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  1. https://mindmedicineaustralia.org.au/wp-content/uploads/Mind_Medicine_Australia_The_Conversation_Crititque_26012021.pdf FYI MMA did not cut their funding to PRISM, PRISM chose to part ways because their values did not align with the approach of MMA I was also planning to post some juicy Twitter exchanges but the MMA clean up crew are saving Tania's ass by deleting her impulsive replies. I'm sure there'll be more, stay tuned...
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    The Tania de Jong Unappreciation Thread

    Damn that is way more expensive than Garden States I'm sure the content won't be anywhere near as good either.
  3. Nice work obtuse and EGA team! Friend of EGA, fungi educator, and psychedelic mushroom expert Caine Barlow has been generous enough to help us develop this unique resource reviewing the current literature and community knowledge around P. subaeruginosa. The reference guide includes species and habitat descriptions, history, pharmacology, poisonous lookalikes and other safety and legal issues. Caine has also helped us include a fantastic list of related resources, making it easy for the mycologically minded to get up to speed on the current research, and for Australian fungi foragers to choose the guidebook most suited to their needs. The guide is very visual and includes images by EGA community including Tannar Coolhaas, Beau Meister, Konan Farrelly-Horsfall, and EGA's Jonathan Carmichael. Caine is also responsible for this fantastic presentation that gives a much broader overview of Australian Psilocybe species and their lookalikes. If you find this resource helpful, please support EGA so we can make more! You can download the PDF via this webpage.
  4. I recommend using the forum search engine and messaging people privately, this is a bit of a sketchy topic. Search terms like 'speciosa' are likely more handy than the K word. For this reason you might also have more luck if you edit that word out of the thread title and your post. If you don't find anyone it does seem like HH often stocks it under the counter, but you might need to find someone on good terms with the vendor to ask. I've heard their Sydney store only sells small quantities for people looking for OST, but I've also seen them selling huge bags of the stuff at a festival in QLD quite recently. Worth keeping in mind that as well as being illegal this plant still works on the opioid receptors, and withdrawal, dependence and tolerance are still real risks for everyday consumers. Could be a shitty situation if you ran out of supply, but if someone is on opioids anyway I can definitely see the appeal.
  5. I'm counting down already :D Roll call! Who else is gonna be there in person, or on the stream?
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    pseudolithos graft.jpg

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    pseudolithos graft.jpg

    Yep, the stock is S. gigantea. Are you suggesting H. gordonii as stock or scion? Have not worked with that plant before. I had two goes at grafting lots of P. cubiformis seedlings, both lots got dehydrated, even though both the stock and scion were quite juicy. I also went to a bit of effort to up the humidity on the second round but still no luck seeds were bloody expensive too, only got one seedling left and too afraid to graft.
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    Thanks guys, I'll have to show this post to the friends who made the cake for me. I'm sure they will be particularly happy to see your ID list WC, cheers :D
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    thai loph.jpg

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    thai loph.jpg

    They're a fricii hybrid by Samyod Chobmark. They're either takenaka starfish, rose or ooibo. I'd know for sure if I wasn't stupid enough to label with shitty permanent marker...
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    pseudolithos graft.jpg

    These failed actually
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    M.speciosa leaf cutting

    Some relevant discussion around mitragynine and other opioid receptor agonists here
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    New Shulgins Book + Online Symposium

    The Nature of Drugs: History, Pharmacology, and Social Impact, Volume I By Alexander Shulgin and Ann Shulgin Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978-0-9995472-1-2 The Nature of Drugs: History, Pharmacology, and Social Impact, Volume I was transcribed from the original lectures recorded on cassette tapes by Ann Shulgin at SFSU in 1987. This class was taught as an introductory course on drugs and biochemistry, and this transcription is a unique document being both a historical record of Sasha’s teaching style and the culmination in many ways of his philosophy on drugs, psychopharmacology, states of consciousness, and societal and individual freedoms pertaining to their use, both medicinal and exploratory. The Nature of Drugs is the story of humanity’s relationship with psychoactive substances from the perspective of a master psychopharmacologist and will enthrall anyone intrigued by this subject. The full course of The Nature of Drugs will be published in either two or three volumes. Volume I presents Shulgin’s view on the origin of drugs, the history of U.S. drug law enforcement, human anatomy, the nervous system, the range of drug administrations, varieties of drug actions, memory and states of consciousness, and research methods. The discussions in Volume I lay the groundwork for Sasha’s philosophy on psychopharmacology and society, what defines a drug, the nature of a person’s relationship with a given compound, and for extensive examinations of dozens of compounds in Volume II. Order here
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    New Shulgins Book + Online Symposium

    Whoops, sorry about that. Link should be working now.
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    New Shulgins Book + Online Symposium

    City Lights Booksellers & Publishers join Synergetic Press and Transform Press for a FREE two day virtual symposium on June 26 and 27 celebrating the pioneering legacy of Sasha and Ann Shulgin for the first Shulgin book since 2011. Pretty impressive line up with panelists/moderators including Nichols, Hamilton, Fire & Earth, KT, Ann, McKenna, Rick, Daley, etc. etc. Two of the events are at 5am AEST but the rest are at 8/11pm. Register here
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    Youtube vids

    I do not recommend bitchute as an accurate source of information.
  19. Hey Caster, it certainly was recorded! The content will be publicly available online in three weeks. Donors have access until then. If you're keen for early access and are interested in donating, I suggest emailing [email protected] If you're happy to wait I'm sure there will be a link posted here on SAB as soon it is available
  20. So impressed by the line up for this one, an Aussie psilocybin mushroom dream team!
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    Sydney siders any hunting tips?

    Never had much luck in western Sydney, go up the mountain
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    The Tania de Jong Unappreciation Thread

    Uh oh spaghettio. Emyria partners with Mind Medicine Australia to develop national care program and data registry for psychedelic-assisted therapies https://www.medianet.com.au/releases/194205/
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    Meet up: Ipswich

    Looks like EFF is on, so I don't think I'll make it
  24. If you wanted to see the San Pedro video, it is now public