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  1. Bubble wrap makes a good light shade cloth, though it does wear out quickly.
  2. you have see through cups as pots and asking us if they are root bound?? heh just kidding, but it does look a bit slimy in there.. i don't know where you are but i'd repot them in spring for sure.
  3. faslimy

    Cactus illustrations

    not cactus but this book is full of beautiful water colour pictures
  4. faslimy

    Cactus Country, Strathmerton, VIC

    probably a Ferocactus, hard to tell how big it is from the picture but almost a meter tall i'd say. not sure the species
  5. faslimy

    Learn from other Peoples mistakes

    don't leave your greenhouse alone for too many days, bad things happen
  6. faslimy

    unknown trich

    copyrighted hybrids lol
  7. faslimy

    Cactus Country, Strathmerton, VIC

    I have seen an indoor private collection that boasts an even larger T pasacana and Saguaro in Hunua
  8. faslimy

    Cactus Country, Strathmerton, VIC

    There isn't a lot of diversity as far as Trichocereus go and the owners don't seem too interested in pollinating them. The one odd plant we found appears to have grown by its own means.
  9. Simplicity is underrated but in the realm of taxonomy I think it is boring and inept
  10. did you just call John Cage lame?
  11. faslimy

    Let this be a Warning

    nice garden bit the yellow one at 2 minutes, could that be a variegated bridgesii that may have come from me?
  12. faslimy

    Echinopsis schoenii

    i really need that torrent, perhaps someone can put it in rar index and upload to megaupload or similar server?
  13. faslimy

    quick cuttings question

    i was thinking in the very long term and it depends on the cactus, and it is more of a hunch sorry
  14. faslimy

    quick cuttings question

    in the long term a tip is much better as the entire central column swells to support the size of the plant
  15. faslimy

    weeping black sores

    it has been really favorable conditions for fungus/rot in melbourne recently, all my cuttings left outside have picked up spots. I think it will dry out soon and they should heal up fine by themselves, I would leave them be unless it starts getting worse over the next couple of weeks.
  16. faslimy

    My Garden

    Yes, Parodia turecekiana, self fertile also
  17. faslimy

    sowing out hoodia

    Pollinating Hoodia is a very involved and tricky task. When I grew Hoodia in NZ I let the flies come into the glasshouse and they pollinated the Hoodias. Always grew the seed in the same conditions as cactus seed: diffused light, approx 28C, humid, with cooler night temperatures. They're very fast growing.
  18. faslimy

    sowing out hoodia

    Do you monitor the temperature?
  19. faslimy

    Indian cactus garden

  20. GL bit, hope you have some spare cash. there are some amazing specimens at that place.
  21. faslimy

    Blue Candle (Myrtillocactus Geometrizans)

    You should post the salad recipe, i'm thinking, radishes?