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  1. i believe this is something special you got here.

    it's not only a good graft, but it's pupping at the base like mad, and i think, this is special for a pedro.

    i raise my hand to say, can i have a clone of this specimen, once it's possible already. :wub:

  2. how much light does it get?

    i often though, super somebody got the long form, but till now, it was always elongation caused by minor etiolation.

    even indoors at a bright window, they will stretch....

    anyway, the older part of the tbm gives you the answer!

  3. i am an art critic, and so far 3 people commited suizide, because of my negative revues, but your egg here is nothing short of brilliant!

    nice color sence, good proportions, well executed, nice idea.

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  4. thank you!

    believe it or not, i pretty much never consume this stuff, i just love this plant, since i saw first the narrowleaved catha @ the rbgsyd, back in 1985.

  5. you know, if lophs starve for light, it's bad, but if you, use a lot of heat at the same time, it even makes it worse.

    an issue like yours, can never wait, one has to take action right away, otherwise the problem worsens, and often that means, you will not be able to fix it later.