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  1. bogfrog

    ID please

    has anyone seen 'the gods must be crazy'? one guy shoots a big euphorbia tree with an arrow and drips the sap on another guy standing underneath it lol
  2. bogfrog

    ID Please

    yup it looks the same as the t. pascana that we have. thats a good find, they are extremely slow growing for a tricho. the grower we brought ours off said they might reach half a metre in ten years!
  3. bogfrog

    New find

    hey ethnodude, is your dp a salvia divinorum flower?
  4. bogfrog

    The Search for the Crested Lophophora

    i cant even think of an adjective good enough to describe those crests zelly! so i will just say wow. your cacti love you.
  5. bogfrog

    Khala's Growblog :)

    hey good on your for posting a pic of your graft,i have a few E. chamaecereus leftover from my childhood cacti collection and i never would have thought of trying a graft on them, so thank you! good luck on your cacti endeavors! you are off on a nice start
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  7. bogfrog

    Cacti collection

  8. bogfrog

    Some concerns

    i had a wee rot patch like on your rosei on one of my pedros last year, i was a little worried but i shouldnt have been as it fought past the rot even though it was being rained on and frozen every night all winter. dunno bout the seedling tho, that looks much more life threatening
  9. bogfrog

    Trade: Spore Print for Royal wedding (Perth)

    haha you are awesome! ten points for effort
  10. bogfrog

    WANTED morning glory seeds

    if anyone was interested i have some morning glory seeds but they are a mix of white, red, pink, purple, blue, and bicolors of Ipomoea alba and Ipomoea purpurea. but proabably easiest for people to trade closer to home
  11. ha well i might have to prove it with a picture for anyone to believe me but i am pretty sure that a tbm down the road has stems fatter than a coke can, it is in the ground outside this dudes house. biggest mo fo i have ever seen
  12. bogfrog

    Huachuma in the Mosna Valley, Peru

    wow. some incredible pictures and plants! i believe there is a short mention of Tillandsia in the Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants by Christian Rätsch, and a picture of some winged shamans holding a Tillandsia sp. Great to see so many thriving wild plants, you must have scored some good seed stocks! cheers!
  13. bogfrog

    NZ Trichocereus Clones

    choice scores buddy. is that last 1 from martin too? weird spination
  14. bogfrog

    Could this be

    wohoo thats cool!
  15. bogfrog

    Could this be

    wohoo thats cool!
  16. bogfrog

    guayusa / cat´s claw

    cool! do you collect these seeds from wild or cultivated plants? i would be very interested in possibly trading some sort of seeds if you had a few available, i am mostly interested in plants which are used for teas/smoking mixtures. thanks, kea
  17. bogfrog

    Heat mats and cactus seedlings

    does anyone know if there will be detrimental effects from keeping cacti seedlings on the heat mat over couple of months? i have noticed they are all very etiolated from not having much light.
  18. bogfrog


    i love the pink flower from the columnar one!
  19. bogfrog

    Possible Variegated Loph Seedling?

    looks like you could be in luck!
  20. bogfrog

    Slug and snail repellant plants

    this mite be a stab in the dark, but i have heard of formic acid (found around ant nests..its their poo. just looks like nice red-brown soil) being used as a natural insecticide. it cracked me up seeing Bear Grills rubbing ant poo all over his face and clothes to protect from mozzies!
  21. bogfrog

    Mutant lophophora graft?

    yeah that red button looks like it could be a variegation, but who knows with that other bit off the side, i've never seen anything that looks quite like that. hopefully it is the start of a crest!
  22. bogfrog

    after a few ids

    yes indeed, will be cool to watch them take off next summer. thanks anyway guys!
  23. hey we just scored some cool new plants on the weekend and was wondering if anyone could put a name to these new faces. possible trichocereus crest 1: possible trichocereus crest 2: some other nice crests: squirtle the turtle?: unknown white crest: variegated something?: very nice old copiapoa hypogea: some more copiapoa: pachanoi oddity 1: pachanoi oddity 2(mite be the same, maybe just a little sunburnt: group shot:
  24. bogfrog

    hybrids of different species

    has anyone got any pictures of a mature crested peruvianus? or know where to find pics? google hasnt turfed up anything useful and i have a new trich crest which could possibly be a peru but i've never seen any other than Archaea's above pic (which looks similar but i still dont know)
  25. bogfrog

    hybrids of different species

    we have this strain too, did you get it from a guy who calls himself bobkat?