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  1. Pablo

    sorted. thanks guys n gals.

    I'll take 2x 25
  2. Pablo

    Danish tourist's death linked to poppy 'tea'

    That'll teach him! :-( I'm assuming the only reason they're growing thebaine poppies is to discourage people from trying to get high on them. Good work
  3. Pablo


    My experience with modafinil is somewhat similar to what Halif experienced, agitation, negative introspective thoughts and anxiety as well as nausea. Used it to try and stay awake on nightshift and didn't even help much, still felt just as tired but unable to sleep. In my experience caffeine works better and has less side effects and that's saying something, anything more than a low dose of caffeine makes me feel horrible. I think modafinil is way overhyped and no improvement over caffeine.
  4. Nice set mate, I didn't get to hear you play at Psykovski. Can't wait to hear you play your more intense night gear in july, your sets and tunes always take me on a journey and have an authentic vibe to them. Keep it up!
  5. Pablo

    Free Mushroom Kits-

    got any photos? i'm keen to see what an outdoor bed should look like.
  6. Pablo

    can't sleep

    I stick the air conditioning on timer for an hour and rug up with blankets. White noise and drop in temperature does it every time.
  7. Such an informative post, has cleared up some questions I had about spawning and bulk substrate. I just one thing I don't understand is the casing step. What purpose does this serve?
  8. Pablo

    Introduction / Spore print request.

    How did you go delshanon? I'm in the same boat, not sure where to look or who to ask...
  9. Pablo

    Free Mushroom Kits-

    Would love a bag of the king oyster if there are any spare?
  10. Pablo

    Dance scene in Newcastle area?

    cool, i'll send him a PM been quiet busy with work and other hobbies/pastimes so haven't had much of a chance to get on the net (also forgot my password). just starting to balance everything out.
  11. Looking to get back into the dance/rave scene. Is there anything worth checking out in Newcastle? Also, I'm back for good on the forums/internet so anyone i used to know feel free to get in touch with me. (email or pm)
  12. I suggested to Torsten that I do a bit of experimenting, specifically regarding how long one has to be off benzo's before these products will work. After 24 hours of no Xanax use (I WAS FEELING ANXIOUS! ), I tried the products and to my suprise DID get an effect. Quiet mild but definetly active. 48 hours without Xanax, maybe a little stronger. 1 WEEK! Same effects as after 48 hours. A very big upside... I'm no longer addicted to benzo's Also tried mixing with green, dxm, and alcohol on seperate occasions. Alcohol was the only one that had a significant impact. After a few drinks the effects were imediate and much more pronounced. So in my experience the effects were mild while sober, but mixed with alcohol was much better/stronger.
  13. I am one of the 'benzo users' Torsten is refering too. Sounds like this explains why I didn't get any effects.
  14. tried smoking it just about everyway possible with no noticable effects. first tried the recommended 'dry-bong' method (as well as small pipe, joints, buckets, and vapourising off foil). tried smoking it on top of some damiana as well as using a gauze. had many cones, cone after cone after cone. i dont think there is any problem with my method of administration. the theory that both me and my partner are 'immune' to these two herb extracts seems unlikely. :confused:
  15. i want to change my email addy in my profile to [email protected] but it keeps coming up with an error message: The date you provided does not seem to be valid. It may be a date in the future or a date that does not exist. Please ensure that you have filled out the form correctly. » Please use your browser's back button to return. I've tried using the feature on the page to adjust the time but still wont work