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  1. kinato

    Cactus ID

    Hey guys, I just bought these guys from a garage sale, and was wondering if anyone can give a positive ID. Cheers
  2. kinato

    Xmas Giveaway

    I hope it's not too late! I would love a loph for xmas :D
  3. kinato

    Glaucium Giveaway

    I would love some Mr. Cooper.
  4. kinato

    Bit of a giveaway

    I would really appreciate some Argyreia Nervosa seeds. PM'ed!
  5. kinato

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks a lot kindness, now all I need to do is order some Chinese takeout. XD
  6. kinato

    What am I doing wrong?

    I am about to start a cactus grow, and I don't have a heat mat. Should I wait until summer, or is there another substitute?
  7. kinato

    Seeking Lophophora williamsii -

    I am in much the same boat as ButterBricks, I would love some free seeds, or if need be, money can change hands.
  8. kinato

    ALL Gone

    If you still have some available, I would very much like one. Thanks.
  9. kinato

    pach x bridge seeds

    A PM has been sent. :D
  10. kinato

    Germinated seeds?

    Thanks alot, it might be a bit too cold, but I hope they germinate. :D
  11. kinato

    Germinated seeds?

    They are fresh seeds I would imagine, and I have cut a bottle and put it on the seeds in the soil, to create a miniature greenhouse.
  12. kinato

    Germinated seeds?

    Hey guys, I planted some Lophophora williamsii seeds about 3 days ago, and I was wondering how long until I can see some evidence that they have germinated or they didn't take, thanks.
  13. kinato

    FREE Lophophora seed 2008!!!

    If it is not too late, I would absolutely love some seeds. If you still have them, would you please send a pm, and I hope we can get things sorted from there.