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    Youtube vids

  2. Rabaelthazar

    Wanna look inside a Loph?

    Looks kinda like a fig.
  3. Rabaelthazar

    hearing sexual news about your friend

    Yeah, you've got to take it with a grain of salt. Could be true, might be exagerated. I had a good mate accused of raping his ex cos after they'd broken up, they got pissed together, went back to his house and he ended up giving her head on her request. No penetration, but cos she was so pissed she couldn't recall and went to the cops. All got sorted out in the end and she came clean and admitted that she in the worng, but that was a bad sitch. Thing is... it could be either way. You'll never really know. Don't write off your friend before getting his take on things.
  4. Rabaelthazar

    Things that make me feel good :) (not drug relAted)

    I'd really like ot see this thread keep going - infact, it'd be nice to even have it pinned, just cos it's such a happy vibe. So... just to keep the ball rolling, another thing that brings me happiness is sticking on a really great album, turning the volume up and grooving along to it while I do house work in my undies.
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    Things that make me feel good :) (not drug relAted)

    You did indeed... you mentioned some good fun sounding stuff in your post. No need to tone it down.
  6. Rabaelthazar

    Things that make me feel good :) (not drug relAted)

    What a bunch of hippies... no one has said "Getting drunk with me mates and going out looking for a bruising". What's with that?
  7. Rabaelthazar

    Things that make me feel good :) (not drug relAted)

    Awesome topic. My fave things are: Really tasty fresh fruit, especially figs, watermelon, pears, black grapes, white nectarines, raspberries. Being with my kids, playing, laughing, exploring the world. Playing music with other people... doesn't matter if they're good or not, just the tribal feeling of making sounds fit with sounds. Lying flat on the floor in silence and letting my mind relax to a point where I can drift anywhere I want to. The beginning of spring where you feel like the hibernation is over and you can explore the outside world again... those first days of sunshine and the feeling of arousal and the urge to mate. Being naked with someone you connect with on a sexual, emotional and intellectual basis. Indulging in the giving and receiving of pleasure. Learning/reading up on/exploring the unknown, ie: human origins, pre-history, conspiracy theories, space, quantum physics. Love. Friends, partners, family, strangers. Life has lots of amazing stuff.... I could go on, but that'll do for now. :) :)
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    Youtube vids

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    Happy birthday, guys. Rock on.
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    Amazonian's Show and Tell.

    Very nice, Amz. Seen couple of those, on here and in person but great to see more of the collection. The kaleidoscope was awesome!!!
  11. Rabaelthazar

    Youtube vids

  12. Hi guys, Just created a facebook page for my band. The more "likes" we have, the better the page will be as marketing tool when presenting to venues. Would really appreciate you having a look and clicking the button (if you actually do like) <edit - PM for link if interested> You can check the website for more info as well: <edit - PM for website if interested> I hereby promise to not inundate you with spam and you don't need to reveal you corroboree identity if you'd rather stay anonymous. Cheers.
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    Reptyle's nudity

    Unfortunately, I missed seeing your penis Reptyle. Please PM me a link (cos I like art).
  14. Rabaelthazar

    Coffee addiction

    I've always been a coffee drinker - and I like it super strong. Used to be a 6-8 cup a day person, now happily on one strong one in the morning and occasionally a second in the arvo. I have tried to quit a few times and have suffered almost unbearable headaches, dizziness and terrible mood. I cut down my intake about 5 years ago cos I felt that I wasn't functioning mentally as well as I should have been, especially later in the day after a number of cups. The way I was able to cut down was to draw myself coffee deadlines and bring them back to earlier in the day, gradually. Started by saying no coffee after dark - went with that for a while, then no coffee after 3:00PM, no coffee after midday etc.... Got to a stage where I'd have my morning coffee first thing at home and then another when I got to work. Eventually was able to lose the first thing coffee which is great because I now don't wake up hanging for it. Now several years into my one-a-day routine, I actually find that while the one makes me feel great (or normal at least), an afternoon coffee doesn't actually pick me up. If I start o sag in the arvo, I tend to go a Yerba-mate or some B-vitamins which seems to work better for me. Don't know if this would be appropriate for others, but it's got me to a stage where I'm comfortable with my addiction. Good luck.
  15. Rabaelthazar

    Melbourne Meet - Celebrate Summer

    Yep, really glad I made it along even though having a nearly 3-yo kid in tow made it a little hard to just sit and chill. Good to see some familiar faces and meet a couple of new people. Who was I talking about ayurvedic medicine with while sitting on the bench? I caught your real life name but didn't think to ask who you are on the forums. Thanks for sharing anyway... had a nice relaxing arvo. Drifta - thanks for the beers and the plant. Amz - thanks for teaching my kid how to feed the magpies. Ubza - chat soon about the audio thing and looking forward to hearing more about your home made speaker. Thanks to everyone for the food and the chats. Looking forward to the next one now.
  16. Rabaelthazar

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rabaelthazar

    Thanks all. See some of you at the meet tomorrow.
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    Youtube vids

  18. Rabaelthazar

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rabaelthazar

    Some shaman from a group of ancient peoples must have forseen my coming, because that's exactly what I look like. The bike thing is how I get around.
  19. Rabaelthazar

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rabaelthazar

    An ancient fresco I stumbled upon while bushwalking.
  20. Rabaelthazar

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rabaelthazar

    Thanks everyone. My posting has been pretty sparse lately, but still reading the forums every day. Had a tough couple of months, so looking forward to a smoother year starting from now. Clocking up close to a third of a century today, but will be having the real celbration in June for my 33 and 1/3. Thanks all. x x x
  21. This isn't the first time either, Gogo, that you've brought your issues to the public forum. Can't be bothered searching for the other thread, but you know the one I mean.
  22. Rabaelthazar

    Oh, The Places You'll Go

    All good things to love.... especially all the hippy chicks in small pants. Yum.
  23. Rabaelthazar

    Youtube vids

    ^^ Love the balloon to the face.
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    Melbourne Meet - Celebrate Summer

    So is there a date set yet? <edit> remember to refresh a page that's been sitting open on your computer for four hours before hitting reply.
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    Blatant Plug

    Thanks guys.