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  1. A disagreement or amendment of the treaty will lead to world war 3.
  2. Well the curriculum for the year 11 course contained mainly revolutions and the two world wars. The american revolution against britain fueled mainly by monetary concerns to get a certain minority a lot of money. The russian first and second revolution against the tsar and then the interim government. The tsar unfortunately were too socially disconnected from the people, they formed a protest asking for food, they loved the little father of russia but they were hungry. the rich rulers were confused and scared and put the military to task to deal and disperse the threat. The people never quite forgot about that and eventually revolted, then revolted again. Communism started off somewhat ok but didn't work so they changed it and made people get a bit richer if they worked 'harder'. Then they made it even better for the 'harder workers'. Also most of the government had it a fair bit better than the common folk. One thing I thought was funny was that the Australian wide exam on the subject featured a critical reading part about the jfk assassination. The only correct conclusion from the fact they gave us was that the magic bullet theory was full of shit. edit: so the critical thinking thing came from given propaganda from the american revolution where a lot still couldn't read properly so they were mainly using images in pamplets or on pub walls to communicate. So they had to use clever imagery in order to tell their story that britain was full of shit cunts and they'd be better off on their own. We'd disseminate those pictures to find out what they mean. People being fat indicating power or on horses, if you're higher you're of higher stature. or given a few sources and being able to determine how useful they are and asked questions based on the information you're given.
  3. I think this news article is kind of fitting. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/schools/teaching-primary-school-children-philosophy-improves-english-and-maths-skills-says-study-10378958.html edit: One thing i've noticed. When I was in high school I learnt 'Modern History'. Our teacher taught us about critical thinking, primary and secondary evidence and bias. This sort of thing should be mandatory. Many people do not know how to separate bias information or weigh out whether a source is accurate.
  4. Distracted

    waht would be the best time to start grafting?

    I've always grafted at the end of the growing season, however that gives you the least amount of time for new growth. I think anytime it's hot enough for the stock to be actively growing is when you should graft I wouldn't try grafting now however as i've always said, prove me wrong! Do some winter grafts.
  5. Distracted

    Are humans animals?

    We are animals but it causes us a great deal of dissonance to think of ourselves as such, probably due to the conditions we treat animals. Most people will do all that they can to separate themselves from being perceived as an animal. Shaving hair off, covering yourself in scents to hide your own, wearing fancy 'skins', etc. Civilization was the point that we chose to be distinct from animals. It can be really comforting to be condescending. Most of life is about trying to make ourselves more or less comfortable. This is an awesome topic that is so wide ranging and so complex but so amazingly in your face. We are swimming in elephants. edit: the point you bring up about nature is also poignant. If a lion hunts a gazelle that it nature and it is natural. If a man stabs another man to steal his phone that is nature and it is natural. In the end it all boils down to definitions, the ability to make creation more complex.
  6. Words are cheap, I find urination always gets straight to the point.
  7. Distracted

    Terence McKenna quote search

    Sounds more like Timothy Leary to me. Sorry I can't help you any further.
  8. Distracted

    Black tops

    They could be subs but they look gross. I'm not confident enough to give a positive ID unless I saw them in person.
  9. Looks like Omphalotus nidiformis to me. Do the gills emit a very faint light under very low lighting conditions? edit: from wikipedia "Similar in appearance to the common edible oyster mushroom, it was previously considered a member of the same genus, Pleurotus, and described under the former names Pleurotus nidiformis or Pleurotus lampas. Unlike oyster mushrooms, O. nidiformis is poisonous; while not lethal, its consumption leads to severe cramps and vomiting." The main thing that makes me think that is the blackening on top of the cap. I'm not sure about IDing oysters, but i've seen tonnes of Omphalotus'.
  10. Distracted

    grafted jourdaniana

    I am probably keen to buy with cash.
  11. Distracted

    Post a random picture thread

    A house was bulldozed near me, managed to get a few shots halfway through.
  12. Distracted

    Psilocybe Picking areas/suburbs/parks in Melbourne?

    Someone PM him some info, please don't post it publicly.
  13. I got the link from yeti at the top of the page http://www.deepdreamr.com/ it takes about 15 hours for the image to work
  14. Distracted

    Pressure Cookers

    22L should be fine for your purposes, I have some chinese one, can't remember off the top of my head. I think whatever brand you buy if you buy it new it should be fine, if not it would be a major fuck up, 15 psi is scary when it gets up to that point! Put a bit of white vinegar in the water when doing a cook to avoid the jars getting a white deposit on them.
  15. Pretty cool site.
  16. These zoomy videos are pretty real. About as real as it gets.
  17. I stole this picture.
  18. Distracted

    Youtube vids

  19. Distracted

    What's happening to this loph?

    They all look a bit etoliated.
  20. I think the world would be better off without sagittarius people. Their brainwaves have been affected by the bodies and they inflict a negative influence on our society. I think we should gather them up in camps and begin a systemic execution of all those inflicted.
  21. Distracted

    meme loves

  22. What are gold tops and meanies?
  23. Distracted

    Nascent Iodine

    I think the makers of that product are much more interested in making money than making people healthy. Just something to keep in mind. I love how indepth they get with their side affects.
  24. Distracted

    Post a random picture thread

    Just bought a new macro lens. I like it.