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  1. I miss you Penny :(

  2. wandjina


    Thanks for the kind words folks, I wish I could be there too...you have no idea. Who knows, someone with a private jet or helicopter might step out of the woodwork and make me an offer I cant refuse! If you're passing through Sydney on your way up or down, do drop me a line. Bring some of the EGA goodness my way. Love youse :loveheart: Oh, and ticket sold. Thanks
  3. wandjina


    hey Folks It is with a heavy heart that I have had to pull out of this years EGA program. I was SOOOO looking forward to giving my talk, but more, to spending time with all you wonderful people, putting some faces to names, soaking up the good vibes. Unfortunately I'm just not well enough for the drive down, it's just too far. I gave a ticket to my travelling companion in exchange for his chaffeuring skills, but as he is no longer going either, we now have no need of the ticket. So it's here is anyone should need or want it - I bought it early bird - $145. PM me if you're interested. Mnwah! x
  4. wandjina

    Erich von Däniken & Ancient Astronauts

    lol, oh man, thanks for posting this...really put a smile on my face as Von Danikens bunkum has been one of my pet peeves for years. One of the things that really bug me about these ancient astronaut theories is not only how preposterously literal they are, but how ethnocentric. It's the height of arrogance, imo, to assume the pyramid builders of ancient egypt or central america did not have the skill, expertise or ingenuity to contruct monolithic architecture - as if humans of the past were too primitive or ignorant...or that a prehistoric rock carving depicts an alien in 20th century-style spacesuit, and dont get me started on the Nazca lines!! (incidentally I think Paul Devereuxs ideas re this are much more interesting - the first edition of The Long Trip: The Prehistory of Psychedelia has a great chapter on this which he later devoted an entire book to). Does anyone still take Von Danikens ideas seriously?
  5. wandjina

    Memorial threads

    I'm sorry I came across so strong, but having been given a terminal cancer diagnosis, and more recently been referred to palliative care, this is a sensitive issue for me as you might imagine. Also, my own personal experience losing a loved one to overdose, and having to face the judgement of others, especially some peoples views that his death was somehow worth less because he chose to use illicit drugs, also makes this a sticky point for me. There was some bitterness after he died. Some friends and extended family had 'unfinished business' with him, and I ended up on the receiving end. It was very difficult. So I guess I dragged some of that into this thread. Tortsen knows, I hope, that I have a great deal of love and respect for him, but I do feel some posts were overly focused on negatives, or articulated certain things in a way that lacked sensivity and tact. Woodragon managed to capture Wills personality in a balanced way without sounding harsh or mean, just honest and heartfelt. Sometimes it's not so much what someone says, but how they say it. Even with good or 'neutral' intent, words can hurt without heart. And I think of young Oscar, and I wouldnt want him to be reading some of those posts right after his Dad has died. I have to say that from where I stand, coming to terms with the immanence of my own death and losing all I've held precious in this life, knowing I may not see my daughter grow up and not be here for her to protect her, I have raised her on my own and her father is on the other side of the world... I care a great deal about her welfare when I'm gone, and this includes how other people may 'memorialise' me and how this may effect her. Children may not have the insight into adult behaviour you hope your daughter would have if you should die. I dont actually think I've caused anyone that much bother in my life, so I dont imagine there'd be a great deal of bitching. I have myriad flaws and faults, and heaven knows I can be an utter cow...but I dont think I've caused too much hurt along the way....but I stand by opinion that mourning people deserve compassion and a period of grace - and there most definitely IS a time and a place for venting anger and/or unfinished business if you want to spare innocent people unneccesary suffering. In my mind it's a small courtesy we can all afford to extend to our fellow human beings.
  6. wandjina

    Memorial threads

    Recent posts about Will upset and angered me also. I wholeheartedly believe in a period of grace, it's not much to ask for. A modicum of respect as Incognito put it. As for not saying anything if you've nothing nice to say...well, having been to more funerals and wakes than weddings in my life, it is one thing to bitch and be nasty, another to discuss a persons flaws and inadequacies with honesty, compassion and kindness. None of us is perfect. In my opinion it's just plain mean and vindictive cataloguing the failings of someone who has just died in, of all places, their memorial thread! To be perfectly honest, I am appalled. There is a way to talk about, express, our complex and at times conflicting views and feelings about others in a balanced way. We can talk about them as the whole person, warts and all, neither focusing exclusively on the positive or negative...though the former will fall into sharper relief for the people who truly love(d) that person. Let them have that grace. They deserve it. Being close to the deceased person they, more than anyone, are aware of their faults and flaws...sniping in a memorial thread, especially given any unresolved tension or 'controversy' during the persons life, is simply unfair and unwarranted. I agree with other posts above - people can purge their resentment and unresolved issues elsewhere, and learn to practice some self-restraint. Would you deface a grave or cenotaph? Well on the net, for some people, memorials are just as meaningful. There are plenty of other ways to vent your spleen. No need to cork it up - but in my view there's a time and a place. I hope when I shuffle off this mortal coil, which given the docs prognosis may be alot sooner than I had anticipated, that my beautiful daughter doesnt log on here and find posts blathering on about some unresolved petty shit from years ago or saying what a terrible person I was. Sorry to not be more diplomatic here folks, but ffs.
  7. wandjina

    EGA early bird ticket

    Ticket sold, thanks folks Ob and Naja....hell yes, I'll be there with bells on. Looking forward to seeing you guys too
  8. wandjina

    EGA early bird ticket

    Hey folks, I have an extra EGA ticket. It was bought at earlythe bird price - just want what I paid for it $145 PM me if you're interested
  9. wandjina

    Quotes of the day.

    Why the Dog Could Not Drink (Sufi teaching story) Shibli was asked: "Who guided you in the Path?" He said: "A dog. One day I saw him, almost dead with thirst, standing by the water's edge. Every time he looked at his reflection in the water he was frightened, and withdrew, because he thought it was another dog. Finally, such was his necessity, he cast away fear and leapt into the water; at which the "other dog" vanished. The dog found that the obstacle, which was himself, the barrier between him and what he sought, melted away. In this same way my own obstacle vanished, when I knew that it was what I took to be my own self. And my Way was first shown to me by the behaviour of - a dog." Idries Shah
  10. wandjina


    SOLD!! Thankyou muchly
  11. wandjina


  12. wandjina

    To your health!

    hello everyone Last Friday I got the good news that after 6 months of gruelling chemo my liver in clear and there's no sign of anything anywhere else! No mean feat considering that in January I was close to liver failure - but now my liver looks normal. No spots! My oncologist, and current conventional biomedical 'wisdom', says that the cancer will most likely return - but they also admit that really they dont know what will happen because it is a very very rare kind of cancer (hence not much data, relatively speaking), the way it manifested in my body was unusual, and my response to treatment exceeded expectations. I suspect they're writing up a paper on my case - every med student in Sydney seemed to be sent my way at some point. Seems I'm a curiosity lol Anyhoo, I'm finally starting to feel human again and slowly getting my energy back after the chemo. It was pretty brutal towards the end. blech I've found a wonderful Traditional Chinese doctor who specialises in oncology and using herbs as an adjunct or on their own to help build ones immune system. I'm also exploring a few other avenues - on multiple levels. I've come to more fully appreciate what I need to do so as to heal myself - whether or not I am cured...which has meant more deeply acknowledging the possibility I may very well die. Phew - hairy stuff. But then we never know when we're gonna go...or how. So much more I'd like to say but I'm just too pooped atm! Thankyou from the bottom of my heart to everyone who offered support, advice, compassion and love. The kindness and consideration shown me has meant so so much, I'm so grateful. Thank you. I'll keep ya posted. Loads of love x
  13. wandjina


    Ahoy hoy friends. Over the last coupla years I've collected quite a few supplements - amino acids, herbs etc - which I do not currently have any use for (currently on TCM-based regimen). I don't want them to go to waste or pass their use-by dates till I get around to taking them...so I'm hoping someone might benefit from using them now. Some are unopened, most I've only used a few caps/pills and they are basically full bottles, all are well within their use by dates (EXP 2013-2015) and of good quality. I've calculated the value for the lot at around $180 - this includes 'costing' opened bottles at 1/2 of what I originally paid even when they are close to full, discounted full price for unopened bottles (e.g. 'Stone free' $5 instead of $7.27), and less still the for vitamins and minerals because I just want to them to go where they'll be used! And I havent even factored in what I paid for postage! - most of the supplements were imported from the U.S. So this is a huge bargain and worth alot more than my estimate!!! As I'm recovering from a pretty hairy health crisis - I simply dont have the energy to divvy all these things up and post them all over the country, and hence need to sell them as one lot. I'm also currently unemployed and could really use the cash to be perfectly honest So I'm asking $100 for the lot - as follows.... Amino acids 5-HTP 200mg ~50 caps GABA 750mg ~90 caps L-Glutamine 500mg ~110 caps 'True calm' (amino acid blend) unopened 90caps + 10 extra caps http://www.iherb.com/Now-Foods-True-Calm-90-Capsules/841?at=0 DLPA (DL-phenylalanine) 500mg ~70 caps (includes 1 unopened bottle +M ~10 caps) Herbs Rhodiola 500mg ~80 caps (including 1 unopened bottle) 'Relora' 300mg ~80 caps http://www.iherb.com/Now-Foods-Relora-300-mg-120-Vcaps/3340?at=0 Chanca Piedra 500mg 2 x 100caps unopened 'Stone Free' 820mg 4 x 90 caps unopened http://www.iherb.com/Planetary-Herbals-Stone-Free-820-mg-90-Tablets/1609?at=0 Vitamins & minerals 'True Balance' ~230 caps Ostevit-D (vitamin D3) 1000 IU ~180 tablets Zinc 220mcg ~80 caps Assorted B vitramins (1, 6, 12) Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate 2.8mg) ~120 caps Miscellaneous Rose tissane (rose bud tea) Japanese black tea in fancy tin - unopened 'Bojenmi' herbal tea in fancy tin Chrysanthenum drink sachets Organic Rosehip tea ~ 20 teabags Assorted green tea bags (including fruit-infused and green chai) ~100 tea bags 1 bottle veggie caps Plus free mystery lucky dip prizes from wandjinas magical pantry!! PM me if you're interested
  14. wandjina

    To your health!

    Thank you so very much everyone for the links, information, advice, wise words, well-wishes and good vibes. Also thanks to those generously offering gifts. Expect a big hug when we meet in person. Sylbacon, Alchemica, Synchromesh, Herbal Hindsight, Woodragon - WOW! I really appreciate you taking the time to conduct this research on my behalf. Thank you. This is really helpful to me and I am very grateful. Some excellent information. Great to find out how much I could benefit from increasing my intake of cannabis (which is currenlty zero so easy to do ;)) Mucho gracias muchacho Thank you for sharing your experience Magic Dirt - much appreciated. Pm'd I've also shot you one Faustus. Evil Genius, Mescalito, Blowng, Zen Peddler and PH - your kind and thoughtful words mean a lot. A heartfelt thank you. Besides some tiredness, I've been feeling well. It's been lovely having time to be, to heal, to be with the people I love, cuddle my cats, really appreciate all that is beautiful. It's funny though...because I'm feeling so well it's easy to take forgranted that I have a life threatening illness. maybe that's a good thing? But I dont want to fall back in to bad habits either. Uh oh, kid's home...and she'll want to 'puter. Much love muchachos. Big hugs x