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  1. It is a lovely idea Ronny, but of late, I’m not feeling very sociable with all the madness going on. Maybe another time though  . Good on you for creating the connection though ❤️. Be well every one. :) 

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  2. 15 minutes ago, RonnySimulacrum said:

    Opps, Sorry Amazonian, I got my year mix up, it should have said May 9th 2020, the EGA outdoor will be Late 2021.


    My Bad ;-)


    Lol, I never even looked at the year! I automatically assumed 2020. 


    I’m  looking forward to it. I’m already promoting it to my mates :) 

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  3. Oh dear, what a real kick in the guts that is mate. So close to that dream becoming a reality,  we thought you had it in your hands hey. I’m really  gutted for you . 


    It would be nice if you made a big profit on the resale of your property, imagine that! 


    Wishing you a  brighter future ( with no mould) . All the best.



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  4. I think you have found your calling Horus ( well, another to add to your list :wink: ) . Your a great speaker. I suppose it’s easy when it’s a topic you are so passionate about and know so much on the subject. :) 

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  5. Carb overload! Lol. The soup was el’deliciousa though ! 

    I am now the proud owner of a  Lophophora jourdaniana , thank you drifter ,kind sir . 

     ‘Twas was a nice winters day in the park. Thanks crew :) 

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  6. 11 hours ago, Yeti101 said:

    What time are peeps turning up?


    I’ll  be there at about 12 ish :) 


    Com’n peeps, I’m making the effort so I hope you’s  do too :wink: . I’ll bring coffee, tea ( no Bonox) and cake :) 

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  7. 3 hours ago, etherealdrifter said:

    Ok, tomo in the bot gardens is defo.

    I've got some plants, cactus, seedlings and soup.

    Come along and have a laugh.



    Soup.?! Draw card for sure :)

     Forecast is cloudy but no rain. See you all tomorrow.