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  1. bogfrog

    grafted 'Tim' tip

    is this a monstrose or a standard one? my mate successfully did a penis plant pup for which i am very proud of him as i have heard they are difficult for grafting.
  2. bogfrog

    My first graft

  3. we had the incredible fortune of seeing the most beautiful trichocereus brigesii mosntrose ever the other day and traded the guy a san pedro crest for an awesome chunk of it. then went for a wander up the road to find the house he originally got the cutting from, who let us take an even bigger piece. we are gobsmacked. 100 %!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/?saved=1
  4. bogfrog

    Head rooting pach

    i think you should plant it semi sideways so they head will still grow upright with those roots are covered and keep most of the cut section above ground. you may even get pups growing off the areoles at the base which would look pretty neat. we have some logs planted sideways, no rot problems yet but they take ages to root through the skin compared to a dried cut.
  5. bogfrog

    the universe shines upon us today

    well that would depend on two things.. firstly you would have to be in nz and secondly it would depend on what you would want to trade for a piece. but if your in nz make an offer?.. the main two plants are my partners and i got the single fat pup so it would be up to him
  6. bogfrog

    the universe shines upon us today

    some sections without pups for like 30-40cms? pretty cool even if its just the normal clone but its about a meter tall with more pups at the top
  7. bogfrog

    Loquat season

    i have a loquat tree which i brought from the farmers market for $15, cant wait till it fruits! only about a meter now, but healhty as
  8. bogfrog

    different tpyes of san pedro

    what a can of worms i just opened
  9. bogfrog

    different tpyes of san pedro

    no i had not. thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
  10. bogfrog

    The 30,000-Year-Old Cave That Descends Into Hell

    haha cool can't wait
  11. bogfrog

    Entheogenic, Psychoactive & Medicinal Flora

    Blue Water lily, Nymphaea Stellata?
  12. hi i was after Blue Water lily, Nymphaea Stellata bulbs if anyone has one or too they could spare for a swap or something? i thought they would be awesome to take over the pond with. i saw one bulb on TM for $20 which i think is a bit unreasonable, but maybe not if they arent common in nz. ps does anyone know if bulbs can be sent to nz from oz, same idea as a seed really? thanks, kea
  13. bogfrog

    Lophophora W

    cool pattern coming through on this one
  14. bogfrog

    Lophophora Williamsii

  15. bogfrog

    Some pics of my roof and plants

    has anyone heard if it would be all good to make gourd bongs? i was keen to make lots of seashell cones but got told some nasty poisonous shit leaches off them with heat, which has made me a little cautious
  16. bogfrog

    red flowered psuedocandicans

    superiority grinds my gears is all
  17. bogfrog

    red flowered psuedocandicans

    what a snooty cacti nerd
  18. bogfrog

    ID confirmation

    very cooool!
  19. bogfrog

    $100 Pereskiopsis

    update on that 100 peres with tiny loph seedling grafted onto it went for ... $167!
  20. bogfrog


    yeah we go for variety, just like poke'mon
  21. bogfrog

    red flowered psuedocandicans

    buga too late sorry
  22. bogfrog

    red flowered psuedocandicans

    not what martin from coromandel cati sold it as and doubt he would be so rude also i image searched t grandiflorus to check and its not the same, this has some longer spines and the flower came out light red then turned peachy, grandiflorus are way more red
  23. bogfrog


    why does no one like cuzcoensis?
  24. bogfrog

    $100 Pereskiopsis