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    Oz cash ban

    Control.... Cnuts.....
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    Post your track of the day

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    Post your track of the day

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    Post your track of the day

    Lol.. Took me back to the original, this changed some shit
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    Post a random picture thread

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    Youtube vids

    Hello and goodbye Asteroid 2019 OK (70 000k approach)
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    CBD oil?

    Who are the "criminals " now.....?
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    Post your track of the day

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    Roadside find in Tas

    Been barely consistently cold enough for fruiting up north...When it should be. Only have stumbled across a few when hunting saffron caps, and they've been sparse. Maybe the boom is to come...
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    A few Trich cuts

    Been away over the wild west while the lads been on holidays. Catching up. Fuck snow @Macca Lol.. I think so, have to check.. Woulda edited it... Maybe. Been off my game but. Edit - yep still about, will PM ya @Big Red Sorry mate a year back and claimed.
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    Looking for Centipeda Cuninghamii seeds/cuttings

    I wildcraft a very small amount down here each year, can't access the area for a while though to source propagation material. Won't be heading that way until spring at least. If you can't get on more local give me a nudge reminder later Ron and may be able to help. The commercial industry uses a few select phenotypes that have been identified. So there is a chance of finding "elite" material that's higher in actives somewhere.
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    Uses and abuses of plant derived smoke may be of interest http://booksdescr.org/item/index.php?md5=2F658C9579BB7F2A3DDC418939DA2242 @Humbolt There is some stuff on incense making if you work out how to get about libgen.io
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    Post your track of the day

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    Mimosa pudica feeding

    Did a quick search, couldnt find anything relevant. I started off a couple of pots of M. pudica to rotate through my lads classroom so he and the other munchkins had something to get them thinking about plants in a different way The light levels are low in the classroom location , so rotation is working well and... Lol.. Can give them a rest from the kids and lol adults provoking a response from the plants. They are doing well... But I reckon I could push them harder. They are in a fairly rich potting mix. Question... Anyone got any experience with how much of a feeding they can take? Are they prone to burn? Probably an experiment I should get too, but currently want to avoid ending the plants whilst they have enquiring minds engaged. Edit - my gut feel is they'd respond, however Temps are dropping and is probably the limiting factor
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    Acacia talk.

    Many thnx from a Facebook ludite
  16. Dunno the chemistry of this one in a wastewater stream. There is probably assumptions that the wastewater stream leads to a treatment plant.... Not all plants are equal... It'll behave differently in absorption trenches (or any on-site ww) if your out the sticks as the microbes will be different,and lacking some processes. The "assumption" would be certain bacteria(primarily) in the ww plant break it down... Lol... Theory and practice are two different things though. If the wttp is treating to a lower standard (common....) or bypassed due to exceeding what it can handle ( ie spill shit water out into the environment after rainwater infiltration ...) then I wouldn't expect as rapid degradation out in the wild. Residency time is a big issue in ww management, even when processes are available... They may not stay in it long enough for treatment if undersized or overloaded. Tassies ww treatment is fckn pathetic BTW.... Dilution is still the solution to pollution...With a bit of latent wild biodegration of some products. Jaded Fck stops now
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    Post your track of the day

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    Post your track of the day

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    Brf/verm spawn bag compression

    Was waiting to pick my boy up from school I can crap on sometimes.... Lol...
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    Brf/verm spawn bag compression

    I'm presuming it's a domesticated agaricus sp (bisporus?) . If so they are a shroom with a fairly demanding "diet" as a secondary decomposer (different than most edible fungi as primary decomposers which can breakdown cellulose and lignin etc). Typically compost from herbivore crap as a substrate that has had other organisms break it down initially("mushroom compost" that gets sold is spent agaricus substrate) . In part this may explain the slow colonization as the substrate may be limiting. Disturbance would probably be best avoided unless trying to get onto another substrate. Agaricus are not the best at recovery and not really rapid to colonize compared to other species like oysters, reishi... Compaction defo not good for agaricus. Best grown out in tray/open tub with a casing layer placed when set up to fruit, due to high fresh air exchange required. Once colonized the casing sets the mycellium up for initiation and best conditions for fruiting. You maybe could of cased the top of the bag to fruit, but fruiting off the sides like oysters wouldn't be overly productive. However the substrate would still be lacking a bit. Best way I've found has been the basic old mushroom box kit. Colonized compost substrate, supplied with a casing layer. I've never scratch grown them, only primary decomposers like oysters, reishi, Shittake.... Give a bit more time I reckon and keep watch. You didn't mention temperature and such, so no idea if you are anywhere near the window for good to optimum growth. Dunno if you that helps, I wouldn't expect a booming crop off a substrate not compost though.
  21. Not often I've read any animal angled material here or elsewhere. I will slowly add to this thread, link some references and my approach, and how things are panning out. The only "issues" I have come across is the claim in one study of ataxia in male wistar rats with extract, with antidepressant activity. The second is using unfermented raw material with wistar rats which displayed a reduced physiological stress response but produced inflammatory responses. Cats and dogs have been examined at dosage ranges of 100mg/kg and 10mg/kg twice daily of milled material respectively with no adverse effects. Wistar rats in another oral toxicity study at 14 and 90 day durations have been observed to have no adverse effects with extract at levels up to 5000mg/kg daily(14 dys) and 600mg/kg daily (90 dys). Why am I looking at this? Many dogs can suffer from anxiety, separation anxiety is one common facet with some breeds being more prone. After the death of our older dog, the "pup" has really amplified her separation anxiety... Lol... Particularly with me... Yeah I be numba one. Examples include making sure I'm breathing when I've gone down with fatigue on the couch(are you dead?) and getting up in my face. If asleep I'll get a light paw tap on my face to get a response. Manically barking at me on returns home.... Even short periods. ("berating" bark). The others in the family get this to a lesser degree. Highly territorial, strong guarding instinct .. Lol... I'll pity the fool that may poke around unannounced come nightfall. Very keen hunting instinct. Constant "sooking" when I'm outside the house yard doing something and have left her inside it. Previously she would break out and find me in the scrub, but now has established that that is not OK. Occasionally digging, not often buy when it does occur its a decent excavation. Gets a heap of exercise, lots of room, heaps of things to chew on ect... Loads of stimulation. Less socialized than desirable though, obedient but strong willed. Would happily be a lap dog... Lol She's a crossbreed and currently entire, German short-haired pointer x border collie.... (some are laughing... Yeah WB that might do it) . So I have a dog capable of running down and taking down a deer, with the intelligence to do it in the most efficient manner. But if I'm not about.. Lol... She stresses out. When the family is home and I'm out, she is pining and constantly alert for my return . It's quite manic at times. Interesting enough the smell of fermented skelly is extremely attractive to her. I'll presume it's the "salty" smell it has. If I have any in my pocket /backpack she is at it. So a few days back I pulled out a tin to chew on a bit and the dog is up on it.... Hmm.... So I dabbed my thumb in an held it out, and the stuff was gone... Lol... Just a dusting on my thumbprint. Few hours later the already energetic dog has established a new personal best for laps around the house... Lol.. Later in the evening much more settled, rather than the constant vigilance to guarding. Following day... Less needy, less noise, anxiety appears to be reduced. Rinse and repeat for three more days, and there appears to be some difference to the severity of the separation anxiety. So.... Ima gunna drug her... Lol I'll start establishing a weighted dose and do 30 days and assess again. Fermented material, ground, sprinkled onto the morning feed. Initially I was thinking morning dosed as the initial increase in activity is quite noticeable.. Lol.... I am reading that 10mg/Kg milled dry kanna twice daily in food is well tolerated by canines with no identified adverse effects* (very comprehensive testing and monitoring). This is where I will be starting this trial.... I'm hoping it can be used for a period to break some behaviors, but currently i am not adverse to ongoing maintenance use if well tolerated. * Hirabayashi, M., Ichikawa, K., Fukushima, R., Uchino, T., Shimada, H., 2002. Clinical application of South African tea on dementia dog. Japanese Journal of Small Animal Practice 21, 109–113(in Japanese)
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    Sceletium use for anxiety in dogs.

    Has reduced separation anxiety greatly in this case... Depending on the nature of the "psycho" it could help or hinder though. The fretting and "sooking" has really reduced considerably, and she has reduced in vigilance and the verging on extreme guarding instinct. Will relax now when I'm about doing something else but can't physically touch me (over a fence etc) , which was the greatest period of anxiety. Still gets up in my face... Lol... But I can live with that as part of her charm. The only side effect of note was the amped up effect, which was initially noticeable and have dialed it back. There was no sedation effect (and wanted to avoid it) . Typically for me I get a bit amped, and then chillaxed to sedated. I still would advise caution though, as dogs just can't Scooby doo tells us what's going on it's worth a trial for anxiety, dunno about bitey dogs and such though.
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    WBs random photos

    'Tis HD.... But sadly it legacy pollution from the old tin mining days (this spot via bucket dredge) , high free copper levels in the water giving the eye pleasing hue. Devoid of aquatic life.
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    WBs random photos