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  1. Remembered about this thread and thought I'd check in. I've been off methadone completely for 5 or 6 weeks now after stopping from 4mg a day (except 2 doses of 2 mg each). Was planning to keep going down by 0.5 increments but once I realised I could skip days at 4 I just decided to try, probably should've kept dropping but I had been doing it gradually over ages and hadn't used in 3 years which obviously made a huge difference. Been struggling a bit with drinking again since, and too much junk food so gained a fair bit of weight but thems the brakes aye. Anyway it's definitely a struggle, especially cravings being opiate free for the first time in 12 years or so, but felt it's important to mention it so some people might know it's possible to get off as it definitely seems impossible at times but ain't. Btw my doctor suggested switching back to subs to get off but for me it was better to just keep tapering down
  2. hey man you've done really well to drop that much in that time, definitely has to be slow and steady unfortunately but I'm with you just so sick of it which makes it tempting to try speed up. I've spent well over 10 grand now at the same chemist and the fact the government pays for it then the chemist charges anything they want drives me nuts, don't know how that's legal. I'm on 7 now, was fine dropping 1 per week from 30 something until I got to single digits it got harder, now doing 1 only every fortnight from 9 and plan to go down by only .5 once I get to 5 as of course each time you drop the same amount its a bigger ratio than the last drop. anyway we're getting there, I know one person who got off completely which I try and keep in mind just gonna take a bit longer than I thought
  3. Good to hear mate sorry for hijacking your thread a bit, I've been fine so far but was dropping very slow most of the time, 5 per month mostly. 1 per week from 30, and now on 21, has been all good though I know the last 20mg is gonna be way harder than the first 100. I brought a Kratom plant form SAB just before they were outlawed but unfortunately it died due to neglect as I wasn't in the best state at the time, same as a few sally D's which is a shame, many years ago so hopefully it's ok to say now I remember at the time I even had a successful cutting from it but might have been tough getting them through winter hear in Melbourne anyway, I'm sure tree's must still be around but too hard to find. That sound like a nasty reaction though, I tried a couple capsules of 20x extract (probably a half gram) back then too but never noticed much, surely due to having an opiate tolerance so I'd imagine it's only really useful for opiate naive people. Peace
  4. levicacti

    Old SAB pachanoi

    I remember thinking that might be the case Glaukas but thought they might mature differently eventually. Thanks for the pics gerbil I think they probably are the same clone by the looks of it though it's pretty variable. The last pic and the mid sections definitely look very similar to the bigger ones of mine, and the last one is fairly consistent with my hard grown root bound ones. Is there an SAB #1 then? or is that just pc? Mine haven't shown any of that scop like growth on yours but I haven't had any in the ground with good sun so that might do it. The biggest one in good sun has that nice Ecuadorian type tip which has only started to show the last season or so.
  5. levicacti

    Old SAB pachanoi

    gerbil the pic you mention does indeed look very much like the one of mine in the ground, the smaller potted ones look pretty distict from PC though, and bluer. Almost all of mine are starting to show patches of variagation too, unless it's a virus, but they're only showing on those ones no others. What ever it is I've grown quite fond of it , great for grafting too I did a couple little crest pieces on two and the longer spines definitely help.
  6. levicacti

    Old SAB pachanoi

    Cheers guys, yeah in the past I thought it might be pc but over the years have seen the differences stand out. I remembered there being Alf and Omar available at the time but was never too sure how they look growing and in different conditions etc. It gets very blue in more shade but I guess they all do really, definitely more than PC though and longer spines. I'll check out those pics mentioned thanks.
  7. levicacti

    Old SAB pachanoi

    Maybe it's more rare than I thought lol It actually looks a fair bit like the santaensis pic posted by gerbil but with shorter spines, those big white areoles.
  8. levicacti

    Positive Drug Drive test may not show impairment

    Yeah might've just got lucky twice then, was hoping that might be the case but I thought they were testing a byproduct not actually thc so sounds unlikely, damn just a role of the dice then. Definitely bad oral hygiene at the time, unless that can somehow mask it lol. Anyway thanks for the response
  9. levicacti

    Positive Drug Drive test may not show impairment

    Interesting I'm wondering if you know why someone who smokes all the time can pass a mouth swab, I assumed what was tested didn't reach a detectable level but if it's in the fat cells of the mouth too I'd think it would be stronger. A friend has had two mouths swabs on separate occasions not long after smoking and has come up clean so I've assumed if you smoke all the time you should be ok, which makes sense seeing your never really stoned lol. Don't wanna have to test the theory though and maybe just got lucky those times.
  10. I've been trying to I'd this pach for a while, pretty sure it was from sab probably around 10 years ago originally but not 100% as I didn't do much labelling back then and had a long break from doing much with the cacti. The only pics I've seen that are close I think was just called sab pach #2. I was confident all these pics were the same clone as it looks very different depending on the amount of sun etc. but now I'm not 100% either so thought it's time for some input. I included as many pics as I can Only had the first flower on one of them this last season too if that's a clue at all but most in good sun are fairly small. And hard to see but most of them are starting to show what looks like variagation (?) too
  11. levicacti

    Bridgesii, qld winters and repotting

    Yeah it's def the best way to go if possible, you can probably get similar growth from pots but they require a lot more work while as long as the soils ok you can just put it in the ground and forget about it and it'll do great. This is Melbourne though so might be dryer in the warm weather but is pretty wet during winter and I've still had no problems in the ground.
  12. levicacti

    Bridgesii, qld winters and repotting

    Also my 2c concerning renting is don't be afraid to plant them in the ground if there's somewhere suitable as they're usually pretty easy to uproot from the ground especially if in the open and only for a few years, maybe clay soil would be harder though. I had a massive single branched scop in the ground years ago which seemed so solid to wind etc. but a little push and it came right out , a big multi-branched one you'll probably have to take cuttings from when moving but dig out the stump and it'll produce an awesome plant too. I had a small backyard pretty full years ago and I think the owner thought they were permanent and liked them but I didn't have to leave a single piece, leaves it looking pretty empty though and requires a bit of clean up
  13. I'm now on 24 and going fine so far, probably once I get to 10 or so the real battle will start. kindness if you're still on 100 I'd advise dropping 5 a week max until getting down to 50 or 40 then slow down from there if need be. Wish I had more first hand info on Kratom but of course plants are evil while a synthetic that leaves you with months of withdrawal is a ok
  14. Nice one I've wondered this myself as I'm in a similar position. I'm currently on 29 trying to get off, at the highest point was 120. Going down five a month from there was very easy until I stalled at 65 for a few years. Then tried again untill 40 or so and since then I've only been going down 1 a fortnight or month but had been drinking a lot. Since I quit drinking a month or two ago it's felt a lot easier so far and am planning to try drop 1mg a week now and see how that goes. After 7 years plus I'm very over it and been 'clean' for about 2 and a half years, could be worse though lol. Keep us posted if you can and good luck✌️
  15. levicacti

    free Ololiuqui seed (rivea corymbosa)

    Received today already thanks man , def recommend to buy/trade for anyone after em who might of missed out.