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  1. On 8 January 2018 at 2:27 PM, DeadStar said:

    I think sunflowers make any garden look happy.

    I might be showing my age but when i was younger, i had a little novelty singing and dancing sunflowers in a pot. 


    Are you talking about Bill and Ben? Or am I now the one REALLY showing my age?! Lol. 

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  2. Hey Ballzac :) . Does your cat  like the catnip? My cats were not  really interested hey. (I'm pretty sure I had 'catnip' and not 'catmint')  


    edit. Oh!  theres a recent thread about catnip :rolleyes:

  3. ^ sorry, off topic I know, lol, but without it, no one would understand... " chilly old willy and a burnt old bum, out in the sun with my pants undone" . I just had to do it. Thanks for reviving that memory TI, lol. 

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  4. I gave up in the end hey. I did collect some seed pods from a local estatury, but the growth habit wasn't what I really wanted, ie, the long hanging um, what do you call ems, lol. The mangrove pods I had sprouted and did alright, brackish water conditions suited them, but the lighting wasn't intense enough. Might get back into the mudskippers and crabs when my life is sorted :):) 

  5. I tried to import a few mangrove pods some years ago. I was hoping to grow them in the mudskipper tank, but I got a letter from customs (or who ever) saying the pods had been destroyed and I received a warning. Lol. Cost me like $30 including shipping too, argh! 


    Looking forward to watching the progress of your mangrove grow Thunderhorse. 



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