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  1. how about for seedlings? all mine are really elongated and skinny even the lophs they look like trichs! maybe i need to get them a light.
  2. bogfrog

    Peresk Grafting Slides

    i split my nose open on a table when i was 4 and had the same super glue treatment!
  3. bogfrog

    after a few ids

    hehe anything monstrous makes me all silly with hapiness
  4. bogfrog

    after a few ids

    anyone? i dont bite!
  5. bogfrog

    1000th Post Giveway

    ooh la la its lizard business time by the looks of it haha
  6. bogfrog

    Newbie Cacti ID please

    maybe a bridge x juuls giant. but probably not, i just thought i might explain the relatively small spines
  7. bogfrog

    Trich ID

    it is azureocereus hertlingianus by my eye. but that could synonymous with Browningia hertlingianae.
  8. bogfrog

    Three Tricho IDs

    "However, a friend bought 5 clones off of him as T. bridgesii and they were definitely the "Super Spiny" clone. This could be just down to the wrong plants getting packaged up. I thought I better mention that it had been sold before under a different name." no they weren't, he also brought a 'super spiny' log which is quite different from those 5 clones. the 'super spiny' is a very dark green where as that 'bridge-whatever-it-is' (pic 2) is a light waxy blue colour with the weird wiggling lines along the ribs
  9. bogfrog

    first seed grown bridge?

    not like any of my bridge seedlings, they dont seem to develop spikes for a few weeks and just look like jellybeans with a split at the top. cool tho. i have had a strange little plant with leaves sprout in the row i planted some ariocarpus seed
  10. bogfrog

    How Long Are Seeds Viable for?

    i think the harsher the natural conditions of the species the longer the seed will stay viable for, eg: saguaro seeds can apparently last a hundred years staying dormant and waiting for the exact right conditions. but it seems the fresher your seed, the more of them you will get to germinate.
  11. bogfrog

    Is this what I think it is?

    not long ae, prob will open the next sunny day!
  12. bogfrog

    Largest Living Organism

    david attenborough said the largest living structure is the great barrier reef coral is cool, i wish i could grow it
  13. i have noticed a few off my seedlings melting away over the last couple days, could this be the start of some sort of infection? could anyone suggest a safe fungicide/ other method of saving my wee friends? any suggestions very much appreciated!
  14. hey i was wondering if anyone knows if cacti can be planted in soil with pine trees growing around them? we are looking at a primo wee spot for an outdoor cactus and succulent garden which gets great sun and is nice and dry, only thing is this is at the bottom corner of a pine block, and i know pines are acidic, would this acidity damage/kill the roots and or the plants eventually? cheers, kea
  15. bogfrog

    id please

    it looks like some sort of philocereus being that blue and having hair
  16. bogfrog

    seedlings dying do i need some fungicide?

    real ok thats gud i will do that
  17. bogfrog

    seedlings dying do i need some fungicide?

    could very well be heat build up, forgot to mention they are on a heatpad cheers
  18. bogfrog

    seedlings dying do i need some fungicide?

    i got the seeds from zelly, sowed at the start of april. so just over a month old. had a few albinos, some are still alive now which seems longer than they should survive.
  19. bogfrog

    seedlings dying do i need some fungicide?

    it cant be too much light or sunburn as they dont get very much, they sit below the level of the window and are in chambers, also getting into winter now, i thought about maybe its too wet so have been keeping the lid off for a few hours at a time. i saw a few little fly like things hanging around the one tray that i have had things die in. no worms or noticeable mould or fungi. it has only taken about 5-8 of my seedlings but they just kind of loose their turgidness and then wilt like a minature balloon unitl they are just a wee green speck. but it happens quite fast like, 24-48hrs they are gone, from looking fine. i will try repotting them all into a clean container with new soil and pumice. thanks for your suggestions i will keep looking for defining factors. kea
  20. bogfrog

    1000th Post Giveway

    nice mushroom colony, maybe they could be your pets i think it was david attenborough who said that fungi are actually more similar to animals than plants
  21. bogfrog

    Cacti Seed Sowing

    some very helpful info, thanks for posting
  22. bogfrog

    wanted freak lophs

  23. bogfrog

    Loph colouring (seedlings)

    i have some albino loph and tricho seedlings, they sprouted a few weeks back now and i dont quite know what to do with them, a couple have died and the survivng ones have no pigment at all. any ideas anyone?
  24. bogfrog

    Positive trade list

  25. bogfrog

    Positive trade list