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  1. themushroombloke

    Injection Ports

    thanx arrived yesterday
  2. themushroombloke

    Injection Ports

    yes please pm'd
  3. themushroombloke

    A thread I started has been deleted

    it's ok marcel I'll be doing an edible monotub and i'll be posting it on the corroboree if that's ok naja?
  4. themushroombloke

    Shotgun terrarium humidity

    hey marcel what species other than actives and button mushrooms could you use this mono tub for?
  5. themushroombloke

    Shotgun terrarium humidity

    i'd say ditch the lid, have you got any perspects or glass for a lid? to be honest I'd just use cling wrap and keep an eye out for a substitute because the cling wrap will give you the shits after a while.
  6. themushroombloke

    Mushrooms of Romania

    wicked! could anyone identify the pine tree species in the last few pics? keep taking those pics top quality
  7. themushroombloke

    Tea vs Tincture

    Recently I made a Medicinal Mushroom tea and I was wondering if the heat involved in the tea making process dominishes the medicinal properties of the mushroom. I have not made a tincture before but I know the process of making one doesn't involve heat. Would this method achieve more potency?
  8. themushroombloke

    Horizontal vs. vertical laminar flow cabinets.

    I dont need both kidney's do I??????????
  9. themushroombloke

    Horizontal vs. vertical laminar flow cabinets.

    I havn't specified sizes yet, I think they were just giving me a rough idea. From what i can tell the people who make the filters can tell you how strong a blower you'll need to give the correct airflow strength. I'm just going to keep asking until I get the answer I want The other thing I was thinking is to ask a orchid club who would also have this same problem and I'm sure there's some old codger who's worked it out!
  10. themushroombloke

    Horizontal vs. vertical laminar flow cabinets.

    True that. However I'll run the numbers on building my own perhaps we could work together to save time. I have got one reply back from a HEPA filter company in AUS: "Our company manufactures HEPA and semi-absolute filters similar to the ones the website lists on Ebay. Looks like most HEPAs being used are the minipleat type which would work with a smaller capacity fan, but it has a smaller life cycle than a conventional HEPA with aluminium seperators. We can supply a Minipleat HEPA for around $150-250 depending on required size. Allow approx. $50-80 more for a 149mm deep conventional HEPA in the same size. If you select the required size from our attached brochure I can quote an exact price for you." - AES Environmental (the company I contacted) so that's a starting point... here's another useful link click here
  11. themushroombloke

    Horizontal vs. vertical laminar flow cabinets.

    hmmm...... now I'm looking at this.... http://www.fungifun.org/English/Flowhood#construction i'm sending out heaps of enquiry e-mails to aussie companies explaining that I want to create a flowhood for mushroom cultivation worth a shot I'd love to work out a cheap option and perhaps put them together and sell them for cheap on the forums or something perhaps. see what it costs first.
  12. themushroombloke

    Horizontal vs. vertical laminar flow cabinets.

    ok so I have been e-mailing this chinese (via Alibaba.com) company and here are the results: Please if anyone know's about flowhoods and see's this product as useless for mycology please voice your opinion! first for a small unit 570/570/320 USD $380(This is to your door price) ok so i was playing around with a ruler to check this size and it's roughly to sheets of A4 paper put side by side length ways for the 570mm=W and 320mm=H is roughly 1.2 pieces of A4 paper lengthways. So it's big enough but only just. for a larger unit 1170/570/340 USD $500 (This is to your door price)This would be ideal giving a bit more room to move PLEASE NOTE: This is just the blower unit and filter, If you were to purchase this you'd need to setup a bench and side guards to maximise cleanlyness. Also If they dont have the correct plug end for the unit you may need to purchase a converter plug??? here's a photo of the smaller unit Also here is a link for some of the spec's on the product here's an image of the larger unit i assume it's back to front Once again please notify me if this unit is not suitable for mushroom cultivation as i dont know much about flowhoods, just sharing my info. So hopefully next time I get my Tax back....
  13. themushroombloke

    Horizontal vs. vertical laminar flow cabinets.

    I have another question to throw into the mix: what's the difference between FFU filter and a HEPA filter? because I was looking on alibaba.com and in china you can buy an FFU filter that has the fan, filter and switches all in one small wall like unit. What you would have to do is build the box and bench yourself, this small unit with no housing would keep the shipping to a minimum.. I havn't got a price yet, will keep everyone posted. ideas....... the chinese people i'm contacting via e-mail are pleasent enough but dont have a good hold on english, so it's a little difficult to communicate.
  14. themushroombloke


    yeah that looks somewhat easier to use than those programable chips. I wasn't looking foward to having to learn all that programing stuff mushroom growing is fiddly enough
  15. themushroombloke

    Pinus Pinea seed

    I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to growing from seed, however i'm going to have to learn in order to start my mycorrhizal fungus project. Long story short would anyone have any idea where I can get some stone pine seed cheap. I'm in the sunshine coast area in QLD does anyone know where a stone pine grows as I'm happy to collect the seed myself. thanks in advance and sorry if i've put this post in the wrong area. cheers