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  1. IMG_20180910_110451-2124x1195.jpg

    Start of main growth and main flowering now..one of many. Fruit is supposed to be 10-15mm, and opens when wet (hygrochastic), insect pollinated... Never had obvious pods or seeds over the years ... I put it down to not growing them with a natural water cycle (sweet FA)  and lack of a specific/effective pollinator... I'm thinking butterfly BTW... This point I think is the main issue 


    Stamens are kinda hidden, what you obviously see are stamenodes. Which makes me think of a special pollinator, but info is in short supply. 


    Humidity may be an issue as well (?), it's pretty hard to do desert dry here and under 100mm annual rainfall. 


    The plants cycles are desert survival .  It's hardwired into it no matter how you treat it. 


    Most of the seed (s. Tort) I played with was another species, and possibly some hybrids... Which was annoying. 


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  2. Dont scalp it too low though Horsey:wink:, depending on the grass type (be a mix you have I reckon) most have a sweet spot in height that encourages tillering and root deepening. Which will make the turf a bit less water hungry in dry periods and keep it looking and feelin good.


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  3. slug and snail control, dont jet water onto the seedlings until they "cabbage up" to prevent mechanical damage and infection, and thin them ruthlessly. They have mixed requirements for initiating the distinct stages of growth (5 of them if I recall right...sippin on cofeee 'cause I slept it).


    Seeds are only viable for a year or 2. Hitt'em with phos when they hit the "hook" stage:wink:

    Autumn sowing needs more slug protection, but will give a bigger "cabbage" that gives a better display of flowers.

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