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  1. cactuscarl

    cheap bridgesii psycho0

    I have 2x psycho0 for sale both thick and healthy over 30cm each $25 each or both for $40 postage is $15 flat rate for 1 or both australia wide
  2. cactuscarl

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Went and had a hunt today.... didn't think there was much chance and was pleased to find a handful of panaoelus cyanescens and very surprised to find 5 or 6 psilocybe cubensis
  3. cactuscarl

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Pretty sure I know the answer but is it to early to go have a look
  4. cactuscarl

    pocket spectrometer

    http://inhabitat.com/worlds-first-pocket-molecular-sensor-measures-the-chemical-makeup-of-everything/ I was wondering what ppl thought of these? Would they be useful to measure certain compound and their percentages plants n cacti?
  5. cactuscarl

    pocket spectrometer

    Cheers for the input. I had my doubts about it.... I knew someone here wgo be able to shed some light on it for me.
  6. I just cut a clove into 4 bits and swallow it like a pill... my x used to eat a tablespoon of crushed garlic... she liked the taste hahaha
  7. cactuscarl

    plant pack available

    I have one pack for sale $80 plus postage 1x 2yo+ viridus 3x 2yo+ catha 1x rooted caapi yellow 1x rooted red khat sucker 1x loph. W 1x rivea corymbosa seedling 1x pachanoi 20cm and a few hemia sacrifolia cuttings.
  8. cactuscarl

    Bridgesii Porn

    Yeah I would agree psycho0... mine even got those super long spines like yours.
  9. cactuscarl


    Wow awesome man .... you've got the cordboensis mislabeled it should look like a scop
  10. cactuscarl

    Trichocereus cuts

    Hi all I have some cuts for sale $1 per cm plus postage. Discounts on multiple plants lance 30cm pachanoi 40cm bridgessi 70cm pachanoi 80cm bridgesii 40cm bridgesii psycho0 40cm
  11. cactuscarl

    Trichocereus cuts

    Ok so lance and psych0 are sold
  12. cactuscarl

    Trichocereus cuts

    Sorry about the pics I have to crop them so they're not to big to upload
  13. cactuscarl

    Crested Cacti Dying After Flowering

    I know other plants die after flowering most if not all agava do... I was talking about cacti
  14. cactuscarl

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Hey everyone I finally got those prints sent out enjoy
  15. cactuscarl

    Crested Cacti Dying After Flowering

    No. They don't flower very often and some I think don't ever flower. I don't think I have ever heard of any dying after they flower.
  16. cactuscarl

    Wish people would stop spouting pseudo bullshit

    This is the most arrogant and condescending thread I think I've ever read. If you've got a superiority complex and it forces you to view "the majority" as stupid then leave... you don't have to insult the majority first. This community has some brilliant minds and a wealth of knowledge it also has some abstract thinkers and so complete trippers you take the good with the bad.
  17. cactuscarl

    truffles contain 'bliss' molecule

    I believe evolution is far more intuitive and mystical than ppl give it credit for... one example that blew my mind was zebra. To you or I a zebra stands out like dogs balls but big cats only see in black and white so to a lion zebras are almost invisible standing against long blades of black and white grass... How the hell did evolution know a lion can only see black and white? It's just to random to be coincidence and imo there has to be something going on we don't quite understand. So I totally believe a plant could evolve to have a symbolic relationship with ppl or animals... I hope that make sense
  18. So stoked to get some of these can't wait hopefully they yowie x turn out looking like a bright blue yowie with a little psycho0 magic in there Cheers mang
  19. cactuscarl

    Hydroponic Lophs

    My grafts split from over watering would this have the same problem or is that only an issue with grafted plants?
  20. cactuscarl

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    I got about 3m of pc 2m of lance 2.5m of peru plus a bunch of 10yo aloe other cacti dragon tree and bottle palms from gumtree for $50... the dragon tree and bottle trees were worth $1000+ buy them selves Good score
  21. cactuscarl

    Pachanoi "Justin"

    Is it hard as a rock? I have a pc looking clone that looks similar... the main reason I'm sure it's not pc is it's way to firm it feels like it's made of stone.
  22. cactuscarl

    Requesting help with viridis

    Mine burns lots just from low humidity and dry wind
  23. cactuscarl

    Eight Australians arrested in Bali drug raids

    This is an excellent point... while I think capital punishment is beyond excessive for drug charges I think its extremely hypercritical for someone from another country to try to dictate what laws and punishments are implemented. They knew the law and the punishment for their crime