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  1. I dont recommend it...but taking Immunosuppressant drugs

    and catching the flu and some other bug thing defo put me into an altered state for a coupla days.


    lol...spent near 3 days sorta like this....


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    2. waterboy 2.0

      waterboy 2.0

      lol..nah bro you dont wanna go there....apparently shit got a little real (and hella scary for the Mrs) when I started jabbering in my delusional state about pulling the metal ribbon outta my ribcage they used to lace me up a while back....that coulda ended badly:wink: And thats after not being able to eat for 3 days and dehydrated from the days of spewing.....twas fckd...lol

    3. waterboy 2.0

      waterboy 2.0

      I woke up today thinking it was saturday:lol:

    4. bardo


      Oh ok, I will retract that request : )

      I hope you are feeling ok now

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