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    endoplasmic reticulum
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    Post your track of the day

    Get some finnish folk metal into ya.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvyT6MQIvvw&feature=player_embedded
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    Post your track of the day

    get back to it when I sort out embedding
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    Poppy Seeds

    People only chase "Tazzies" because of some belief in the mysterious little island that has a kick arse presence in international alkaloid production. "Tazzies" are not what they use to be.... Its a much of a muchness with most varieties, state of the art agronomy , climate, soils and industrial processing are the key areas to the industry success. A few years back growing the highest alkaloid yielding crops could win you a luxury car or holiday if a runner up! Yes there have been deaths down here due to random grabbing of pods and brewing up teas. If you are down here - don't go there... (go to sleep - sleep forever). It is an industrial crop for industrial purposes. WB
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    Patrick's mate
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    In the post this morning gents
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    giveaway - Done and Dusted Cheers WB
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    I will
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    comfrey rootstock available

    More likely listed as a weed? loves the temperate climate. I use a large bed for supplementary feeding some goats and rabbits, and for priming the compost bins. Makes a great stinky plant tonic. Keep the roots contained with a deep barrier or it will run all over the place, and some varieties have sterile seed whilst the older varieties can throw seed about the place. Re consumption, I will note the alkaloids and consumption sticks because of one "study", this plant keep many russian peasants alive as the dominant foodsource with no documented cases of effects. Still may have adverse effects , drinking lots of home brew vodka probably offsets the effects
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    Invisible pollutants foul worlds cleanest air.

    Even the cleanest air is tainted, when you stand on the west coast you know its a special place. I am not sure if I can look out at the ocean there the same again. This is just FUBAR. Humans the dirtiest animals by far.
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    Poppy Seeds

    In another post of mine recently - you cannot tell the difference when standing at the fence between chemovars. Only morphine varieties hit the food seed market(bakery seed). No doubt some dumb shit will jump a fence one day..... I have seen tourists jump the fences just to be photographed in the field of blooms, including right near the signage. Thebaine varieties came into play because by international convention you can only convert x amount of codeine to thebaine, I am reliably told. Basically the 2 lines grown, not as much area as previous years as the growers did a good job and have flooded the markets. The trickery is done at the processing plants, a hell of a lot of compounds come out these things. As aside I have seen fallow deer "on the nod" after munging on poppies, unable to jump fences - funniest thing I have witnessed for a long time... I live in the guts of the main cultivation area.
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    Importing P.Cube prints to Aus?

    Innocent until proven guilty doesn't exist in Australia -you would find that out if the shit hits, particularly when you do the work for them.
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    Trichocereus seedlings for sale - BULK lots

    Nearly Tripsis, Nearly.... just cant fit them... Stoked with the last lot
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    Where to get Tasmanian Purple Papaver Somniferum?

    Only the morph hit the food market, others are destroyed due to safety - and more importantly protection of other strain lines getting into competitors hands. Hit a baker up if you know one.... PS - cannot tell them apart if staring at them from the roadside
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    Paranoia as you age

    Life experience assists in developing paranoid thinking, but I do think you need to be "wired" for such thought processes. Depending on what you do with your life, the outcomes that develop and how an individual processes what the outcome was. This helps shape a response to similar situations in the future. I prefer a hint of "paranoid thinking" myself, I had the displeasure of witnessing some very unbecoming characters in my life.... "forewarned is forearmed" What is an unhealthy level of paranoia?
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    Ask the person below you

    Chicken Snitchel If a tree falls in a forest and kills a mime artist, does anyone care?
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  22. Every moment does have a nexus within it I think , your comment Space Cadet I find profound. The end of MY world is when I die, whenever that may be. I am sure I have come close a few times or possibly even crossed the line, but the "fire" still burned.- my date is still to arrive. There have been hundreds of "end of the world" dates passed, and to come. There have always been groups attracted to such dates and knowing what "truth" it holds. Everyone will have one (unless immortal or your head gets cut off ) , it is what it is. But to keep on topic it deeply concerns me to see religion/faith/spirituality used to make something right/just/holy/legal. The rhetoric that comes with it just plainly pisses me off. I stand behind my previous statement of division Vs unity coming, it is already here on many fronts.
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    FYI - this is a variety that has pale " tan/white" seeds rather that the "blue/dark" ones
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    Free ones all committed folks. Will keep releasing a few things when theres a bit of church money free Will get em out at the end of the week brothers. WB