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  1. bogfrog

    NZ Trichocereus Clones

    neat, go genetic diversity!
  2. sort your morales out mate no one but you finds it funny
  3. bogfrog

    Huernia flower

    any of these species are worth collecting for the trippy flowers! i have one that has beautiful big tiger print patterns, looks like a persian carpet!
  4. wow, what awesome wee plants!
  5. bogfrog

    Delicious caek

    lol.. what?
  6. bogfrog

    anti depression and energy herbs ?

    chinese medicinal herb gotu kola is good for increasing energy and improves cognitive function, snt johhn's wort wort has really helped me through some tough times too, but it is only effective if taken regularly. i think also its very important to eat lots of fresh veges and fruit so you are getting all the raw enzymes and mineral, exersize helps too!
  7. bogfrog

    Some Collection-Shots

    cool plants you should upload a landscape shot next time if you camera will let you. i esp like the wild spikey san p!
  8. bogfrog

    Miniatures Garden

    nice! thats a brilliant little combo you got there, hope they all take off for you. i would be sparse with the watering though as we found group plantings hold moisture for alot longer. we have just started making our own ceramic pots, it gets really interesting when you start making a custom pot for a particular plant! limitless possibilities
  9. i just got fired from my new job at a cafe because i gave my boyfriend a free coffee. i also payed for that coffee when my boss asked me about it.. and i still got fired! i dont know anything about employment law but it really just didnt seem fair to me, the boss told me i was a theif and if i did it once i would do it again. i'm not too concerned though, if he was enough of an asshole to fire me over $4.50 then he was probably shit to work for anyway.
  10. bogfrog

    was i fired fairly?

    yes, fundamentally i was i the wrong for giving away something that was not mine, but the only reason i had considered that to be okay was at my previous job it had been perfectly acceptable for us to make a coffee for yourself and one other. same goes for my partners work. i had never been told that i was not allowed to give away a coffee and honestly believed it would not have been an issue, as we were a new cafe, which had been giving away a lot of free coffees to neighboring businesses to encourage them to come back. yes it was a milk based drink, but i would expect the same result if i had given him a long black. the cafe was a side business of successful bakery, and i had already been given food to take home after each shift. that's not saying i took it without asking, i was offered food and told to take whatever i want home. i looked at it from the perspective that a coffee is a very inexpensive product and had not even considered that there would be any problem with this in the bosses eyes. i am not arguing that he was not justified to fire me, as we have a 90 day trail period in new zealand, but personally i believe it was not the issue of the coffee but some underlying reason that he did not mention. i think it all came down to the fact that my boyfriend has dreadlocks, and therefore by association he saw me as a stoner. if anything this has taught me a valuable lesson, dont give away that which is not yours, which i will definately not be repeating. it has also made me alot less motivated to find another full time job though, as this was my first 35 hour pw position, i had only worked part time before this. although, i dont believe its entirely a bad thing, i had always felt like i was not contributing enough to society by never having worked full time, now i believe that society can wait until i have something i truly care about enough that i wish to donate so much of my time. thank you every one for your comments, it has helped me to feel alot better about the situation. cheers, kea
  11. bogfrog

    Slug and snail repellant plants

    do snails drown easily? i just had a thought of anti snail moats around my plants.
  12. bogfrog


    this book might be of interest to some people, Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain by neurologist Oliver Sacks. Covers many different forms of synesthesia, auditory hallucinations and other related topics. certainly not what i was expecting to find on my partners parent's bookshelf!
  13. bogfrog

    was i fired fairly?

    true, cheers for that
  14. i have the following seeds for trade: t. spachianus t. pachanoi (very blue) t. pachanoi (x?) t. validus t. juuls x peruvianus ss01 x ss02 ss02 x bridgesii LW texansis and a few others of limited amounts if you have anything really special to trade i am mostly after loph or mexican minature seed or any interesting trichos or tricho crosses (that aren't on my list) pm if interested at all cheers, kea
  15. bogfrog

    A nice walk with the dog

    hehe i like your dogs they look happy
  16. bogfrog

    Fugu - pufferfish

    lol, you ate your shoelace? was it tasty?
  17. bogfrog

    Fugu - pufferfish

    i was just having a wee look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fugu and was wondering if anyone has tried it? i read a small report in the encyclopedia of psychoactive plants, which stated it had strong euphoric and aphrodisiac effects and was best enjoyed with a partner, but I couldn't find any mention of these effects online. would be great to hear if anyone has had a personal experience as it seems to be relatively un-accessible outside of Japan.
  18. bogfrog

    Salvia query

    hey my plant used to do that and i kept losing leaf after leaf, bigger pot? and rain water? maybe take a cutting if you have any off shoots just to be safe. gud luck!
  19. bogfrog

    ID Please

    sure thing!
  20. bogfrog

    ID please on those beauties

    possibly. i know that alot of special cultivars have come out of japan, through the process of selective breeding, especially astrophytom species. your trichos look like a possible hybrid between pachanoi and peruvianus. my uncle told me about seeing a massive lophophora on display in a mall in japan. if you ever spot anymore you should buy them! they are awesome plants
  21. bogfrog

    Fugu - pufferfish

    lol cheers, if i ever make it to oz i have something to travel to adelaide for! i dont know what it is but i have heard of another psychoactive fish found in the south pacific. heres hoping i catch it by chance one day and cook up and fantastic fishy feed
  22. bogfrog

    Fugu - pufferfish

    lol not in new zealand mate!
  23. bogfrog

    Do "magic" mushrooms have medicinal value?

    i find they always chase off a cold
  24. bogfrog

    Psychoactive Saffron (Crocus sativus)

    i brought some saffron crocus bulbs from trademe and grew them at the bottom of the south island in new zealand. i must admit i didnt have a great harvest, although i think that is mostly due to my cold climate and possibly planting them too late, they are meant to be an autumn flowerer and i put my bulbs down at the end of autumn. NZ has some reasonably cheap saffron (and occasionaly bulbs) available and i would expect a much bigger harvest in a warmer climate. if you can find the bulbs, then why the heck not grow it! even just for novelties sake
  25. bogfrog

    Dream herbs experiences

    skullcap and passionflower are nice for tea before bed, they seem to make me have very complex and elaborate dreams