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  1. Floyd

    Two T. peruvianus?

    oh yes no worries, sorry about that. Thanks so much!
  2. Two individuals are presented here. Here are the two side-by-side. The front most one (the lighter coloured cutting) has been placed in the pot. Here are close-ups of the first one. And here are close-ups of the unknown cutting. Same species? different species? My guess is they are both T. peruvianus, or that one is T. cuzcoensis. Thanks for the help. EDITED BY MODERATOR: NO DISCUSSION OF POTENCY OR ACTIVITY ALLOWED
  3. Hi all, Anyone know where to buy macadamia seeds? The variety isn't important, only the price and germination rate. Close to Coffs Harbour area is best. Any ideas?
  4. I know these photos aren`t much to go on. I saw these at the local nursery, and just trying to expand my knowledge..for cacti its fairly poor. I'm guessing some a type of Azureocereus for the first, also maybe for the second? Would be nice if it was T. cuscoensis But really I have no idea. Thanks for any help
  5. Hi all, Acacia's are new to me. I've never lived in a place with so many and I haven't developed an eye for them. Here are two from a neighbour close by. The first I'm guessing is A. floribunda or close. It flowered about Sept. with creamy yellow, cylindrical inflorescences. It is starting to seed now. I thought I was way off when I saw the round ball like structure. I know realize it must be a gall of some sort. The phyllodes are about 8-10cm long, and about 5mm wide. They appear to have one prominent central vein (are they called veins?) flanked by two less prominent ones that are visible on the larger phyllodes, but can't really be distinguished on the smaller ones. The tips are pointed, slightly curved laterally, but I can't really say whether they are hard or soft, having nothing to compare them with. The second I haven't seen flower, but it is starting to set seeds now. The phyllodes are about 4cm long 8mm wide. There seems to be a prominent central vein, that branches quite distinctly against a backdrop of smaller veins. the tips only curve upwards without any apparent lateral curve. And again whether they are hard or soft I can't say. I can't even hazard a guess on this species. Both had very similar bark. Smooth grey bark becoming more fissured at the base. I would have to go take a look and a picture because my memory doesn't serve me very well. Thanks for any help
  6. wow. Its been years and years since I've logged in to the Corroboree. So I'd like to get into the Australian species again. I'm looking for jobs in agroforestry, agricutlure, horticulture etc... anything that might allow me to work with similarly interested people. Not necessarily psychoactive ethnobotany, anything really. Let me know if you know of anything out there. Thank ya kindly
  7. Floyd

    'hoasca tea' in the US

    welsch, from welsch's grape juice, got his start making grape juice to replace the wine
  8. Floyd

    brain-damaged Florida woman Terri Schiavo

    people "starve" to death all the time. Among the elderly limited food intake is characteristic of being ready to die. Your body releases alot of painkillers when you starving so you dull pain in other parts of you body. From what i've read the general consensus seems to be that anorexics have poor body images and then become addicted to painkilling chemicals released after a period of continued starvation. Right wing attacks on this woman's husband are disgusting. He has publicly been offered 1 million dollars to hand over custody of his wife to her parents, and his lawyer says that privatly he was offered 10 million. So if its true he stands to gain nothing from her death. Unless you believe that he attempted to murder her or whatever and he's afraid that she'll wake up and tattle. But it that seems rediculous to me The whole thing is blown out of proportion by the pro-life movemnt because they think this case is linked to abortion rights. oh and those videos you see on the news are about 10 years old. The whole reason this is an issue now is because she ISN'T like that anymore. She's been steadily declining for 15 years. But of course no one is taking video footage of her now.
  9. Floyd

    anti-drug vaccines

    so i hear in the latest CCLE newsletter that australia is debating the use of anti-drug "abuse" vaccines. Any of you know more about it? scares the hell out of me and i don't even live in australis
  10. :mad: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY, my country. Founded by people regularly using opium from their poppies out back we don't even know the chemicals in these plants. This absolutely shows what drug policy is here in the states. They're not protecting people from potentially harmful chemicals. They're just outlawing what they see as a danger to their world view or religion or whatelse i don't even know haha at least one of these plants isn't even real on second thought i don't know how this will ever fly. We outlaw chemicals here and plants because they are considered containers of illegal chemicals. Fucking christians Kind of a good place to start though for my spring garden haha
  11. Floyd


    adding course sand will help. Or if your plant will tolerate the ph, adding some bark or woodchips will also help. Although they'll actually decompose rather quickly and you'll be back to potting mix (which is usually made of composted bark) If your cheap like me a good place to get course "sand" is to go to a local stream and shovel up some gavel from the bottom, screen it for desired size and wash it good to get rid of the silt. It sounds like alot of trouble but its not really, but if your streams don't have that kind of bottom or you don't have any streams. Course sand certainly isn't expensive
  12. hehe yeah i saw this. I'm not entirely sure that "drug dealers" are a good predictor of the economy. I'm sure that if the U.S. had 500 dollar bills "drug dealers" would be just as likely to use that. i mean...just as a correction But anyway, yeah the dollar will fall to the euro. However, where i once thought that these sorts of kick in the pants would be good for U.S. arrogance/etc... from how it currently looks it will just make us more dangerous :mad:
  13. Floyd


    theoretically yes...thats what sclerotia do. But practically it can be a pain to keep them clean enough that they don't contaminate. Cutting them in half and taking a piece from the inside is a good way to get clean tissue. I have known mexicana sclerotia to send out mycelia after being dried and stored for 3 years. A good way to do it (and sorry i'm ripping someone's idea off but i don't know who) is to wrap a nugget of sclerotia in a papertowel soaked in h202 and putting it in a ziploc bag. In fact if they are left they're long enough more slcerotia will develop inside the bag. It seems much slower than growing them on better substrates though. hope this helps.
  14. Floyd


    are there any seed collection floating around?
  15. Floyd

    Otts snuff book? where to get from??

    yeah good luck only a limited number of copies were produced. i can't remeber the exact number, but pretty small