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  1. Planthelpers thread and the post from Bogfrog got me thinking that a thread like this would be a good idea! I know that you can defiantly get an effect from either sending good vibes or trying to absorb other peoples negative vibes as i have done both and they have been quite successful but they can be very draining. What i was think is we could maybe try this once a month for like 30-60 mins for one person and if we all do it at the same time it would be interesting to see what happens so if anyone is having some troubles or just wants to feel some good vibes post on here and we shall make a list of people who we think need it the most and try it on one person once a month and see what happens, maybe even not tell the person we are doing it to so that placebo is ruled out. What does everyone think about this? if we get enough interest i think its worth a shot... don't you?
  2. Bert&Ernie

    help with a pachanoi

    Good to hear! hopefully she'll be right! could try graft the tip onto something for fun
  3. not sure if any one watches Joe Rogan's podcast but Dennis McKenna was on today so thought id share! Hes got some other pretty decent podcast with other cool people aswell Joe Rogan Experience #946 - Dennis McKenna
  4. Bert&Ernie

    Meet up: Perth

    What time is everyone getting there?
  5. Bert&Ernie

    Recommend me a cactus please

    Whoops was meant to say Mammillaria. Need more sleep I think... But I has some growing on a Windowsill.. Was Mammillaria elongata or something similar.
  6. Bert&Ernie

    Recommend me a cactus please

    Some good old Turbinicarpus would work well imo have had them in mostly shade with them flowering and stuff...very pretty flowers too!
  7. Bert&Ernie

    help with a pachanoi

    It could have started from a tiny little scratch. I haven't been keeping up with cacti knowledge so my advice is probably not the best atm.. But sounds like some kind or rot or fungal thing. I can only recommend cutting the tip off until you get to a non squishy part... Then dust the top with some sulfer to stop the rot getting back in.. uhh I'm sure someone else should chime in... Also some better pictures could help us figure out what's wrong with her...
  8. Bert&Ernie

    help with a pachanoi

    Damn... Is it squishy at all? Might be worth cutting the top off and dusting with sulfer powered.
  9. Bert&Ernie

    Meet up: Perth

    Hopefully should be able to make it have not seen you all in too long
  10. Bert&Ernie

    Show your tattoos!

    hey guys and gals, just got my first tattoo and though hey why not make a thread for every one to show off their ink! so common people dont be shy lets see your skin art!!! here is mine if you didnt see my thread
  11. Bert&Ernie

    Please help my TBMC

    Could also be because the spot where the roots are growing out of is in the shade...
  12. Bert&Ernie

    A HUGE happy birthday to ThunderIdeal and Ferret.

    Happy birthday to both of you this place wouldn't be the same without you two! Love you both xoxo
  13. Bert&Ernie

    Morels South West

    I obviouslt had a biy much the other night and didn't register what the title said at all but anyone know of any up closer to perth?
  14. Bert&Ernie

    Morels South West

    Are these down south of WA? would love to go picking these but am not sure if there would be any around perth sort of area...
  15. Bert&Ernie

    Cosmic cacti sale

    Nice pricing man! Lucky people who ever get these....One day I will be able to afford more cacti hehe
  16. Bert&Ernie

    Crazy Chain of Typhoons Encircling the Earth

    haarp But seriously it looks pretty weird I also would love to know what its all about!
  17. Bert&Ernie

    Happy birthday Incog! :D

    Happy birthday man!
  18. Bert&Ernie

    Greenhouse polycarbonate colours and light transmission

    Seems like white or just clear would be the best.... they are the only polycorbonate ones ive seen.
  19. Bert&Ernie

    What's happening to this loph?

    Yeah you can tell they need more light by how dark green they are aswell!
  20. Bert&Ernie

    Seedling germination and care thread!

    I always think its better to bump an old thread if your questions and what not are relevant then starting a new thread!
  21. Hello fellow saber's! I was just thinking it would be a good idea to have a pinned thread about germination and care for cacti seedlings until they are Semi-mature/mature. At the moment i have a question also to start off. I planted heaps of cacti seeds into some takeaway containers and most of them all germinated there was all sorts of cacti. but i think i may have left them to long eaither in to dark conditions beause they were quiet elongated or because they got to dry... as they all died i had them in pure river sand. so how long should i keep them in the containers next time, how often should i water them and what lighting conditions do they need throughout their childhood (if you can call it that)?
  22. Bert&Ernie

    Brace yourselves! Winters coming!

    Although this weather is great for cuddling :D
  23. Bert&Ernie

    RIP Freaky Chicken

    So sad to hear this I only met the guy a couple of times but from what I gathered he was a really top bloke and quite knowledgeable when it came to plants! R.I.P Ben!!!