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  1. I sense  Chinese food being eaten, sitting by a fire whilst watching footy with your dog. Lol. Happy Birthday mr b cappi. :) 

  2. Missing your presence around here already .

      I wish there was an undo button, but that would be selfish of me.

    I hope you knew how many people appreciated you mate. 

  3. Happy birthday GoT ! . I hope your Mrs is still making you awesome catus cakes. :) 

    1. Amazonian


      Oh, can't ^ edit?! *caCtus cakes, not catus cakes, lol. Meh. He will know what I mean :P 

  4. Miss your posts   GOT :) 

  5. I still can't find the follow HillBilly button. Lol. 

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    2. El Presidente Hillbillios

      El Presidente Hillbillios

      you push my buttons like no other! *swoons*

    3. Amazonian


      Ok, works much better on a laptop. lol. Task complete ;)

    4. El Presidente Hillbillios
  6. (Dr) Yeti and his ever evolving yeti avatar. :)

    1. Amazonian


      Hey, you changed it! My comment is no longer relevant, lol :)

    2. Yeti101


      Sometimes you just need a facepalm avatar. The yeti will be back soon enough though.

  7. Hey hey hey.... Etherealdrifter is back !!! :)

  8. Nocternalbutterfly?!, hmmm, wouldn't that make you a moth?. Lol. Welcome to the forum :)

  9. To me...your avatar looks like a headless alien holding melons . :)

  10. That's a cool name you have there. :)

  11. lol at your list of interests blowng... ignoring the chemtrais, and those planes, LOL :)

    1. Amazonian


      Your avatar is evolving again. I remember you had an avatar that evolved over time a few years ago... or was i tripp,n ? :)

    2. bℓσωηG


      Lol yes indeedy

  12. Your a funny guy Eth' . :) :) :) Good value.

  13. You are a special being dc.

  14. Hey I like your signature The_crack_fox. :)

    1. The_Crack_Fox


      thankyou, i heard it at a hare khrishna dinner feast.

      wisdom like that is timeless:)

      another good one

      "if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"

      i like the part on your profile where you said you addopt us all as family:)

      what a loopy band of brothers and sisters you have:)

      if your ever keen to trade some ethneos, my collection is vast:)


    2. The_Crack_Fox


      oh and the part about liking all animals except unenlightened humans:)

      made me smile profoundly

    3. Amazonian
  15. I enjoy reading your posts reptyle :)

  16. 私は、トリッピング愛

  17. On the list of Awesomeness... David Attenborough and Bruce Lee

    1. rivada


      Hey, I own the pink lego kit! Rock on.

    2. incognito


      d alarm in effect nerd alarm in effect there are nrds within the vacinity nerd alarm in effect

    3. incognito


      d alarm in effect nerd alarm in effect there are nrds within the vacinity nerd alarm in effect

  18. Welcome to the forum idjut.

    I hope you are not a spam bot ;)

  19. I find your sense of humour amusing Chiral :)