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  1. planthelper

    Prune Khat

    me thinks it's not a red x nl cross, as that one is still very rare, here some pics, featuring a red nl! red broad leaved compared to red narrow leaved. I grew hundreds of seedlings, and selected only two plants, this is one of them, a red nl. as people said the color changes depending on the season and the amount of rain the plant received. this means that even the normal, and quite common narrow leaved Catha can get a some nuances of "reddish". this happens if they experience stress and drought. paradoxicly, the veins and whole (young!!) leaves, do get more reddish if, extremely happy (when the plant experiences ideal conditions). the stress related "reddish", is easy to distinguish from the ideal condition "reddish" as it's a vibrant colour and glossy, and the plant looks lush. the stress related "reddish", has no gloss, and the whole plant looks a bit wilted...
  2. planthelper

    Aboriginal Shamanism

    two schools of thought, I heard about, one say's they did not use dmt for example, the other say's it's secret mens business, and that's why we don't know. I believe they knew about, the halucigenic powers of some acacias. maybe they knew, but had no use for it. even if aboriginal art looks sometimes psychedelic, it's common understanding, it has nothing to do with halus. aboriginal people, never produced alcohol either.... we can be proud to share this country, with the natives, they are awesome people, with beautyfull spirits and souls!
  3. planthelper

    Pest ID

    faszinating, no idea what it is than, but it sounds to me as it could be something else, and not a pest. let's hope in given time, some of the other bechette growers can tell us more. at least she is still growing strong, this further might suggest it's not a pest.
  4. planthelper

    Mandrake cultivation discussion

    beautyfull pictures, mutant! good to know, about your discovery, how escaped roots can be used for probagation.
  5. planthelper

    Pest ID

    unfortunately, the pics are shaky and out of focus, which doesn't help your cause. ok, I don't know what it is, but it could be the result of pest animals, damaging the tissue, and than the white fluff appears as a result. I have seen white spots similar like yours, when taking cuttings in a glass of water, and in this case, it's callus forming. none of the pics shows the white dots, you mentioned, located at the underneath of the leaves, so we can't say anything about it. the 2nd pic shows though an other pest problem, spider mite, to be precise (the small spider web sort of thingy). maybe the white dots are as well brought on, by high humidity and temperature, similar like when callus forms during probagation of cuttings, only thing is that your whole plant thinks it's a cutting. anyway, we don't know how the plant is kept so, we can't say...
  6. planthelper

    Catch and maintain beneficial insects

    I support halcy, if you have a nice garden, than the same, will attract benefical insects as well, as the bad ones. sometimes one can observe, some premantis or stick insects hatching in the garden, by the dozens, and one can than, distribute them to all the plants which suffer from pest animals. often indoor plants suffer the most from sucking pest animals, and placing one or two lady bugs, to those plants will make, very soon a big difference. I would even count lizards as benefical, because they eat gnats....
  7. otusifolia can get much older than 20 years, but it is a pioneer tree, and they never live for very long. ginko and adansonia, would be nice trees which can get 1000 years old, in mel only ginko would do it of those two. the yew, is another incredible tree, which get's very old, as you said. the yew was once, a very important tree, and almost felled to extinction, because it's wood, was the only source for, making an English long bow. the pope did forbid, the trading of yew wood, to the muslim infidels. lucky the, Christians did not cut down every single yew tree, because only around 50years ago, the first cancer medications were manufactured out of exactly the same tree. for hundreds of years the yew wood, killed people, and than suddenly, it prevented death, ethnobotany is an incredible sience!!!
  8. planthelper

    The littlest Lophophora- L. alberto-vojtechii

    yes, as well the grafts are slow to gain size, if they are dwarfs.
  9. planthelper

    catha seedlings leaves curling up

    I think, there is nothing wrong with those cathas, they look actually very good! the leaves are curled a bit because, you managed to grow them super fast. nice specimens!!
  10. planthelper

    The littlest Lophophora- L. alberto-vojtechii

    no, they came from another member! if yours as well, put on size quite fast, than they are probably not albertos... I observed, over the years quite a few, miniature lophs (but not albertos) growing up, and the general rule is that dwarfs, are very slow in gaining size.
  11. planthelper

    The littlest Lophophora- L. alberto-vojtechii

    I was given a few alberto - v seeds (here at the forum), and ended up with 3 specimens, but only one of them shows dwarfism, the other two are already bigger (35mm after a short while), than most of my other loph grafts! I conclude those seeds going around were not true albertos...
  12. planthelper

    Plant suggestions ...

    zantedeschia !
  13. planthelper


    two shapes, both have equal length, infinite pattern, wood work.
  14. i had the idea to start a high end serial trading thread, but maybe it will not work, if people dishoner there trade commitments. the idea would be, to create a space where we could trade plants, cacti and fungi specimens with a value of around 50aus or so. like this i hope that plants like iboga and kava, to name only few, could be making the rounds more frequently. anyway, do you think i ought to give it a go?
  15. planthelper

    Looking for Damiana seed

    this plant is almost impossible to keep alive, all mine died over winter, other people reported the same, not worth the effort...
  16. planthelper

    Australia post

    sorting letters is done by machines which involve rollers, and they can squash your seeds, there is no intention by aus post to cause damage... don't blame aus post for damage, because as a fact you did not use bubble wrap. tip: to keep a letter thin, (bubble wrap makes the letter more expensive) pad the seeds into, the WHITE THIN STUFF, computers and other gadgets get wrapped in. to source it, go to your next retravision store, or similar.
  17. planthelper

    Khat (aka Miraa) in Kenya

    as I said before, it's time to ban coffee and beer, in north America and the uk, and Kenya should fund, hops erratication programs.
  18. planthelper

    sore mouth since months

    I'm worried about a medical condition. I'm not 100% sure, how it started, but I believe it started after French kissing a woman (nothing else happened). a sore throat or mouth normaly heals very fast, but this condition, although it got better over months still bothers and formost scares me, for obvious reasons. the soreness strted in the throat, than went to the jaw, there were a wisdom tooth was removed 20 years ago( some white lisions were visible, I do bite myself ther at times) and now it hurts a bit at the roof of my mouth. inspecting the roof of the mouth, on can see a small intentation. a few months ago, the doc took a swap, and it came back as clean. at some stage, and I don't know if this is related to the sore mouth, I got very sick, and blood tests showed, that I was very low in white blood cells. this was a sign of a serious (bacterial? viral?) infection. other blood results were as well all over the place, including liver. I have since been tested again, and the results were back into the normal range. my phobia is that it could be a super bug (streptococcus mutans for example) and that it could turn into something nasty over time. I gargled with 2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil in 200ml of water, and this is said to kill most bugs, but I wonder for how long one would need to do this treatment. I'm looking as well for physalis angulate herb, as it's said to kill strep mutans on contact. the gp's could not help me further, and the nose throat specialist, is booked out till may and very expensive, and might not be helpful as well, got any ideas, what it could be, and how to treat it??
  19. planthelper

    sore mouth since months

    #12, I had this condition when I was a child, and than with 14 years of age, my tonsils got removed. even without tonsils, there could be maybe some sort of tonsillitis going on me reckons. #14, I can't wait to follow up you suggestion. and thx for all the other ideas, specialy the importance of not going too hard core for extended periodes of time, as this will lower ones immune response. thank god it's not very painfull, you would not believe what the gp's said to this, one said re flux causes it, the other said, I did hurt myself brushing my teeth. but it's not my throat anymore which hurts (sore throat can be caused by reflux) and I have no reflux. and as said, if you hurt youreslve brushing it will heal within 5 day's. I have though a mucus problem, and there where it hurts now, at the roof of the mouth, is where a lot of saliva is produced.
  20. planthelper

    sore mouth since months

    when it started, I was living without smoke or drink, already for a few months, so it can't be that. thx for all your input, I will keep on gargling with tea tree and will rinse with salt water.
  21. planthelper

    sore mouth since months

    that's what I normaly do, and it goes away within day's. the inside of the mouth is made out of cells which heal very quick, much faster than other cells, for obvious reasons, because we need to eat.
  22. planthelper

    Are P. Carthagenensis Berries Worth Keeping?

    there are different schools of though, regarding seeding psychotria... some people swear, one has to leave the skin on the berries, others say to remove it..., I remove the coat... maybe the sphagnum moss method would suit you best. place moist (but not drenching wet) sphagnum moss into a plastic bag of appropriate size, than add the seeds, and seal well. place indoors, and wait, once the seeds have awoken, plant them out into small individual pots.
  23. planthelper

    Should Loph Pollen Be Saved?

    moved to the cacti forum! if you have only a few lophs than, saving the pollen, for the next flowering cacti, is a good idea. it seems to me that, the more different sources of pollen you apply to the stigma the more seeds you will get. selfed lophs only get 3 or 4 seeds per fruit, but multiple pollination might yield 15 or 20 seeds per fruit!