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    Through the Wormhole

    Just doing some net surfing today and came across this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brain_in_a_vat Good argument for not being too sure about anything.
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    Whipped Cream
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    Las Vegas
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    Diplopterys cabrerana (Chaliponga) dried leaves for sale.

    **this message has self-destructed**
  9. ^^^ Where's that quote from, Chiral?
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    No refund on phenylephrine

    This post was in my mind tonight when I went to the chemist to fill a script. THere was a sign at the counter stating that goods could be exchanged if (among other reasons) they are "not doing what they are supposed to". I posed the hypothetical situation of phenylephrine not working as it says it will on the pack and was met with: "Actually, we can't refund on any medication. The reason is we have no way of knowing whether the medicine has been stored correctly and that sort of thing. There's actually a federal law that says we can't." When I asked in which Act that law was included, the girl at the counter couldn't tell me. The pharmacist may have known, but I was on my way out and didn't go back to check. That could be the whole answer right there, if anyone can identify the piece of legislation referred to.
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    No refund on phenylephrine

    You just need to find the right chemist. I have about 5 chemists that I'll regularly visit, depending on the need. One chemist has a great range of natural remedies, another has cheap baby formula, one has a particular cough lolly that I like, one sells a brand of ear plug that fit my ear better than the regular ones and one chemist agrees that PE isn't as effective as pseudo. She'll suggest the good stuff if she can see I have a cold without me having to ask. I guess also getting to know the pharmacist on a personal level helps. I personally don't actually like the feeling I get off psuedo... it can give me weird OOBE type feelings and make it difficult for me to socialize, but it does the job when I have a runny nose. I always hold off on using any cold and flu tablets as long as I possibly can. One more point, to the OP (although the thread is pretty old now). I've worked a lot in retail and have had to become familiar with the Trade Practices Act. You are right that you are entitled to a refund for goods which are not fit for the purpose for which they are sold, but your situation doesn't actually fit in to that category. Phenylephrine is still a decongestant (albeit a not particularly effective one) which is the purpose for which the medication was sold to you. Had you asked for a decongestant and the chemist sold you a pack of ibuprofen, then the product would not be fit for the purpose for which it was sold. Your situation is more like buying a tin of instant coffee and taking it back to the supermarket because it doesn't give the same caffeine kick as an espresso. The instant coffee is (arguably) still coffee but doesn't suit my individual needs. There's no "fault" (at least not yet proven) as such in the product, it just doesn't suit you, which is classified as a change of mind. Unfortunately, you have no legal rights in getting an exchange for a change of mind, although some retailers will offer a limited change of mind exchange period. Having said that, had I been the chemist, I would have refunded your money to keep you happy and hopefully get your future business.
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    School photos

    Man, I was an ugly kid!
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    Teens Using Digital Drugs to Get High

    What a gyp! Youtube, you owe me yet another portion of my life back. 9 minutes 18 seconds, I'll add it to your tab, shall I? I reckon any effect these iHighs have is placebo. Might sound alright after a couple of spliffs. What's happening to the world? In the good old days, teenagers got drunk or high from car sickness tablets or just good old fashioned pot. Technology, bah!
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    Through the Wormhole

    He he he. and minus 1 for that last post. From Wiki Now, re-read that last post of yours and you'll find yourself plenty of examples of your dogmatic way of thinking.
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    2,700 yr old shaman found buried with stash

    Decent sized stash too.
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    Post a random picture thread

    Ha ha ha... that Jesus one is terrific!! Nice one YM.
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    Through the Wormhole

    Agreed. Gave you a plus 1 for it. I think what you're describing here is probably what a lot of us feel when we come towards belief. There are so many different possibilities for "the truth", perhaps as many possibilities as there are people on the planet. I imagine that like a fingerprint, our beliefs are individual to each of us. While many people have whorls on their fingerprints, there are enough tiny differences to make the fingerprint unique. Beliefs are cool. They give us motivation to live the best life we can. In the same respect, beliefs are just that... beliefs. Some people believe in a personified god, some people believe in a portion of the brain that simulates a god experience, some people believe in a higher power that stimulates that same spot in the brain. You don't need proof to believe. You only need to find the theory that feels right to you. I used to say that I didn't believe in anything, but I found that my life became clearer when I found belief. What's my belief? That I'll understand the universe when I die. I have no proof for that... I could just end up a rotting corpse in the ground with no consciousness. But... the idea sits well with me and gives me motivation in my life. Mutant, I hope you know I was having a dig with my last post calling you a theist. Well... sort of. Although not technically a theist, you do seem to be as sold on a the idea that god definitely does not exist as hard-core theists are sold on the idea that god does exist.
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    Through the Wormhole

    Ha ha, Mutant, I think you're the biggest theist of all of us. Your un-wavering faith lies in the god-spot, and it is the faith that blinds you. As you said in post #8 I totally agree with the last part of this comment. Very Tao. However, I feel that you've latched on to your answer of the "god-spot". To rebut the first part of that quote though, I'm quite content not knowing the answers to the right/wrong/just-is questions. Doesn't mean I shouldn't ask those questions. It's all brain food, and brain food is very tasty. (nice Hitchhiker's reference, by the way )
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    Remember when....

    I'll take the skinny one on the right!
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    Damn PMS

    Ha ha... Amazonian, I thought you were a fella all this time. Funny side effect of internet forums. My wife suffers, by her own admission and by my astute observations, pretty horrible PMS including cramps, skin outbreaks and most of all lashing out at her lovely husband. When I notice her getting pre-menstrual-narcy, my main method of dealing with it is giving her plenty of space, not initiating arguments and trying to let her rage slide off my back. Also, I make her a pot of Damiana tea. She says it helps (although I still walk on eggshells). Good luck... I can't imagine what it must be like to actually suffer from it.
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    Melbourne Meet - Celebrate spring!

    Works for me.
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    Melbourne Meet - Celebrate spring!

    Alright! Just got a new job that doesn't involve weekends, thank the gourd, so I'll be there for sure.
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    Baneful Botanicals

    How about creating a filterable spreadsheet so that one document would hold all the info? Might be a bit of a task, but it would be one hell of a resource. For instance, for each plant you could include a toxicity rating, whether it has been used traditionally, the active compounds, medicinal uses etc... The user of the document could then filter to get a list of all plants that, say, produce psychedelic effects or a list of plants that aid liver function or have been known to cause deaths. Now that would be really useful. I find your lists interesting and informative and, in reality, if you want to be really comprehensive, you'll need to make a hell of a lot of lists. A spreadsheet you could create and build further as you discover new plants. Just an idea.
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    From the Flames I am pure

    We sow the seeds, nature grows the seeds and then we eat the seeds.