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  1. Happy birthday GoT ! . I hope your Mrs is still making you awesome catus cakes. :) 

    1. Amazonian


      Oh, can't ^ edit?! *caCtus cakes, not catus cakes, lol. Meh. He will know what I mean :P 

  2. Amazonian

    don't cha love it when...

    Don't cha love it when.... You get your monthly instalments of fun facts from your sanitary packaging.
  3. Amazonian

    forget about it

    FUCK indeed ! . I had 2 plants takon from my yard a few years ago and it really pissed me off, and it made me feel insecure..... Your feelings must be 10 fold . There are low lifes in this world. Like, I'm just shaking my head. Maybe be we can try and build your collection up again. Would you like me to send you a small Loph' ? But you may not want to give out your address anymore to receive anything. PM me if you would like me to send you something. I hope the thieves get outed. Best wishes mate.
  4. Amazonian

    EGA Raffle 2017 - Online Sales Close 5PM FRI 8TH

    I'd like to contribute a few things for the raffle. At the moment, things I have to donate are, .... ..1 tie dye t-shirt ( size medium) ( pastel rainbow colours) ..a few cactus rubbers (no, not those kind of rubbers,,,,, The eraser kind) ..a cactus tea towel. ..some psychadelic pendants ..a cappi and hemp key ring ..ethno related magnets um, I will find a few other things between now and the dead line. All items are brand new. Looking foward to EGA....Tick.
  5. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I have family commitments this weekend, so I'm out. Maybe we can have a meet in December before or after EGA and hopefully we can get some interstaters attend .
  6. Amazonian

    Where to go?

    We be proud to have you as a fellow Melbournite.!!! When yous are settled in, maybe a plant meet might be in order. Best ts wishes for an easy transition.
  7. Amazonian

    Perseid Meteor Shower

    Hmmf, overcast here. The above link says the meteor shower could be seen tomorrow night too?! Anyway, I'll leave my curtains open tonight and perhaps I'll see something. Can I make a wish on it, you know, like a shooting star?, couldn't hurt right?! Lol. Edit. Ok, so a metiorite and a shooting star is the same thing?! ( why don't I retain information , lol)
  8. I got an email from the EGA team with a PDF of my ticket. The email said "thank you for purchasing your EGA 2017 psychadelic symposium ticket. The e-ticket which will be scanned to validate on your arival - from either a paper print out or from the display on a phone / device". 166 more sleeps to go
  9. Amazonian

    For sale large penis cactus

    @ mole , If you and moonunitbotanica are good mates, this kind of post might be slightly acceptable, but my opinion is its poor forum decorum.
  10. Amazonian

    I Loved Fire

    Or a dragon. Fire is a very powerful energy hey waterboy. Something to be respected.
  11. Amazonian

    I Loved Fire

    That flame looks like a..... beast, ....serpent ...., spirit,... I'm not sure, lol. It looks very alive though.
  12. Just saw this on Indeed job site. It's unpaid and only for 3 months, (potential for paid position in the future) Might suit someone here?! Medical Cannabis Research Intern BuddingTech - Melbourne VIC Internship BuddingTech is a medical cannabis tech and innovation company helping bring to market innovative solutions focused on addressing key challenges across the supply chain. We are quickly growing, and are seeking an enthusiastic individual for an unpaid internship over a 3 month period, based either in Melbourne, Sydney or the Northern Rivers (NSW). Working with a small and experienced team, you'll get exposure to a startup, and to the medical cannabis industry in Australia. Initially, responsibilities will be limited to research and administration, however there is great capacity the position to grow into fields such as operations and logistics, business development, digital marketing, graphic design and more. You will do most of your work from home, and the time requested is flexible. There may also be potential for a paid position in the future. Please send your CV and a brief cover letter through to the email provided. Job Type: Internship 2 days ago (listed prox 14/5/17 https://au.indeed.com/m/viewjob?jk=1f366ba25e40ad3f&from=serp&prevUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fau.indeed.com%2Fm%2Fjobs%3FsameL%3D1%26q%3DMedical%2Bcannabis%2Bresearch%26l%3D%26from%3Dzrp-SearchOnSerp.
  13. Amazonian

    Medical cannabis research internship

    Yeah not sure how it would go down with Centrelink, lol . Anyway, I thought it looked interesting
  14. Amazonian

    Need psylicobe species prints/syringes for mycology assignment

    @ Thisartismurder , word of advice, when seeking prints, just keep it simple, just say "seeking for prints for microscopic purposes". That's it. Lol. When you elaborate in any way, you'll get people questioning, lol. Like if you said your getting a new microscope, and looking for prints, then you'll get "oh what sort of microscope" "what magnification" blah blah blah. .. So you have mentioned an assignment, so you got questions, lol. You get that here sometimes. Like Skellum said, check out seed and plant exchange sub forum. Welcome to the forum, and good luck with your studies.
  15. I was just thinking about this the other day and was going to find the post you first mentioned your piece of paradise. . I hope you'll let me come visit one day. Wishing you all the best with it all Anodyne .
  16. Amazonian

    My One Year S.A.B Anniversary

    Well, as the title states, today is my one year mark here at the Corroboree. Some people celebrate the amount of posts that they have made ie; 500 posts, etc... and make a 'give away out of it' . Well i am celebrating the amount of time that i have been here as a member and i have nothing to give away but my goofball kookinesses, positive vibes. I worked out that i have spent an average of 2 hours a day here ( sometimes more, sometimes less) , over the 365 days that i have been a member,which equates to 730 hours, that's right, a month of my year of solid SAB time.. wow. I found this place after reading a book on Plant Spirit Medicine which mentioned Ayahuasca. I googled to find out more about this amazing sounding brew, and was led here.... it was destiny. Since that day, i have religiously returned to the Corroboree and have become addicted. I have learnt so much along the way. When i first joined, i was confused with who ROFL and AFOAF were , and where were they going to SWIM, and why was a GNOME even mentioned . It took me a while but i worked it out. I came here believing that there were only three things that could make you trip... Cactus, Mushrooms and LSD .I thought that there was only one active mushroom in the world ( P.sub') , and i thought the 'good' cactus could only be found in the country of their origin.... I have learnt stacks and am learning from you guys everyday. This forum is filled with great people who are very knowledgeable, kind and generous, and i am more than happy to be part of the community. Thanks for putting up with me. I have been referring to myself as a 'new member' over the year , but now, at the one year mark, i think i can safely say.. I am a fully fledged member, what do ya reckon? Amz Edited to change thread title. When on a random computer, i searched for sab corroboree, and the title of this thread was almost first to pop up. So i have put spaces between the letters S A B in the hope not to bring unwanted attention to myself, or the forum. Edit again.. it didnt make a difference, i am trying it with full stops between the letters . Cheers , Amz.
  17. Amazonian

    My One Year S.A.B Anniversary

    7 year mark today !!! . I'm still here. Lol. I don't say much these days, but still I'm checking in regularly. I've been through a lot last few years ..... like a 2.5 year long divorce/court battle (after a 22 year long relationship), but finally got the family home back for the kids and I. Coming out the other side now and finally getting my shit back together. I believe I only managed to get through it all due to the support, guidance and advice I recieved from some members here. Thanks guys x I have some solid friendships and am grateful for that hey Thank You SAB.
  18. Amazonian

    Chili Willies

    ^ sorry, off topic I know, lol, but without it, no one would understand... " chilly old willy and a burnt old bum, out in the sun with my pants undone" . I just had to do it. Thanks for reviving that memory TI, lol.
  19. Amazonian

    Chili Willies

  20. Amazonian

    The Random Thread.

  21. Amazonian

    Eth's funny garden photos competition

    ^ lol. love it! The best pic in this thread. I think you deserve a prize drifter. I'll post you something. Now, can we play in that garden realm next time I visit?!
  22. Amazonian

    Cabin Porn

    Yes, that would do me.
  23. Amazonian

    Post your track of the day

    Do you ever hear a good song on the car radio when your nearly home, so you have to drive around the block until you hear the song in its entirety to retain that thing you have going on driving/bopping?! lol. Sometimes a song isn't even that great, but you have grown up with it, know all the words, it brings back memories , hopefully happy ones, lol.,
  24. Amazonian

    My big move to NNSW

    Hey Plant Boy. . I'm glad your house didnt get flooded in. You must have been a bit worried, lol. Its nice to read about you living the dream. Some of the photos in your blog show up as blue boxes with question marks. I'm viewing from an iPad so not sure if it's my software or what, but.... the pics do show if I tap on the question mark. I love the photos of all the creatures that live there with you. Just a suggestion, maybe you could put the link of the blog in your signature here ( info displayed at the bottom of each post) and then there's no need to go back to the first page of this thread?! Keep living the dream mate. Enjoy it. Most of us are still doing the 9-5 in suburbia and can't help but envy you. Lol.