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  1. I may yet even get someone else to do an alkaloid extraction and just see what it yields. Will post if it's worthwhile or anyone is interested.


    I'm pretty sure that performing an extraction would be construed as illegal (regardless of the result) if your intention is to extract illegal chemicals from the seeds.

    Just thought I'd throw that out there to save you taking an unnecessary risk.

  2. my partner is addicted to it. haven't got a sensible word out of him since last thursday when it was released. well, actually a few days before cos he got so excited, LOL.

    Last night he proudly proclaimed that he had mastered Torsten's dungeon. Hmmm, there goes the thread direction again, LOL. [apparently the game has a dungeon with my name on it]


    Hang on, now I'm really confused. Are we still talking about rimming?

  3. Wait.. back the truck up here. Isn't this the second philosopher/mystic we've had in the space of a month and a bit?! Me thinks something is afoot... :shroomer:


    We've had several holier than thous recently. THere was the guy who was going to prove the stoned ape theory with irrefutable evidence that he had gathered from the internet in his 6 monhts of research. We were assured that his research had led to a discovery of said evidence that nobody else in the world was aware of.

    We had Dr Sham, who assured us that his new theory could solve every possible trouble a human could experience. We were treated to the example that in order to deal with substance abuse the abuser should simply stop drinking alcohol. Very sage advice.

    I think Greg's in a slightly different category. Has some interesting stuff to say and doesn't seem to gave a Jesus complex, thank god.

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  4. Base 12 always seemed superior to me. Divisible by 1,2,3,4,6 and partially divisible by 8,9 (2/3 and 3/4). I tried explaining it to my dad and he never really understood the point I was trying to get across, going on about how finances and currencies would be ruined etc.


    Ha ah.. just thinking about this - how funny would it be watching the world trying to adjust if suddenly it was decided that we would no longer use a base ten system but would move forward with a base 12 system.

    Imagine the confusion. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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  5. A non-linear counting system sounds like it would require an algorithm to determine the number sequence, and as such, would be enourmously difficult to use on a day-to-day basis.

    EDIT: also and forms of manipulation (+-/*) would result in weird figures



    It's already clear from the discovery of irrational numbers that the mathematics of the universe do not conform to our integer based counting system. Integers are perfect for dealing with day to day mathematics... if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    I think we are so reliant on integers that it's difficult to think outside the box, even impossible to do so in any ay other than theoretically. The same way it's very difficult to imagine a sense outside our normal five or, drilling down, to imagine colours outside the spectrum of visual light.

    If we could discover and understand the mathematics of the universe, we'd be in a really interesting place. Unfortunately, I don't think we'll ever understand it as long as we count the way we do.

  6. It seems funny to me that 11 is important only because our numbering system is base-10 (meaning we increase denomination by multiples of 10). If we had a base-12 system the number that would appear to be 11 would in fact be 13, and this would hold special meaning to lots of people, and 11 would just be another single digit number. If we had a base-8 system, it would instead be 9. It seems illogical to me to put any special significance into a number just because of its appearance. 11 isn't really special, it has no properties that are interesting that other numbers don't have.




    I was actually going to make the same point, Sheather. I think that the reason we tend to run with a base-10 system is that we have ten fingers and they were probably the first thing we used to count with. If humans had four finger on each hand we would be counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21 etc... with 11 having the same value as our normal 9.

    I reckon that our mathematics system based on integers is not wholly compatable with the mathematics of the universe. I believe that there is a counting system (non-linear) where the universal constants (pi, phi etc...) would be represented as integers. If we could find that counting system I think we'd be closer to cracking the ultimate theory of the universe.

  7. that chick is an amazing troll. people tend to think she is being serious. there's quite a few of those videos.


    Yeah, I have met some brainwashed Christians, but never anyone stupid enough to believe that the bible was written by god. Still thought it was a good laugh and fit in to my atheist/christian "debate" youtube wormhole last night.

  8. Why not coax a nearby star into supernova so that for a few months all you solar panels will super effective due to the extra solar energy entering our atmosphere?

    All you need to do is come up with a catchy slogan, work out how to trigger a supernova and then milk the promotion period for all its worth.

    Hell, I'd come to you for my solar panels with a stunt like that.

  9. It's just a survey about asparagus :unsure:


    True, but you couldn't know that without clicking on the link.

    Nothing tin foil hat about asking for more info before clicking on a link from a member with only ten posts that is explained as being a link to survey about asparagus (an unusual concept).

    No offence meant, Chrimoya. Just seemed weird. :blush:

  10. I haven't clicked the link because, I have to say, the whole thing comes across as just a little sus.

    Why would a kid in school in Peru be asked to survey 150 Australians? Are you in Peru or Melbourne? Your introductory post said you were in Melb but this one says Peru.

    I'm not adverse to helping out... but what on earth sort of project surveys people on the other side of the world about their asparagus consumption? :blink:

  11. Whoops, positised your post when trying to hit the multiquote button, Thunder.

    Anyway, thanks for listening guys.

    the drums are a little sparse. not that you are looking to rework these tracks but that's what they lack from my POV.


    Yeah, unfortunately no chance of making any changes to them. I agree... if I could go back there's lots of things I'd change and percussion is probably the main thing.

    hells bells may not be putting your best foot forwards so potential listeners might wanna start elsewhere. it's boring compared to some of the others.


    Fair call... at the time I wrote it I don't think I rated Hells Bells that highly, but it was actually one of the ones I most enjoyed listening to ten years after the fact.

    dude there's a bunch of other cool tracks here, 24 tracks.


    Yeah, the rest of the stuff is more recent. The ones prefaced with Rabalthazar 99 are the oldies.

    Giving them a listen to. Nice stuff man... sounds good for cassette too.

    What synths were you using?


    Thanks mate. There's a fair bit of hiss and tape flutter but I'm ok with that. The set up I had was Akai MPC2000 doing drums and samples, synths were a Yamaha AN1X, a Future Retro 777, a Waldorf Micro Q, a Roland 202 (although not sure that featured in any of the tracks on here), and a Roland JV Sound module.

    Ive just completed putting together a x0xb0x.


    Man the x0xb0x looks awesome. I haven't had a chance to hear one in the flesh but read a review a few months back and I did produce a little extra saliva at the time.

    Whatever you do, hang on to it. I sold my Future Retro at a time when I was desperate for cash and soon after it was announced that no more units would be made. I'll probably never see one again and it was possibly the most awesome synth I ever owned. Quite possibly my greatest regret in life. :BANGHEAD2:

    Thanks again, guys. Appreciate the comments.

  12. My day yesterday was ruled by Murphy's Law.

    Had to fly to Sydney for the day for work and these are the things that went wrong.

    - Flight to Sydney delayed by an hour.

    - Rental car booking lost and had to wait 25 minutes while they got a car ready for me.

    - Called and cancelled my first appointment

    - Drove to my second appointment in Parramatta planning to grab a bite to eat on the way, but there was a crash on the harbour bridge which made traffic terrible so didn't have time for lunch.

    - As I left that appointment, the GPS I got with the hire car ran out of batteries so I went to plug it in and realised the rental company had given me the wrong charger cable.

    - Fumbled around streets I didn't know using the maps function on my phone which quickly drained the phone battery.

    - Had to pick someone up from the city and take them via their hotel south of the city to the north of the city. The person was to perform at an event and we were supposed to be there at 5:30. Picked her up at 4:00pm and didn't get to the venue until 7:45 because of another crash near the airport that turned the city to gridlock

    - Due to the time delay didn't get a chance to shave so rocked up to the event supposed to look professional sporting a ten day growth

    - Accidentally left my sunglasses in Melbourne and it was bright as anything in Sydney

    - Pretty sure I got flashed by a camera in the afternoon

    - Finally got back to my hotel and went ot the bar for what I felt was a really well deserved beer and got told that the register had just been closed and I wouldn't be served.

    I know, not exactly comparable to famine and pestilence in a third world slum, but it was still a pretty annoying day. End random rant.

  13. got a thing for time travel aye H.G WellsianRab :P


    Indeed I do, mate. It all stems from the time when I was twelve and I spent half a day five years in the past. Kept seeing people I knew when they were younger. I recognised them because I could remember what they looked like then but none of them recognised me as they had never seen me looking like a twelve year old... only like a seven year old.

    It was weird, but I'm sure I somehow stepped through a vortex or something.