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  1. Did your prints arrive OK?

  2. Laserteeth

    FREE spore print/live culture trading thread

    Cheers! Thanks Listo! VvVvV Gets 2x B+ Prints VvVvV (For microscopy purposes only)
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    Original Drawing Thread

    Bah, sorry! The link was to a large image, I don't know why it was scaled down so much... Here's a decent size...
  4. Laserteeth

    Original Drawing Thread

    An old drawing from 2003
  5. Laserteeth

    Issues with a bag of Wbs

    Ah yep, brain-fart! (15PSI obviously!)
  6. Laserteeth

    My Oyster Grow Setup

    Thats a great setup! I'm interested about your steam Vapouriser, I've killed a few eBay ultrasonics trying to humidify my greenhouse, and I gave up and switched to tubs and misting. All of the American mycology sites swear by the Vicks V400 coolmist, but I can't find them in Aus. Does your vaporiser provide FAE as well? Thanks!
  7. Laserteeth

    Issues with a bag of Wbs

    I have recently started using WBS, I got a Presto 23 quart PC about 3 months ago. I've just finished off a 10 KG bag of Black & Gold Wild Bird Seed without any contams, (about 30 quart jars worth over 3 batches). It does contain a lot of sunflower seeds and corn. I scoop up and discard 95% of the sunflower seeds, and the corn doesn't seem to cause any problems. I bought some Natures Works parrot mix yesterday, it's got the same components minus the corn, and much less sunflower seeds. It's about 20% more expensive, but made locally. I haven't tried it out yet. I soak mine for 12-24 hours, drain and rinse 3-4 times, simmer for 25 minutes, drain, steam dry, then dry on old towels, PC for 90 minutes, (starting when I reach 90 PSI). Last batch was innoculated with grain to grain in a glovebox, my first attempt at G2G. They're 60%+ now after shaking a few days ago. No contams. My batch of blue oysters colonised this stuff like wild-fire!
  8. Laserteeth

    New Member Introductions

    Hi All, Just got my registration approved! Seems like a great board, it's good to have one based in Aus.