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  1. Hi guys, Been a while since I've been on these forums. I have some Ephedra gerardiana seedstock that I'm having trouble germinating, I know they come from a good stock, a member here sold them to me and I had a few in my backyard for about 2 years. I recently pulled out the baggie of seed and... waiting... waiting.... nothing germinating. I hope the viability doesn't go down with age? Theyre only about 2 years old? I have tried putting them between moist cloth, still nothing. I have some GA3, I might give it a try. Should I score or sinter the seed? I had literally no problems when I first got them, now I'm devestated :-( the new PE crap doesnt work anywhere near as good as a tea, Thanks! tripsis? are you there?
  2. Hey man, good to see people like you in QLD, extraction and purification, sounds like we would get along.

  3. - long time herbalistics & shaman australis customer =)