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  1. I'm in... This year's pumpkins collapsed with the cray weather. Be lucky to get the secondary to big Queensland blue size.. Lol


    Pumpkin, marrow, zucchini, sunflower whateva :wink:

    Was gunna attempt a big kohlrabi for laughs 

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  2. Report the post/thread is the best way. Mods get notified, they've got lives and shit going on. That way it's put directly to their attention, they don't read everything. 


    Plain and simple:wink: hit that button... 

    (the report flag top right corner)  

    The mod of the given forum section gets the notification. As far as I know it links them directly to the post, so it makes their lives a lot easier as well. 


    If you've been around long enough you'll expect a few each round of newbie influx,  and you'll understand how much work the mods have done here and the shit they've put up with:wink: 


    Nothing stopping anyone reminding folk of the rules. That said from experience some are more "sensitive" than others or think it's a personal attack... Lol.. Their problem. 


    As for a cold canvas messaging asking for contra, it's the Internet and some will always try. The way FB,  Insta and Wikr as examples are being utilised by some pups and normalized it shouldn't be a great surprise.


    I'm less than polite on that front to be sure.. Lol:lol:.  You just don't know what the actual intent is on a phishing exercise from a random..... 


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  3. IMG_20200212_084708-2656x1494.jpg


    Hmmm...think I might lose it. 

    Has rained heavily here and humidity high. 


    Growth has been very unequal and slowed, and it formed hollows that waters has sat in. There's a good chance it'll crack. It's not soft yet,  but I'm not optimistic it won't rot. 


    If I get it through it'll be a fuggly one:lol: even fugglier than this one 







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  4. If there is no registry though it's a can of worms. It's using a formalised system without being formal re claiming a cultivar. Most anyway just call it a Clone name. 


    I can't just do that with orchids as example (to claim cultivar) , to show I'm not being argumentative :wink: 


    Who officially recognises it? Then it becomes who is or are authorities. Then there would probably be a need to recognise what publications are valid(?).


    Doesnt solve the eBay "I'm gunna name the cacti to make more bucks" scenario.

    One could craft a clever ebay description and try claim by those rules. (edit - if no authority) 


    I am intrigued. Still messy. 


    @Evil Genius


    Edit- just woken... No coffee yet.. Lol 


    Then is the "name" a Cultivar claim, a Clone name or identifier 

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  5. Tax office not fckn around... That said planting out Acres requires planning and intent to do something with it. 


    Need a pretty solid distribution network to make the moneys. 


    Prefer a few Acres of fine weed :)

    Would get in less strife.... For now at least. 


    Edit- intriguing that no charges have been made on those two ops. Possibly building the case though. 

  6. There is no formal convention. 


    Some just make it up to hype sales. 

    There is nothing stopping anyone giving names. Does help catch those that collect like Pokémon...  catch them all... Lol


    It's a good way to keep track of clones with distinct traits . Although I'm of the opinion  a name should only be for a really unique plant... Otherwise it's just its parentage that's important to identify. 


    Further to that I reckon it should go to those mature plants that get found(or grown out) , rather than a seedling unless absolutely distinct. I could give a name to every seedling in a batch of hybrid seed germinated:wink:


    I've sold a few and passed on collection notes of mine if someone was interested if I've kept multiple seedlings out of a batch of seed. Which is usually a code, which is really more useful for me as I note a few things...may include seed source/location etc. But not claiming a Clone name on those. 


    Some collectors have their own quirky ways of identifying what they have in their collections as well(probably including naming everything for some) . I do try to keep track of who a plant comes from. 


    A member down here got onto a large non-pc pach that was very old and a fine looking thing, with notable traits.  I suggested it may be of use to give it a name, such as the town it came from. So it's more of an identifier, but IMO was worthy of distinction. 


    That's my bent on it FWIW. 

    I'm not a serious collector, I just like spikey  things and have a fair few of them. 


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  7. My username may be a hint:wink:

    Happy to spill in a PM as the island is too small. Also had a few good years in technical consultancy and done the Devils work in gov... Lol... Amongst other evils


    Health improving has been an impetus to go hard again and this ones spot on . 


    I'm nearly a day walker again.. Lol...And recently been less of a part-time "ascetic" hermit.  My cognition has recovered significantly. Though once a week I nearly put myself in shock sticking a needle in my guts. (lol.. Today) 


    Lol... The feral beard is gone, was mostly sunblock, the dog and my boy are looking at me funny. 


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  8. @Dozer

    In my case it's until frost takes the vine

    Plenty of growing time to go:wink:it'll ripen for sure. 


    Weathers all over the place... Maybe into late april, could punch into may


    Once growth ramps up it still amazes me