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  1. bogfrog

    Spring is erotic

    Hahaha. Well I think nice weather is always a contributing factor, nice weather makes happy people and happy people are often horny people.
  2. bogfrog

    My garden

    good start bro! i really like the wee one in the blue pot on the left in the first picture
  3. bogfrog

    not my pic but..

  4. bogfrog

    Annual garden post

    Wow, what a lovely set up, you sure have a little slice of heaven right there!
  5. bogfrog

    I was wrong about pit bulls

    i used to live with a guy who had a dogo x red nose pitbull she was a teddy bear though, all breeds have potential to be psycho or lovely, depends on their upbringing. i would go for a blue heeler or something trippy like that
  6. bogfrog

    Turbinicarpus polaskii (from seed to peres graft)

    Well done! Beautiful flowers
  7. bogfrog

    The endless obstacle of depression

    I was just thinking about this this morning, although the majority of society is seemingly content with talking shit, going to the footy, drinking piss and flirting, and on the surface appear to be happy, really they are shit scared of the world they are living in and they are too in as much pain and sorrow. But they don't want to accept that life can be really hard and they aren't coping, so they put up walls of fake fulfillment and continuously try to trick themselves into believing that they are happily living 'the good life'. The difference between yourself and them is that you have taken the time to look at the conundrum we are all in and in that you show your strength, you have turned around the face the beast and to accept the world, for that i give you my full respect. I also really agree on the get a cat comment, my cat brings so much joy into my life i wouldn't be the same without her. Animals love without judgment, and so do plants, start there and work your way up, there are many people in the world we just need to reach out to each other. Depression is a hazard of the times we live in, but do not let it limit your view of your self, our thoughts and lives are in a constant state of flux, you can and if you want to, will move forward from this.
  8. bogfrog

    latest pipe (image heavy)

    fucking really good effort, man thats amazing
  9. wow. incredible stuff. reminds me of these tree people: and tree seats: they are still long term projects but this sort of training would be alot more attainable in our lifetimes images from http://webecoist.com/2009/06/20/amazing-living-art-pooktre-tree-shaping/?ref=search
  10. bogfrog

    must-see documentaries

    A doco I saw recently called The Voice was pretty amazing. similar concepts to What The Bleep Do We Know, but alot easier to get your head around. And I am a die hard David Attenborough fan, especially love his latest series called Life.
  11. bogfrog

    Help with I.D. please

    Myrtillocacti are worth buying if you plan on raising any of your own seeds and want to try some grafting as they are a good grafting stock.
  12. bogfrog

    Loph seedlings

    i just did some repotting of my seedlings around the same size, although it made them take up less space, i found i accidentally killed quite a few of them in the process, so if you do repot them - be very gentle! i use 50/50 fine pumice and sieved potting mix with mine
  13. bogfrog

    Ask the person below you

    Most likely in your belly button.. or arm pits. What makes a star constantly flash blue and red? (and its not in the midst of explosion cause its always there)
  14. bogfrog

    my little cacti

    i'm loving that first pic, nice wavy ribs!
  15. bogfrog

    NZ Trichocereus Clones

    hahahahaha! wouldnt that be a sight to wake up to when you hear clunking around outside your bedroom window!
  16. bogfrog

    NZ Trichocereus Clones

    lol who was the cheeky bugger who sent you that ae? cool plant. i also brought a couple of absolutely beautiful pups from that blue monster, will post pics of mine at a later date but yes your plant very well could be the same one
  17. bogfrog

    Most over-rated herbal

    i have only tried salvia once, it was a 30x extract and i fell backwards through the wall out of my body into a flower shaped arrangement of about 8 different versions of myself -what i would be like if had been brought up in different environment, if i had a majorly different attitudes and views, if i had lived in a different country- and i went through each of these selves and hoped when i came back to my room that i had come back in the right me! i think salvia is incredibly powerful and wise, in that maybe she chooses when you are ready for a mind blowing experience and when you just need to relax a bit and take things slow. also have heard it builds up in you so you might have stronger trips the more you take it. i am lucky to live in new zealand where salvia is legal and am growing my own plant, looking forward to trying it too!
  18. hi i was just out collecting some seeds of various native trees, i will be growing mine up to be bonsai specimens. hardy species, who might just like your neck of the woods too. pm if interested Kea Kowhai tree (Sophora family) Kowhai flowers Pōhutukawa (Metrosideros excelsa) - new zealand christmas tree Pōhutukawa flowers Manuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium) pink flowered variety Manuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium) flowers Purple hopseed bush (Dodonaea viscosa)
  19. bogfrog

    Twisty Cacti

  20. wow i love the morphing bridgesii
  21. bogfrog

    What kind of cactus is this?

    almost could be Duvalia corderoyi.. but still not quite. i recognize the plant though, i'm pretty sure its in the milkweed family
  22. bogfrog

    Cactus Pics EG Autum 2011

    the one that stuck out to me is the possible brigesii in the third to last post, it looks very similar to a plant i have which i consider to be a pach - brigesii hybrid. i do love those hybrids. all very beautiful plants you have there, and some very unique ones!! excellent hunting
  23. bogfrog

    Trichocereus ID please

    funny bugger