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  1. Amazonian

    Meet up: Brisbane

    It's good to see you encouraging meets there like you use to do here as a Melbournite Sharx. We had a meet yesterday, and we used the 'community picnic rug' ( donated by Sharxx many years ago) lol. I hope to see you at a Melbourne meet one day soon mate.
  2. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Well, you and I have seen each other before , just never met. Lol. But yes, after I submitted my last post, I realised I could have added more.... It was great to finally MEET you Yeti The food was awesome today, greatest combined feast ever. Thanks everyone
  3. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    ^ The pavilion came in handy with Melbourne and its sun, rain, sun, rain hey?! Lol. Good to see you all again. .
  4. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    My take on that is that this Saturday's meet is instead of one in March. We don't usually have meets with only a month in between, but, if there's enough interest, then there could well be another meet organised for March. (I'm out, just say'n) I'd like to organise a camp .... which we keep talking about but never actually do it. Lol. I reckon we should make some plans at this coming meet. See you all on Saturday. A tad rain is forecast, so it might be a sunscreen and an umbrella day. Edit: and yeah, Melbourne Botanical Gardens
  5. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I'm due for an arvo away from my hermit cave, so I'm up for a meet. I have no commitments in the coming weeks so I'm flexible as far as dates go.
  6. Amazonian

    Logged in? But not.

    I just looked at that function again, and it auto set itself back to corroboree after I logged in, so you can still view the forum as you normally would ( I think, lol)
  7. Amazonian

    Logged in? But not.

    I get this on my iPhone. What I do is go to the bottom of the page where it says 'theme' and I change it from corroboree to default , then it changes the display and I can log in. I don't know why it does this. It's all fine in my iPad, same operating system. Edit: this advice is obviously for phones/tablets, so if your on a computer, not sure if my advice will be any good. Lol
  8. Amazonian

    Screen printing melborne

    You could have a crack at it yourself Stu, depends how much detail you are thinking of. I have faith in you. . Out of curiosity, is it a comby van?
  9. Amazonian

    ✫*¨*.¸¸.✶★* .*¸Make a wish! ¸.*•.¸..☆

    I'm off topic here, but I'd just like to say it's a little confusing having two Thunders. Since ThunderIdeal has been a member here longer, I see him as the one and only Thunder. Even though ThunderIdeal is often called TI , when I see the name 'Thunder', I automatically think ThunderIdeal. Thunderhorse has been referred to as 'horse man' , but since recently evolving, he has said that doesn't suit him ( not his exact words, but anyway) , so what about Horsette? You know, like 'smurfette'. Lol. Not having a go at anyone for calling Thunderhorse 'Thunder' , just sharing my thoughts. Lol. So I am not being totally off topic, I guess I'll make a wish while I'm here.... "I wish I was rich enough not to have to go to work 5 days a week. I want to stay home and be productive in my garden and home" . Yes it's a selfish wish, I could wish for world peace, but I think it's too late for that
  10. Amazonian

    Donating for SAB costs

    I came on line, looked at the server cost progress bar, had to get my glasses and look again. Wasn't sure I was seeing right. Lol. Awesome effort everyone . Thanks spooge for making that final bit of the bar complete.
  11. Amazonian

    MSS Signing Off

    Noooo, geez. I thought he was just a catus nerd/expert who loved nothing more than cactus. I think you have to expect the unexpected these days hey?!
  12. Amazonian

    Donating for SAB costs

    ^ I'll jump on the band wagon and make another small contribution. Thanks from me to everyone who has contributed, and those who have gone to the effort of sales and auctions to add to the server costs. It's been great to see. We are the future of our future. Let's keep SAB alive 7,258 members, sheesh, we'd only need to pay less than .45 cents each. Lol. Lets say 200 active members, that would be $15 each. Not sure what the real numbers are, but if we all contribute something, then that's a help.
  13. Amazonian

    Donating for SAB costs

    Sorry Torsten, doesn't look like we'll reach the server costs target this year . I had thoughts of carving something and auctioning it off as a fund raiser, but I have been extremely time poor lately.
  14. Missing your presence around here already .

      I wish there was an undo button, but that would be selfish of me.

    I hope you knew how many people appreciated you mate. 

  15. Amazonian

    RIP andyamine

    Dear dear Christian, I enjoyed the chats we had, sharing our love for dogs. You made me smile, you said nice things to me. What a nice guy. I didn't realise just how down you were, for you never burdened me with your woes. I'm sorry I didn't see. I wish there was something I could have said or done to make it all better. If only I could wake up and this be all a dream, but then, you would still be suffering?! It makes me sad to think you had such pain. Thank you for letting me get to know you Christian. You rest now. I won't forget you. To Christians family.....Take comfort in knowing you raised a lovely, decent human being. I've never heard any one say a bad word about Christian. He really was one of the good ones. I'm truly sorry for your loss. xxx Argh. Such a shock. So sad.
  16. Amazonian

    The Random Thread.

    I'm in the south eastern suburbs and so far not toooo bad. They say there's been several injuries due to people falling off ladders cleaning roof cutters out though. I cleaned my gutters this arvo. I find gutter sludge a nice rich addition to my pot plants hey. I'm still a bit worried we'll get too much rain, my driveway is poorly designed/laid and water almost laps at the front door when rain is torrential . I won't need to water the vegie garden for a few days at least, lol.
  17. Amazonian

    don't cha hate it when..

    Don't Cha hate it when... your charged for express postage and then receive the parcel 5 days later which has been sent standard postage with a plant that looks worse for wear and the seller ignores your messages. Grr.
  18. Amazonian

    "Long time no see so hello" thread

    There was a 'dude' forum member, but this ^ is 'dood' ( 'the dood abides' if I remember correctly?! Lol) ( I don't recal an eldooderino) Hows that rescue dog of yours going dood?
  19. Amazonian

    WBs random photos

    Aw, yay! She's gorgeous! . What does she have in her? What does mini me think of her?.... Better than Lego or ditchy/Rambo huh lol. I'm so happy for yous. Dogs be good medicine for all . More pics soon please
  20. Amazonian


    Lol, you have a great imagination Horse.
  21. Amazonian

    are we able to change our display name?

    And so TI should be a trusted trusted member. Lol.
  22. Amazonian

    are we able to change our display name?

    Yeah, at 3000 posts you can no longer change your user name. You become a trusted member.
  23. Amazonian

    Tobacco seeds giveaway (Shirazi)

    Got my seeds today Thank you Gimli
  24. Amazonian

    SAB peeps at EGA roll call! (Who's going?!)

    Hmm, gee, i dunno. I was thinking about it. Hmm, I spose you could twist my arm.... Ohhhh, alright, I'll go ! . Lol. ( been looking forward to another outdoor EGA since the last outdoor EGA) I hope your smuggling your jacks in gem?! For those of you still thinking about coming along, I highly recommend doing it. There will be no regrets.
  25. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I'm still unsure if I'll make it to this meet. It'd be good to meet some new people and give Yeti a traditional 'new to Melbourne' initiation ceremony (< involves naked swimming around the lake using a cactus for buoyancy , lol) If I don't make it, there will always be a next time. I hope the weather is great, especially for you yeti, it'll be cold if the suns not out. .