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    ahh a post a did not want to be making...

    This doesn't read well no matter which side I cock my head.... I wish you well onto better mental health, although I note you didn't have that in the brighter side. I don't know the tale/s so I'm leaving my opinions at the door. I'd question accountabilities if I was in the thick of it.
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    Mixed Loph seed giveaway - Finished

    Not sticking my hand up, but giving a sincere nod
  3. waterboy 2.0

    SAB discord

    Not at all... You really just danced about it and didn't spill your perception tunnel. Says enough for me
  4. waterboy 2.0

    SAB discord

    *beard stroking intensifies * What "false flag narrative"? dare I ask..
  5. waterboy 2.0

    Reward on offer

    If it's just the polygodial content you are chasing , Tasmannia lanceolata may prove a substitute.
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    Post your track of the day

  7. waterboy 2.0

    Post your track of the day

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    Organic certified potting mix

    No certified organic mixes AFAIK, there are certified to Australian Standards for potting mixes (regular and premium), which is shown by the standards ticks logo on the bag if up to standard. You'd want a pretty shit mix to be worried about accumulating anything. I got pissed once about a bag that had the base of a car aerial in it and windscreen glass... Was concerned about potential hydrocarbon contamination in a cheap one I purchased once. Tossed it. Chem ferts aren't much of a drama... A few minor exceptions IMO, but generally the hobby gardener isn't playing with them. Other contamination such as metals however can be an issue . Have also found furnace slag in a few other cheapies. Osmocote is on the level. Although it's on the richer side so may not be good for all things.
  9. waterboy 2.0

    Post your track of the day

    Signs of "normality"... LOL
  10. waterboy 2.0

    Post your track of the day

    With the corona shit and other shit I forgot Lustre was dropping a new one. My pick of da tracks.
  11. waterboy 2.0

    Edible/Medicinal culture seeking thread

    Hi folks, thought this may be a good way to group those up seeking the less than common edible/medicinals. Could be a good way to put a wishlist together, like most things seek and one can find, or others in their travels and chats...lol So to kick it off I am interested to know about if we have Agaricus augustus (The Prince) about ?
  12. waterboy 2.0

    Sowing seed for the summer

    Four seasons... Depends what needs what. Getting seed down now that needs stratification that goes outside. Anything else project wise under light on heat.
  13. waterboy 2.0

    Newb over winter question

    Cold AND wet is the big problem If the are plumped up with water then freezing can really do a number. Bridges I've found are the first to succumb and melt if not catered for. Need constant cold for a true dormancy, a blue sky winters day is enough for heat for a few hours for most to try to punch a bit of growth if there is some soil moisture. Under 8 degrees for a least a fortnight(day/night) is what I think brings it on. But if it gets above it you need a reset. No science to my thoughts, just watching. Some of our European members might have better thoughts. I get well minus cold and some years a fair bit of snow, but it's not constant... Pretty sure I've only had dormancy a few times, mostly Damn slow growth otherwise. I focus on keeping em dry these days and let them do whateva they want until it's time to water them regularly . If hard pressed even getting them hard up against a wall under the eaves will get most through. Dont forget to use whateva microclimate you can. Edit - smaller pots also seem to be more likely to succumb, than a larger one with a well draining mix.
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    Post your track of the day

  15. waterboy 2.0

    Does anyone know anyone who's died from COVID-19?

    Let's not get fucked up like americans
  16. waterboy 2.0

    takeaway tek alternatives

    I'm all for the takeaway tek. Once you have it dialed in I'm with Halcyon as set and forget. I use new containers, and then recycle them for the job. Also found once there has been fats/oils in them they never really clean up so I stopped using any previously used for food. Getting the moisture right is a key part of dialing them in. I just take my time using a mist bottle, and pretty much just get a feel for the weight. Generally use a good seed raising mix, but sometimes mix a little fine sand in, and Lophs I use a thin sand layer on top out of habit. Sometimes I sieve the mix, especially if there is barky bits. The more organics the more problems IMO. Never had any decent results with coir/peat and cacti seeds myself. I kick em off under fluoros on a heat mat. Have cooked a few when kicking off under sunlight... Lol... So I avoid it in my growing using TT method. Open them up slowly once they've grown a bit, and move into some natural light,crack em open and punch some drainage holes until ready to transplant. Tried a few ways before the TT, but get better results for me using it... Also for some non-spikey things.
  17. waterboy 2.0


    *claps slow * *nods head*
  18. waterboy 2.0

    Going going gone

    It's because folk keep stealing from the botanical gardens... 10 years ago it was a glorious cacti house and had a fine trich (any other species) collection. The TBM you can hardly recognize as any pup gets knocked off it immediately. (in raised bed behind it) Was down in December and was sad to see how bad the cacti collection has become. PS-have this in collection and yes it was authorised by staff at the timethe thing was huge when under glass.
  19. waterboy 2.0

    Bulk sceletium

    Maybe, have to check I've got enough for myself. I'm running ragged so might take a bit to catch up on
  20. waterboy 2.0

    Posting Khat Suckers and a Potted Button

    Pack em like you want to receive em
  21. waterboy 2.0

    Tasmanians unite

    Because we have a moat around us and some services and shit may slow down ect. This thread may be useful as a point of communication. Some fucker may be able to help another fucker... We are all fuckers now You get the idea... It is a time to unite not divide... Although you gotta stand back a little. Even a simple need we may be able to sort out amongst us. WB
  22. waterboy 2.0

    Post your track of the day