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    Ordering legitimate medication overseas

    Greeting and salutations to everyone! Although my post count and registration date shows that i am only new to this community and forum, i need to preface what i'm saying with the tried and true "Long time listener, first time caller" line before what i'm about to ask. After spending a good 45-60mins searching this forum for a relevant and real world response to such a generic question i came up underwhelmed and was inclined to create this thread. As a single mother of 2 i have had enough of being a slave to my "vices" and after a rude wakeup call with my youngest last week, i've decided to change my life around for the sake of my darlings and do something about it. To cut a long (boring) story short, what i'd like to know and hear from you all is: What can somebody expect IN THE REAL WORLD (not just regurgitating a post from 2001 from a forum in Turkey) if they ordered an obscure medication from overseas and had it confiscated once it landed on our shores? Disregarding the obvious patrionising/condescending replies i WILL be getting, i'd genuinely like to know if anyone has ordered things overseas and if they have, what did they go through? If somebody where to order something, for the sake of argument say, a blister pack of an unknown derivative of a muscle relaxing agent, was there experience basically that of getting their shipment burnt and getting a threatening letter in the mail and that was the end of that?
  2. and you don't think it would of been polite to drop off a whole bag of herbage that looks feels smeels and tastes exactly like kr8m?!?!

  3. It actually was a pretty good day today hey gay? :P

    I have 51 profile views... eat that!! 50 of them are from you hey? :P

  4. We have reason to believe that you had aquired your seat in parliment, by illegal and unjust means.


    And you have a fucking goat's head.

  5. Sedation Nation

    Lots of peres to get rid of.

    I am starting to get rid of all the impulse buys i have collected over the years and i really don't see me using all this peres. They got so big that i had to trim them down at one stage, which then led me to planting the excess bits and they are now showing signs of growth. I have pics on request just pm me I would prefer to get rid of them to one buyer as i hate having to dig out tiny bits of peres thorns each time i have to send some off lol. I am not sure what they are worth and i do not want to rip anyone off so i can send you a pic and just let me know what you are willing to pay for them i guess Or i am up for trade but then again all the good stuff is naughty so there isn't much i would be after Maybe NL Khat or something? Any who pm me Btw i am in Sydney.
  6. Sedation Nation

    Psychotria Viridis or Nexus?

    Long time lurker, 1st time poster Just wanted to know if a mate in Peru should grow Viridis or Nexus? Apparently Nexus is fast growing and more magical than Viridis according to one experience report on another forum. I have done plenty of research on Viridis although it's the lack of experience with Nexus among the community or at least the lack of info posted which is making me think twice between the two.
  7. Sedation Nation

    Anyone want to play some Halo-Reach firefight?

    Yeah i know hey! MoH seemed alright at first but once you got into the MP side of things it was really shallow. It was trying to be Cod and BF2 mixed into one. As soon as you spawn you are killed by a sniper camping from the other side of the map. The killstreaks are stupid and the maps are so tiny. Returned it 3 days later and also waiting for black ops. Check out the new video on Inside Xbox it shows you some more changes i never knew about. Things like when you call in a pavelow you have to choose where it hovers now, like a harrier. Also you actually man the chopper gunners minigun so i assume you can get shot out of the gunners seat now? Oh also, you know when you are playing a team game and somebody says "i got shot by this guy next to the slightly dirtier building up there?" it makes no sense when you try and explain to team mates where he was in the heat of battle So now each map is divided into quadrants such as D1 D2 D3 D4. So now you say "i found the camper he is in D3". Done. Can't wait
  8. Sedation Nation

    Favourite Trich fallen

    Damn you guys must of been spewing. I had a nice Peruvianus that also was tall and in a pot. However being scared of spiders i noticed a redback a dew cms from my hand and panicked which left the Peruvianus to fend for itself against gravity and the end result was a snaped Trich Now they have a shit load of pups and its even better to look at lol
  9. Sedation Nation

    Anyone want to play some Halo-Reach firefight?

    Yeah halo legenary is pretty hard. You spend most of the time running through ares's as you see an elite or avehicle of some sort. Then you abuse teh checkpoint system by going back to the checkpoint after killing a few elites in a room and then go back and checkpoint incase you die. I am an Achievment whore so i try adn get every one available Fallout : New Vegas's achievments look alright so far except for HARDCORE monde. That i won't have the patience to play Oh and if you are thinking of getting medal of honour, and plya MW2 alot you will hate thi after anr hr or so online. You get spawn killed from on eside to the map to the other. Its REALLY frustrating. What makes it worse is that there is no kill cam so you have NO idea that guy was. *rant over*
  10. When it came to starting your own cacti garden what did you do first and now that you are more experience, what do you think you SHOULD have done? For example, would starting from seed be a good idea or starting from 30cm cuttings? 100 seed for $16 or $30 per 30cm cutting. It could work out costly per cutting, although would take longer via the seedling route. I just wanted to make clear this is all hypothetical and i personally couldn't grow a Tomato plant lol I was just curious..
  11. Sedation Nation

    Starting from seed or cuttings... what do you prefer?

    I would imagine (in my mind) somebody who would want to do this would have a dose once a month or twice maybe. Although that person would probably like to try extractions so excess material would come in handy.
  12. Sedation Nation

    left over stuff

    Gday mate how much would you be looking for the rue? And what extract would you be talking about? I have money burning away in my little pocket and haven't bought any ethno related items for awhile Btw im in Syd if that makes any diff? Cheers
  13. Sedation Nation

    Psychotria 'Nexus'

    So has anyone else compared viridis with nexus to see if the nexus has similar content? Just interested as i prefer to have the more magical one in my garden