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  1. The probability I have calculated, is that if there were infinite cafes, and infinite guys and girls (i.e. infinite trials of this), then the average number of weeks it would take is 70. This number includes the couples who met on the first day implicitly, and it is not needed to explicitly include them.
  2. I don't think that we need to consider the days of the week separately. I can't quite say why, I'm too confused (after saying something over and over it loses its meaning )
  3. PART B Well the woman has a 1/7 chance of arriving and finding no seat (ruining the chance of love that week, 7 as it's 0 to 6 inclusive). She has a 1/7 chance of taking the last seat (also ruining the chance). So there's a 5/7 chance she will select a seat at some point during the week and still leave at least one seat left. Now the guy has the same chances before as finding her, which is 1/14. But he also has the probabilities of getting the right seat, which are (1/5seats)*(1/5scenarios) + (1/4seats)*(1/5) + (1/3seats)*(1/5) + (1/2seat2)*(1/5) + (1/1seat)*(1/5) = (1/5)*(1/5 + 1/4 + 1/3 + 1/2 + 1/1) (The 5 scenarios are from the 5/7 above, in that there are: 1) 5 empty seats, 2) 4 empty seats, 3) 3 empty seats, 2) 2 empty seats, 1) 1 empty seat). Each has equal probability (hence the 1/5 probability). It's not 1/7 as the two errant scenarios are removed by the 5/7 multiplier. It is possible to calculate this using 1/7 as the scenario multiplier, except that the possibility of success will be 0 in both of the errant scenarios, and the 5/7 multiplier would not be used in this case). All together = (5/7) * (1/14) * (1/5)*(1/5 + 1/4 + 1/3 + 1/2 + 1/1) == (1/14) * (1/7)*(1/5 + 1/4 + 1/3 + 1/2 + 1/1 + 0 + 0) [the second way of calcing this as described above] Which says that on average, love will happen once every 43 weeks (42.9). At first this confused me. It still kind of does. I suppose that having less empty seats kinda forces them to sit together. Maybe, unless I made a mistake. Edit due to ballzac's astute observation: Brute force will save the day. The guy has the same chances before as finding her, which is 1/14 Assuming they found each-other, then there are these master scenarios: Case 6 free seats: 1/1 chance she will select an empty table. Guy has 1/5 chance of sitting across from her. P = 1/5 Case 5 free seats (1 other sitting) : 4/5 chance she will select an empty table. Guy then has 1/4 chance of sitting across from her. P = (4/5)*(1/4) = 4/20 {probably one of the few times I've typed 4/20 and meant to) Case 4 free seats: (1/1 chance perp1 sits down, 1/5 chance perp2 will fill the table, 4/5 chance perp2 will sit at another table). => (1/5)*(1/1 chance she will take an empty table)(1/3 chance guy will sit across from her) + (4/5)(2/4 chance she will select empty table)(1/3 chance guy will sit across from her) P = (1/5)*(1/3) + (4/5)*(2/4)*(1/3) = 1/15 + 8/60 Case 3 free seats: 1/1 chance perp1 sits down. --1/5 chance perp2 will fill the table ------1/1 chance perp3 sits down at an empty table ---------2/3 chance girl sits down at an empty table ------------1/2 chance guy sits across from girl --4/5 chance perp2 will sit at another table. ------2/4 chance perp3 will fill a table ---------2/3 chance girl will sit at an empty table ------------1/2 chance guy sits across from girl ------2/4 chance perp3 will sit at another table ---------no chance for girl and guy to meet. P = (1/5)(2/3)(1/2) + (4/5)(2/4)(2/3)(1/2) = 2/30 + 16/120 Case 2 free seats: (0 = empty, 1 = filled). Bold = unique arrangement (making permutations of 2 free seats using binary rotations). Italic = a free table. 001111, 011110, 111100, 111001, 110011, 100111 010111, 101110, 011101, 111010, 110101, 101011 011011, 110110, 101101, 011011, 110110, 101101 011101, 111010, 110101, ....... 15 unique arrangements. 3/15 chance she will be able to get an empty table. 1/1 chance he will then take the last remaining seat. P = 3/15 Case 1 free seats: Woman sits down, man goes home. P = 0. Case 0 free seats: Woman goes home, man goes home. P = 0. P_total = (1/14) * ( (1/7)*(1/5) + (1/7)*(4/20) + (1/7)*(1/15 + 8/60) + (1/7)*(2/30 + 16/120) + (1/7)*(3/15) ) Which is 98 weeks.
  4. Ugh I interchanged days and weeks. Amateur mistake. I'm still thinking hard on whether the number 70 is correct though (70 weeks).
  5. Well there's a 1/1 chance the woman will take a certain seat, on a certain timeslot. There's a 1/7 chance the guy will pick the same day, and a 1/2 chance it will be the same timeslot (1/14 running product). Then there's a 1/5 chance he will pick the only remaining seat which is opposite her (running product 1/70). So with this first set-up, love is expected to happen once every 70 days weeks. Second and other set-ups will take more thinking ^^. Watch this space.
  6. I couldn't stop staring for ages at that last photo (it was too arousing), then I looked a bit closer and I noticed there was a woman in the background!
  7. CβL

    The Random Thread.

    endorfinder - your tattoo is the RHCP logo.
  8. Realistically, if I'm able to buy a steak knife, or drain cleaner, or a chainsaw, or drive a one ton metal box on 4 wheels, or a high-powered rifle, or sugar by the kg - then evidently my safety has always been left up to me anyway.
  9. CβL

    Vandals take axe to Botanic Gardens (VIC)

    Why the fck would someone plan and execute an attack like this? Is it because they knew how angry everyone would get? What a shitty horrible thing to do.
  10. CβL


    Holy mother of mary! That plant is stunning!!!
  11. CβL

    Scientists revive 400 year old plants

    Hehehehe - this little article seems to suggest that all bryophytes can be propagated in such a manner. I wonder if that's true. ;)
  12. CβL

    trichocereus glaucus

    I have a batch of 1.5 year old T Glaucus plants from SS. Will take a photo at some stage (I do apologize for being absolutely shockingly late at taking photos)
  13. CβL

    Sex and drugs :O

    Back when Yohimbe bark was unregulated (in NZ) I got ahold of some, and found it to inexorably give boners (and make them magic too). Unfortunately a lot of those went unused, as I was mostly using it for the stimulant and MAOI properties, and I was single then. But if it's legal where you are - it's great. HOWEVER! Unscrupulous Africans have taken to the capitalism game, and realized that by chopping down wild trees, they can sell the bark for a lot more than chasing cows around can fetch you. So the wild Pausinystalia yohimbe trees are going extinct, so westerners can get hard. Grow the tree - SAB sells it (last time I checked).
  14. CβL

    jwerta's heart break thread!

    If you do truly want to be friends with her, then I recommend a break for as long as you need. Make it clear that after the break she is just a friend, with no special affections granted (or you will both send and/or receive mixed messages, and either or both of you will get hurt) . In my experience feelings don't really go away - they're re-directed - with this in mind, wait until your feelings are redirected into something else (someone new, your career, your hobbies, self-development, your plants) - without this I can't see how a friendship will work (your feelings will search for something to latch onto, and if you keep seeing her - it's only natural they'll find their way back). As long as you think about these issues - then that's good (even if you come to the opposite conclusion).
  15. Hofstader (Douglas I presume) is not difficult to follow - as long as you make sure to understand everything before continuing. Most people in my experience read much faster than they can understand, and when reading non-fiction - this habit will cause utter confusion. When reading some non-fictions, it will take me hours to read 2 pages (maths textbooks for example). I would wager this is where your particular confusion with the Hof comes from Thelema - as I know you're a smart person, but maybe not with as much patience as smarts.
  16. CβL

    jwerta's heart break thread!

    I had a small but painful (I get really attached) break-up a couple of weeks ago. It really hurt, and left me utterly bewildered. The things I did were to stash away as many of the things that reminded me of her, just so I could have some alone time to heal. I found it really difficult to focus on the tasks at hand, and I was a bit worried that my sadness would lead me to do nothing and miss deadlines (giving me more reasons to be upset - a downward spiral). To help me with that - I repeated a mantra to myself over and over whenever I felt I was in trouble: "Strength does not come from winning. Strength comes from facing hardships and deciding to continue". It helped me to stick to what needed to be done. The breakup also lowered my self-confidence heavily - all my fears bubbled to the surface. To help with this, I jumped back on the horse and started trying to talk to other women - just to gain my self-confidence back, and to rekindle my belief that there are people out there for me. And the old "jump back on the horse" approach quickly let my self-confidence return. Then I didn't feel the deep-seated anger and sadness pangs that leapt up every now and again - where my mind would imagine what she would be up to. Here's a chord progression for you bro (play medium/slow tempo, standard 4/4 folk strum, one bar each chord): Cmaj7 Gmaj9 Amin7 Emin7 | Fmaj7 Cmaj7 Fmaj7 Gmaj7 Cmaj7 = 332000, Gmaj9 = 354005, Amin7 = x02010, Emin7 = 022033, Fmaj7 = x33210, Gmaj7 = 320002 Anyway, keep well man - sending you warm wishes
  17. CβL

    New drug sweeping Athens called 'Sisa'

    You know it's bad when you are saying "Just stick to amphetamines mate, they're way safer".
  18. CβL

    BAM! A new immune system.

    That is cool! I wonder where these phages come from? IIRC our DNA contains something like 60,000+ viruses encoded into it. Secondly - are certain immune diseases caused by problems with these bacteriophages?
  19. CβL

    NZ Salvia Divinorum porn

    I think they should definitely be part-shade - unless you want to baby them their whole lives (in full-sun in summer, they will die if you don't water them every second day or so - which if you ever want to go on a summer holiday, is not really an option). I think my plant is actually falling over right now (it's supported by some other plants), so hopefully it falls and re-roots in a bit deeper shade area.
  20. CβL

    Blood Type Diet

    Not being too sure exactly on what constituted different blood types - I looked it up. Basically it's just where your antigens are. I can see no plausible reason to believe that the macro-diet would need to change to suit a blood-type (all other things equal). In saying that - there are possibly certain diseases with a higher rate of occurence with a certain blood type, and a diet might be affecting those diseases. One of my biggest advices to feel woken up is to drink a lot of water (I think it helps the blood to become thinner, as I suspect it gets syrupy after a meal and that contributes to tiredness). If I eat a heavy meal, my eyes get sore and I will fall into a kind of food coma if there's nothing to stop me. If I have caffeine the effect is also magnified. But drinking enough water wakes me up and gives me a lot of energy. The other huge one is exercise - I keep some small hand-weights in my room, and whenever I'm drying off from a shower, or got a spare 30 seconds - I'll do some exercises (10 squats, bicep curls, or overhead press usually) - and that wakes me right up. It's even more reliable than the water. It also gives me an absolutely huge lift to my mood - and I just wish I was more consistent in exercising (how my subconscious manages to trick myself into not exercising I don't understand). My absolute hugest tip of all - is to actually seek the hardest way in life. Deliberately avoiding the methods that lack a hard-work component - as they will usually leave you dissatisfied. I probably haven't phrased this quite the right way, but I fully believe it.
  21. CβL

    NZ Salvia Divinorum porn

    The flowers actually have a wonderful scent that is kind of cool to know that it came all the way from the jungles of South America - coded up in a little section of DNA, and when the plant thought the coast was clear - it makes the special smell - and I was there to smell it.
  22. CβL

    NZ Salvia Divinorum porn

    Here's my plant (I'll try get a new picture tomorrow, as I think the flower has progressed since last Wednesday~ )
  23. CβL

    Happy Birthday Torsten

    Happy Birthday Torsten! I hope you find it really relaxing - you certainly deserve it after your great work the last few years (that I've seen anyway).