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    Ordering legitimate medication overseas

    Greeting and salutations to everyone! Although my post count and registration date shows that i am only new to this community and forum, i need to preface what i'm saying with the tried and true "Long time listener, first time caller" line before what i'm about to ask. After spending a good 45-60mins searching this forum for a relevant and real world response to such a generic question i came up underwhelmed and was inclined to create this thread. As a single mother of 2 i have had enough of being a slave to my "vices" and after a rude wakeup call with my youngest last week, i've decided to change my life around for the sake of my darlings and do something about it. To cut a long (boring) story short, what i'd like to know and hear from you all is: What can somebody expect IN THE REAL WORLD (not just regurgitating a post from 2001 from a forum in Turkey) if they ordered an obscure medication from overseas and had it confiscated once it landed on our shores? Disregarding the obvious patrionising/condescending replies i WILL be getting, i'd genuinely like to know if anyone has ordered things overseas and if they have, what did they go through? If somebody where to order something, for the sake of argument say, a blister pack of an unknown derivative of a muscle relaxing agent, was there experience basically that of getting their shipment burnt and getting a threatening letter in the mail and that was the end of that?
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  3. Just thought i'd drop by and say hello

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  5. Just thought i should drop in and say hello