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    Not long now till se QLD Cube season!!!

    as Kog says, take up bushwalking as a hobby. I reckon that massive storm you guys had recently is a good omen for some mega cube action this summer.
  2. ∂an

    cockatoo eating acacia

    cockatoos are one of my favourite birds, they have so much personality and seem very intelligent. I love it how they walk around bobbing their head and flicking their crest back and forth, making curious squawks. It's sad that many people don't like them as they are perceived as an enemy of crop farmers etc, even by people who have nothing to do with farming!
  3. ∂an

    the light within

    Great response Micromegas! Absolutely, this focusing of energy is perhaps what lays at the heart of my concern. Reading descriptions of some of the Aztec and Maya coronation ceremonies really drives home the extent to which the desires within humankind were allowed to be unfurled in reality: It is as if these cultures realised they stood on the boundary between the archaic and modern worlds, and sent through time a last chilling reminder of our primal roots through horrifying displays of irreverence for individual that life. At the same time, even these mass sacrifices pale in comparison to the slaughter of millions of people in modern warfare - one could even argue that at least the Maya and Aztecs were conscious of the significance of their acts (i.e. by performing the sacrifices in a ritualised manner, offering hearts up to god etc), whereas in modern warfare the lives of thousands are terminated by the simple act of pressing a button and watching a computer screen. What is the more malevolent deed? Yes I think my comments were a bit short sighted. Our contemporary, sheltered, artificial lives are but a mere abstraction from those lived in the bossom of mother earth by people of even just a few hundred years ago. That is a very good point. Isn't it interesting that two cultures that held entheogenic plants at the center of the spiritual practices, the Maya and the tribes of the Amazon, had such different fates? One was in the process of destroying itself through over use of natural resources and warfare before being finished off by Cortez et al, while the other remains to active to this day, albeit in greatly reduced numbers. This begs the question, what was it about the Mayan psyche that led them down that path, and what can we learn from that? edit: and to what extent have the spaces made available by mushrooms and ayahausca been coloured by these contrasting patterns of usage?
  4. ∂an

    the light within

    yes I agree ritual can at times hold one back from a full unfolding of novel experiences, but it can also provide a secure platform to dive deeper into these spaces than is possible without. I remember when I was a kid there was (what our 6 year old minds perceived as) wild unexplored bush thick with trees and unidentified creatures. we were too afraid to venture in until one day one of us had the idea to bring a ball of string along, so we could retrace our steps. needless to say, we quickly learned to navigate without the string.
  5. ∂an

    u dance & u get a cosmic power ball

    not sure if its exactly what your talkin about, but sometimes when in a slight trance state when dancing I can visualise and feel a concentrated point of energy - I tend to try and compress it further and further with my mind until it explodes, giving way to a rapid feeling of vertical ascension. I came across a lot of people talkin about these energy balls and 'goa' (i.e. psytrance) parties here in europe, mainly in a negative light - i.e. I would hear, "do not go around the fire pit at night dude there are all these guys making energy balls it is a really bad vibe". what is the origin of this energy ball concept? is it from this autogen or reiki you mention? or a meme inserted into our adelled psyche from power rangers or some shit?
  6. if you have space, get them into the ground when about one foot tall. they will grow very fast and big then.
  7. mmm miso soup... perfect accompaniment to a thunderstorm. tasty thoughts. revelatory messages in the form of books, scrolls, plaques and text in general seem strangely common in unintentional psychedelic journeys.
  8. ∂an

    Man dies in desert after leaving vehicle

    yeah its especially tragic when people die in seemingly non-life threatening situations. i remember there was an american tourist who got lost on moreton island a couple of years back after having a drink.... he didn't die but was not found for a couple of days, and that island is only a few k's wide...
  9. I guess that it violates the whole cause and effect paradigm that we have built our materialist view of the world on! perhaps easy for a head to understand, not so easy for people who have not had the privilege...
  10. ∂an

    P cubensis found in potted cactus in SA

    this standard mix must have had something extra special in it like spores i'd say!
  11. there are so many qualities of the earth and the solar system that are required to allow life on planet earth to exist - the stabilizing effect of the moon, the protective gravity well of jupiter and the slow burning sun, just to name a few. we are incredibly lucky to be here! massive planetary impacts like this are so fascinating. the one mentioned in the article that spitzer found evidence of is thought to have happened only a few thousands years ago, and probably similar in size to the one that formed the moon. the comet that hit jupiter in 2009 was only a few hundred metres in size yet left a scar the size of the pacific ocean. imagine something the size of mars being vaporized upon colliding with earth...
  12. interesting idea.... psychedelic immersion and totally improbable coincidences seem to go hand-in-hand. just take acid in a nexus of humanity like san francisco and see what adventures befall you... but I think this phenomena has a lot to do with resonant mental processes (i.e. between two people, or a person and a living creature) than purely the defying of ordinary causality. so I think the random number generator would not be able to prove this effect. its seems to me that these esoteric qualities of reality are in their nature beyond scientific explanation... learn to live with the mystery, rather than explain it.
  13. ∂an

    Herbal Teas

    i hav found a simple lavender tea can be very tasty, and its a very easy plant to grow on your kitchen window sill.
  14. ∂an

    Treasure Hunting Time

    thats fascinating, it would be really cool to have a verified meteorite... a chunk of another world in the universe. I don't have an expertise, other that I know that they are exposed to temperatures of approximately 10,000K upon entering the atmosphere, and should appear a bit molten-like as you say. This page has some good info : http://epswww.unm.edu/iom/ident/index.html
  15. Nice doco, but I am always a bit skeptical when someone claims to have scientific proof of paranormal abilities (as in the case of Evgeny here). I think shamanic healing occurs on a plane that is beyond that which is physically measurable.
  16. ∂an

    Treasure Hunting Time

    haha nice one, I wanna see these said meteorites from your garten!
  17. ∂an

    1 K posts quiz

    5) Degrees? I'm thinking refraction of light, which is essentially changing its vector of propagation... woohoo 666 posts for me! I should do something evil. edit: darnit amazonian beat me! is 7 a trick question? I do not know any horses but perhaps they count their age just like we do, by knowing when they are born?
  18. ∂an

    CBL appreciation thread :)

    for some reason I thought CßL was ßluntmuffin... a nice guy either way
  19. What about all falsely accussed defendants?
  20. ∂an

    Is it legal...

    In Australia I think you would need to get permission from whoever is legally responsible for the land. Ecosystem rejuvenation projects are quite common. I remember seeing a number of rejuvenation projects in state forests, not sure if they were run by the Dept. for Parks and Wildlife or others. Music Festivals do tree plantings these days too. Also local communities in tracts of bushland in suburban areas. So I guess they have got permission from someone to do this, which would involve I imagine doing a risk assessment on introducing said species into an ecosystem.
  21. I feel your pain qualia; good deep sleep is absolutely critical to wellbeing. but it sounds like your on the right track. ever noticed how yawning is often accompanied by spontaneous stretching? meditation and stretching before sleep can help relax the mind and the body, as you found. make your body fill nice and comfortable, and not all stiff and knotted up. pharmacologically, melatonin can really help some people reset their sleep rhythm or induce sleep. I find a good strategy is to go through your usual pre-sleep routine of drinking tea, stretching, brushing teeth, reading a book etc and then when you have attained a degree of sleepiness naturally that might allow you to go to sleep, then take maybe 1mg of melatonin to push you over the edge. works very well. also low dose amanita muscaria and plant based MAOI's can help with the anxiety associated with sleeping problems. I have noticed that the quality of my sleep (i.e. how good I feel in the morning) is directly proportional to the vividness and lucidity of my dreams. often 6 hours of sleep where I go deep into what I assume is REM with vivid imagery and interaction with other people/entities is worth more than 8 hours of not so deep sleep. the latter can often happen after too much booze or weed. to be honest, dreaming is probably now my favourite altered state. where we go in this state, every night, is a total mystery. what are all these weird beings and places that are strangely familiar? why did I dream of a creature with a gapping void where their chest should have been last night? in what universe do they have oblong shaped amanita mushrooms that ooze blood? i guess my in the universe of twisted psyche...
  22. ∂an

    Cat ate my loph >_<

    sorry to hear... what was it you were saying about cats being the secret to happiness again?
  23. ∂an

    trouble with garmin gps

    the etrex is a handheld model so I think it will be quite different to the in car ones actually. I have an older garmin handheld (gpsmap 62) that works great, but again lacking much documentation. getting all the software to work takes a weekend of experimentation too, especially on a mac and with open source maps. maybe there is a better manufacturer out there?
  24. I would have to agree with you Ballzac. By making a public spectacle like this and daring to represent the psychedelic community, Greg you need to be more open to other peoples opinions on the matter, especially those coming from intelligent and articulate members of this forum who probably have thought about this issue just as much as yourself. I personally see psychedelics as a spiritual gateway, but Ballzac's atheist perspective is not so uncommon amongst this community, and should thus be considered also. At the same time I don't think a little bit of encouragement would go astray. It must be quite challenging when you put your physical well being on the line for a cause, only for the people you thought you were trying to represent shout you down. Heart and love seem to be at the center of the psychedelic mandala, so it would be nice if more of that was shown concerning this issue of a fellow member who is fighting a decent struggle for legalisation. So then what approach should be taken for legalisation of psychedelics that respects both the spiritual/religious and secular elements of our community? Perhaps to look upon the psychedelic plants as an item of food or medicine? This then invokes the relevant governing administrations that limit and restrict what can be considered food or medicine, but could be workable. I think a fact that this forum for example particularly highlights that is in our favour, is that many of these compounds are derived from plants. By showing the wider community that these beautiful plants can bring much joy to people even without ingesting them is a positive step. So in this respect the approach of someone such as Torsten in the struggle for legalisation is to be applauded, and to a lesser extent all of us who grow these plants, take photos and engage in discussion. For those people that do see these compounds in a secular light, how do you interpret the shamanic tradition? This seems to me to be our best argument, that they have played a central role in most cultures of the world for thousands of years. I interpret the shamanic tradition as spiritual, but perhaps it could also be interpreted as medicinal, in that healing is its central purpose. The acknowledgement of cannabis's potential for medicinal use and the recent JHU psilocybin trials for cancer suffers are perhaps steps towards legalisation via this medical-centered interpretation. But ultimately it seems the shamanic tradition is both spiritual and medicinal, the two are not mutually exclusive. So maybe we just need to be more tolerant of others opinions? Back to square one.