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    I believe herbalistics (search google) currently have some for sale
  2. Good article. Not terribly deep, but aside from saying a native graess is a source of LSD it seems factually accurate. It sheds light on a subculture that many people probably don't know much about or have misconceptions. That he is a family man who hardly trips any more is helpful. The shelves of whipits comes across a bit dodge tho. I don't see the problem with this being circulated in social media etc. it may open the minds of some readers, and there is nothing in there that the authorities don't know.
  3. My first reaction is what others have said here, which is essentially not to let the many supposed geopolitical crises announced through the media dictate your state of happiness, but rather focus on creating a happy existence in your immediate environment. But maybe your right - shit is getting pretty crazy right now. But don't let the media and politicians fool you - degradation of the biosphere via rampant industrialisation is by far a greater threat to our existence than the events unfolding in Iraq and Syria. Did you know that half the worlds species have been lost in the past 40years: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/sep/29/earth-lost-50-wildlife-in-40-years-wwf This marks the present moment as being right in the middle of one of the biggest die offs of organisms this planet has ever seen. I believe we are now at the point of no return. One by one, we are burning our bridges to the past - we cannot go back to being happy hunter gathers in balance with nature. Not now that Gaia has tasted the power of technology to transcend biological existence and propel life into both a symbiosis with computational machines and into outer space to new worlds to inhabit. It isn't by chance that present moment is characterised by both chaos and amazing technological revolutions - the sense of impending doom is driving life on this planet to achieve a more sophisticated level of existence.
  4. ∂an

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    I'm thinking of checking out sounds psilly toast. If anyone wants a lift from newcastle area lemme know
  5. Yeah it's incredible out there... Especially to consider the aeons of time that volcanic rim has been witness to. This shot was taken from the very tip the same day. A hawk, a bee and a butterfly (can you spot it?) kept me company Edit: Have rotated the photo, but how why is it smaller than everyone elses images?
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    Cabin Porn

    Jacky Barkers' Hut, Nowendoc National Park
  7. ∂an

    New Scientist interview with 'Dr Z'

    Yeah I saw the article in a hard copy:
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    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Hell yeah some quality psy there! Thanks for the link. I'm definitely keen, but a day meet might be good too?
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    Post your track of the day

  10. ∂an

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    When is the uni break? Would be ace to meet you lot!
  11. ∂an

    Spring cactus clean out

    Sweet I'd love an Eileen please, will pm
  12. ∂an

    Spring cactus clean out

    Nice, do you have any bridgesii tip cuttings?
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    Youtube vids

  14. I would just like to share some dreams that are on the tip of my neural tongue, so to speak. My housemate and I were in a control room of a futuristic, mechanised, computer assembly factory, a la kamino in the clone wars. There was a dull orange glow in the room, and we were attempting to fix the on board computer of our "space ship", which looked suspiciously like our ute. She was controlling a mechanical arm that removed a big glossy yellow resistor, and then reconnected it to the power supply. At one point I realised she had failed to disconnect the battery while doing this, as I could see and led flickering and the cooling fan humming. I was nervous she had wrecked our spaceship, but lo and behold it started! And then I woke up, feeling amazing; rejuvenated, like it was my brain that was actually getting worked on. It felt very similar to a dmt trip I had once after not sleeping for a few days where female beings emerged from the sun and untangled knots in cables in my head. The dream space is a great source of healing and inspiration!
  15. ∂an

    Don't Take the Mark

    Riding a bike seems like a good alternative here. Free, healthy, environmentally friendly and almost untraceable... For now.
  16. For me it's the meaning or feeling imparted, rather than the degree of lucidity, that makes dreaming such a valuable experience. My most profound dream states seem to occur when I feel totally immersed in the dream persona, and not aware of my usual reality. Here i often re visit spectacular places, such as a cathedral embedded in a rocky cliff surrounded by an emerald forest with surrealist art hanging on the walls, the hill behind the house that i grew up in as a child, and a certain valley with eroded red stone. the peak of these dreams Is often accompanied by tryptamine like hallucinations, especially moving patterns on natural surfaces such as a rock wall or sodden earth. I am not sure to what extent I am lucid in these dreams, but it feels very distant from my waking self. The awareness that I am dreaming seems to often be accompanied by the fall back to waking consciousness.
  17. ∂an

    amanita muscaria find + questions

    the active ingredient in kykeon was probably lsa's from claviceps paspali, which was spread from wild grasses to cultivated barley (http://www.psychedelic-library.org/paspali.htm). If morning glories and are anything to go off, lsa's can certainly deliver the psychedelic experience. but until someone makes such a drink and successfully gets loaded off it, it's open to conjecture. As for soma, which has been suggested to be amanita muscaria, a combination of Syrian rue and a tryptamine is more likely IMO.
  18. ∂an

    amanita muscaria find + questions

    Yeah hawaiian baby woodrose can pack a punch. Especially after fasting. I have been reading about the ellusyseeeleusinian mysteries where participants underwent a 6 month preparation and a 9 day fast prior to imbibing the kykeon. The power of any entheogen, even ones of questionable activity by LSD standards, must be magnified many times under such circumstances. Amanitas and morning glories have a few things in common, incidently. They both exhibit high batch variability, can make you sick if not prepared correctly and allow sleep more readily than other psychedelics.
  19. I would like to take cuttings from this peruvianus and propagate them in their own pots. I was thinking of cutting the two smaller arms (upper right of the picture) as close as possible to the main 'trunk'. They are about 15cm long. Does this sound like a good idea? Is this a good time of year to make cuttings? Any tips appreciated! Cheers!
  20. ∂an

    amanita muscaria find + questions

    IME amanita is more of an ordeal medicine than a true entheogen; it tastes foul and inevitably makes you sick if you take enough to get a substantial effect. But it still has its uses - I used it in combination with Syrian rue to induce sleep during a period of insomnia a few years ago. By the way, next time you have some HBWR seeds, try just chewing on them for 5 minutes then spitting out the mush ie buccal absorption. Amanita has a much stronger taste than that I think.
  21. ∂an

    Acacia Obtusifolia flowering in August

    The flowering time (and leaf shape?) seem more in line with longifolia or maidenii.
  22. ∂an

    Ready to take cuttings?

    Thanks mate, that sounds like good advice especially regarding curing them before planting again. It's almost spring here now, so I will make the cuttings soon. I might take all three arms off and hope that base makes more pups.