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  1. Sadly selling old collection, as I am leaving the country. These plants are all 4 years or older. Please email me on [email protected] for prices and photos ... make sure you tell me which plants you're interested in. Location is near Byron Bay, and we cannot post or ship these outside the area, so it's pick-up/drop-off only. Be well!
  2. earthalchemist

    Urgent help finding wild kratom in Borneo

    too crazy ... i just got back from Bali ... thinking of kratom projects there, though i didn't come across any ... any possibility of locations/contacts? pm me if necessary ... peace ea
  3. earthalchemist


    hi all ... long time no see a friend is looking for some hemlock oil or juice, and i haven't even been able to find seed/plants ... any ideas? happiness ea
  4. earthalchemist

    Goodenia Ovata

    i saw this mentioned in a bushfoods article in the Sydney Morning Herald a while back ... the writer gave "Aboriginal Valium" as another name for it. apparently a leaf tea was given to children to help them sleep. haven't been able to find out anything about constituents/traditional use etc ... anyone else? happiness earthalchemist
  5. Bao, could you post germination info (temp, light, soil etc) here, or perhaps email me?
  6. earthalchemist

    Stoner/Tripping Music....

    what's Terrence McKenna learnt off Albert Hoffman. I guess it must be a different Hoffman afterall. Does anyone know about this character? - what does he lecture in? can i can i? Albert Hoffman discovered LSD-25
  7. earthalchemist

    Stoner/Tripping Music....

    Gerling and Regurgitator at the Metro Sept 31
  8. earthalchemist

    Stoner/Tripping Music....

    "Ripple" by The Grateful Dead (or maybe just Jerry Garcia) is a beautiful song. when covered by Jane's Addiction, that song becomes perfect
  9. earthalchemist

    does anyone have any

    either allies or BPC have them i think
  10. earthalchemist

    Salvia Clones

    Theatrum Botanicum sell the Palatable clone ... i should have cuttings within the month. Haven't seen any others offered ...
  11. earthalchemist

    Salvia Clones

    these are the known (vegetatively propagated) clones: Wasson/Hofmann Cerro Quemado Palatable Bret Blosser #2 Catalina Delicious Julieta does anyone have any of these, other than Hoffman/Wasson sourced from SAB? known sources for these would be useful as well. Daniel Siebert is not currently offering cuttings due to poor conditions at his location.
  12. earthalchemist

    Stoner/Tripping Music....

    so what does everyone recommend? Bearshare Audiogalaxy Morpheus Kazaa ??
  13. earthalchemist

    does anyone have any

    E sinica herb at: www.shaman-australis.com/earthalchemy/medicinalherbs.htm
  14. earthalchemist

    does anyone have any

    i won't email you, but i do believe there are still some cloves in my pantry
  15. earthalchemist

    Iboga leaves?

    My problem is the large one I have... It's got 2 shoots about 5 m long, climbing into a Mango tree...It's very healthy, and the roots have grown through the pot into the soil, will have to dig it up... had the same problem recently gomaos. right down to the two 5m limbs (?), except it was a palm not a mango. i gently untwined what i could, cutting back as little as possible. managed to save a fair bit of growth, but when i got to the new house the growth didn't really find anywhere it liked, so i cut it right back and at the moment it's doing very well. they're quite hardy plants it seems
  16. earthalchemist

    Salvia---anyone wants some?

    i haven't actually verified the difference between homegrown and imported ... i'm as lost as anyone
  17. earthalchemist

    Salvia---anyone wants some?

    the leaf that SAB sells is imported, not harvested from their own plants. there would likely be a qualititative difference. in fact, it has been said that australian-grown salvia is not as active, if not inactive.
  18. earthalchemist

    Kava Supplier

    jack, email me if you need kava.
  19. earthalchemist

    Blue Lotus Webstore Query

    S. antirrhionoides - Nose Skullcap S. galericulata - Marsh or Common Skullcap S. nana - Dwarf Skullcap http://hortiplex.gardenweb.com/plants/nph-...gl=1&p=1&page=1 hmm ....
  20. i've found one source for live plants, var. Saphirina (no seed): H and H Botanicals but they don't ship internationally rev, email me if you want to try and get a state-side contact to relay a plant or two ... they're quite cheap [This message has been edited by earthalchemist (edited 23 May 2001).] [This message has been edited by earthalchemist (edited 23 May 2001).]
  21. or who would know about neither
  22. yep this from a seed supplier: The E. coca crop is in fruiting stage at this time of the year and will be harvested for its pods/seeds by end of this month. We can supply its pods if ordered, as its seeds are never extracted for raising its seedlings, because its seeds are grape like with fluid endosperm. If extracted they will go dry and loose their viability within 2-3 days of their extraction.
  23. neither would i. actually, i was told seed must be shipped in pods, which, considering the bulk, would definitely bring customs down ... but i've known things like a small bag of seed in sphagnum to slip by unnoticed (nothing illegal of course)
  24. Lambo hasn't sold coca seeds for a while he tells me they will be available again in august ... anyone want to split the risk?
  25. earthalchemist

    Information preservation

    brilliant idea rev ... what do you need from us? cash, info, naked serving ... um ... people?