the kg.
  4. How about rigid PVC drain with holes drilled in one half? install inspection points at a low angle to the drain - eg, two 45 degree bends rather than one 90 degree. That way you can stick one of those rotorooter things down there and de-root as needed. I found it better than agi pipe - you can't put blades down the soft PVC.
  5. Have you tried diatomaceous earth? If you're not going systemic, you will need to treat regularly to get on top of the bug life cycle. Companion planting has also helped for me with the solanaceae family. Namely chrysanthemum and basil.
  6. 11010490

    Going off grid

    After living off grid for a little while in isolation, here's a few points I've noticed while staying in this shack - Heating and cooling use a ridiculous amount of energy. Good insulation is a must. 'Insulate before generate'. Windows facing the correct direction. LiFePO4 battery bank. Large and small inverter for optimum efficiency. Large rain water tank. Bore/dam water holding tank. RO filter in case bore/dam water must be used for potable water. Fire place. LPG. Very high efficiency appliances. Use most of your energy during the day, since we are lucky enough to have that giant fission reactor above our heads, spewing out free energy almost every day in Australia. Protected garden space. Biiig, stable temperature and humidity pantry. (Rat proof) If you're a fair bit away from other people, spares of everything, some sort of communication means in case you're in real trouble. Essentially, when you have to provide your own energy, you sure do change just about every habit, unless you put in a 30kw system. Edit: Completely forgot to list the obvious, probably because I think it's just assumed when living in Australia - Solar!
  7. Hey buddy, If you wanted to check out the bush and want to check out central NSW pm me and we can chat about it. I'm staying about an hour east of Dubbo. LOTS of land to check out.
  8. Doesn't tesla use lithium batteries? 100x the charge cycles of lead acid and don't need to sit at float voltage to keep them happy. So that might explain the difference in price. In saying that, I still use lead acid for my primary bank but that's because I get the sla batteries for free.
  9. 11010490

    Post your track of the day

    Sweet, let's try this again with the song I actually meant to post....
  10. 11010490

    Post your track of the day

    Arrgh, can't get embedding to work.... https://youtu.be/CnLs7uomEWo
  11. 11010490

    Damn I'm Bored

    Love it. It's not that I'm sitting around with nothing to do, it's just that everything I have to do eats up all my time. Very true. I want to move to NE NSW in a few years, land there is so damn expensive. Hrmmmm. Hahahaha, tis the season ;)
  12. 11010490

    Damn I'm Bored

    Damn I'm bored these days. It's becoming more and more difficult to find people to party with, everyone I used to party with have got various things happening in their lives - gone over seas, kids, moved interstate, working, etc. Not really sure how to get out of this rut of going to work and home again like a drone. Am I getting old? Anyone else suddenly realise how boring their life has become?
  13. 11010490

    Thrip Shit?

    You sure that's not mold?
  14. 11010490

    I drank hemlock: demon eating

    They're all over Dubbo river banks, always smelled of evil to me.
  15. Considering I have to buy 5 scripts a month to exist, people can get fucked if they say one drug is "better" than the other. I'd rather not be on 2 ADs and blood pressure meds but now they've caused permanent changes, it's not viable to get off them (trust me I've tried, countless times over 10 years, constantly). It's the legal drugs that have caused me the most harm to date. I can obtain great joy from tending to my garden, much more than the contents of the garden can bring.