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    Post your track of the day

    Edit - oh yes.. I needed this
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    Catha Edulis - Perth

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    Can we have more emojis?

    Also lack the chocolate ice cream...
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    Watch this space

    Stupid motherfucker is trying to keep his arse in politics by pandering to the religious conservatives.... This is obvious in his recent "antics". We are at war... Except they've got more troops on the field. They've infiltrated politics... Now they can influence legislation. Call me paranoid all ya like
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    Hothouse tips.

    https://www.redpath.com.au/greenhouse-horticultural-films-and-fabrics/greenhouse-films/clear-long-life-greenhouse-film/hortiplus.html Worth a look. If going entry level polytunnel... entry quality material 3 + year lifespan. Can get a suitable span width cut to length. This is clear... A lot of the time a white tint is preferable though. Go supacheap on the tunnel cover and you'll regret it, it'll fail at just the worst moment ... Tear, stretch, UV breakdown... Become a kite... Stars and poly (2" which ain't cheap) the go, timber around the base to attach onto, and box up a door/s. Cheapest IMO is salvaging old window frames with glass and construct from there.... Old shower doors lined up another idea
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    Looking for Centipeda Cuninghamii seeds/cuttings

    Only just came back to this in my usual scattered approach. @Matt1208 Will see what I can do come the season mate
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    Oz cash ban

    Control.... Cnuts.....
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    Post your track of the day

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    Post your track of the day

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    Post your track of the day

    Lol.. Took me back to the original, this changed some shit
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    Post a random picture thread

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    Youtube vids

    Hello and goodbye Asteroid 2019 OK (70 000k approach)
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    CBD oil?

    Who are the "criminals " now.....?
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    Post your track of the day

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    Roadside find in Tas

    Been barely consistently cold enough for fruiting up north...When it should be. Only have stumbled across a few when hunting saffron caps, and they've been sparse. Maybe the boom is to come...
  16. waterboy 2.0

    A few Trich cuts

    Been away over the wild west while the lads been on holidays. Catching up. Fuck snow @Macca Lol.. I think so, have to check.. Woulda edited it... Maybe. Been off my game but. Edit - yep still about, will PM ya @Big Red Sorry mate a year back and claimed.
  17. waterboy 2.0

    Looking for Centipeda Cuninghamii seeds/cuttings

    I wildcraft a very small amount down here each year, can't access the area for a while though to source propagation material. Won't be heading that way until spring at least. If you can't get on more local give me a nudge reminder later Ron and may be able to help. The commercial industry uses a few select phenotypes that have been identified. So there is a chance of finding "elite" material that's higher in actives somewhere.
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    Uses and abuses of plant derived smoke may be of interest http://booksdescr.org/item/index.php?md5=2F658C9579BB7F2A3DDC418939DA2242 @Humbolt There is some stuff on incense making if you work out how to get about libgen.io
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    Post your track of the day

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    Mimosa pudica feeding

    Did a quick search, couldnt find anything relevant. I started off a couple of pots of M. pudica to rotate through my lads classroom so he and the other munchkins had something to get them thinking about plants in a different way The light levels are low in the classroom location , so rotation is working well and... Lol.. Can give them a rest from the kids and lol adults provoking a response from the plants. They are doing well... But I reckon I could push them harder. They are in a fairly rich potting mix. Question... Anyone got any experience with how much of a feeding they can take? Are they prone to burn? Probably an experiment I should get too, but currently want to avoid ending the plants whilst they have enquiring minds engaged. Edit - my gut feel is they'd respond, however Temps are dropping and is probably the limiting factor
  21. waterboy 2.0

    Acacia talk.

    Many thnx from a Facebook ludite
  22. Dunno the chemistry of this one in a wastewater stream. There is probably assumptions that the wastewater stream leads to a treatment plant.... Not all plants are equal... It'll behave differently in absorption trenches (or any on-site ww) if your out the sticks as the microbes will be different,and lacking some processes. The "assumption" would be certain bacteria(primarily) in the ww plant break it down... Lol... Theory and practice are two different things though. If the wttp is treating to a lower standard (common....) or bypassed due to exceeding what it can handle ( ie spill shit water out into the environment after rainwater infiltration ...) then I wouldn't expect as rapid degradation out in the wild. Residency time is a big issue in ww management, even when processes are available... They may not stay in it long enough for treatment if undersized or overloaded. Tassies ww treatment is fckn pathetic BTW.... Dilution is still the solution to pollution...With a bit of latent wild biodegration of some products. Jaded Fck stops now
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    Post your track of the day

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    Post your track of the day