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  1. This is so true Big Red (sorry my quote button isn't working), but I would take it on step further. Life, existence itself in the material world, is our 'practice', our chance to sculpt and refine the soul. I always find solace in this notion when life gets tough; it is in our darkest hours that we grow the most.
  2. Also while I remember it, I had a chance to visit a few of the happy high herb shops that are sprouting up all over California recently. There kratom is the number one product. Te friendly girl behind the counter explained the different qualities of the red, white etc strains, and how to make tea out of it etc. lots of cliched Cali surfer dudes coming in proclaiming 'that stuff is awesome bro!'. Indeed.
  3. Being in Europe, I have had a chance to explore kratom a bit. Extracts are good for ease of transportation, but high quality raw powdered material can deliver strong effects with as little as one teaspoon. There is a spectrum of alkaloids so perhaps some are missed wih certain extractions. The effects can come in between 30 to 60 minutes, with a very nice euphoria that lasts for 1 to 2 hours. Some nausea can be experienced here especially at high doses. For me the pleasant euphoria then gives way to an unpleasant 'scattered' state of mind that often makes me regret having taken it. This seems a quite different state to the sedation due to opiates, so those attempting to replace opiates with kratom should proceed with caution. But this could be an individual response. The best way to use it IMO is crude ground raw material steeped in boiling water, about one gram. Anything more gives me unpleasant side effects as noted. An interesting effect of kratom is increased stamina. One feels like they could run walk swim fly forever.... A useful effect at times! Good for howling at the moon etc.
  4. I would recommend starting with a very low dose. Kratom has a range of effects most of which are altogether different to opiates. Large doses can be highly unpleasant.
  5. nice, the morphing patterns superimposed over dorothy's face especially convey the experience very well. interesting how a film made in 1939, presumably pre-psychedelic, can reflect the ssc so well.
  6. ∂an

    Top 5 regrets of the dying

    this resonates, thanks for sharing. point 5 regarding happiness, to my mind, is probably the most important as it is a measure of how content one feels with the existence they have led. at times I find myself ruminating on trivial issues, and it certainly detracts from my state of happiness. interesting that empathetic thoughts such "I wish I had spent more time contributing to the happiness of others" or "helping others in need" or "helping create a better future" are not on the list. I guess this is because death is the final dissolution of the ego, and ultimately the ego is tied to our individual somatic existence.
  7. ∂an

    Ethnobotanical California

    Anyone got any recomendations for places to visit in California with an ethnobotanical interest? Bear in mind i already have dispensary and jack in the box on my list... Cactus gardens? Native plants and their traditional use? I'm hoping some state side or well travelled folk might have some tips. Cheers!
  8. ∂an

    Ethnobotanical California

    I'm there in summer, so now mushrooms unfortunately.... definitely heading to the sierra's to do some backpacking, apparently the bears are not much of a problem if you are sensible. will check out The Berkeley Botanical Garden, thanks for the tip!
  9. ∂an

    New Zealand countryside, forests, mushrooms,

    Totally agree, new zealand is an amazing place! Especially the mountains in the south island around arthur's pass; idyllic valleys of beech trees leading up into snowy alpine mountain tops. An animal that stood out to me on my visit was the Kea. Three of them followed me up the mountain, and then slowly approached on the ground when I stopped on the summit. They were very curious, and one of them even tried to tear into my backpack! Turns out they have learnt that when hikers take breaks on mountains, there is food around! Really cool birds.
  10. ∂an


    here is an informative interview with a kambo practioner: http://in-a-perfect-world.podomatic.com/entry/2011-01-24T05_30_04-08_00
  11. ∂an

    no shrooms WTF

    the same thing happened 4 or so years ago, there were no fruits in SE QLD from november onwards after much rain. the next year, however, there were fruitings even in July!
  12. Well for many people it is difficult or impossible to get to one of the screenings, so its not surprising really. Guess people like me not living in a major oz city will have to wait.... I'm a fan of Rak's work too, he is a good interviewer and communicator and always offers his own unique perspective on the topic at hand. His recent interview with Dennis McKenna was especially good. The first time I met him was at earth freq in 2007 or so; even then I could tell he was someone with a mission. Great to see his work getting more exposure!
  13. ∂an

    Not long now till se QLD Cube season!!!

    no cubensis, but found a handful of Panaeolus cyanescens in the scenic rim area near the border. the perfect way to spend australia day! national parks where cattle graze in the neighbouring paddocks are my favourite - no need to worry about looking suspicious guess it may take a week or so for the cubensis mycelium to kick into action after this long dry spell.
  14. ∂an

    Not long now till se QLD Cube season!!!

    defo some action by the end of this week, nice fat drops falling
  15. ∂an

    Not long now till se QLD Cube season!!!

    oh yeah! so nice to feel the rain on my face yesterday, lets hope there is more on the way... everything and everyone looks so much happier after that shower!
  16. so true... animals really do seem to respond to our thoughts. from butterflies landing on me in mexico, to wild dogs howling in sync with my fear while camping, I too have had similar experiences. it doesn't stretch my ontological boundaries too far to believe that there is an extra dimension to all beings that is not perceived by ordinary human senses.
  17. ∂an

    Not long now till se QLD Cube season!!!

    interesting... what environment were the fly agaric's growing in?
  18. ∂an

    Not long now till se QLD Cube season!!!

    If this rain in SE QLD keeps up, might get some pins the next couple of days - will report back!
  19. lol whitewind... take care mate! Make 2013 the year we open our hearts to one another and live with love instead of fear... then December 21st 2012 will have achieved is goal.
  20. ∂an

    Merry Christmas :)

    back in Oz for xmas... no place like home! merry christmas!
  21. ∂an

    Not long now till se QLD Cube season!!!

    god to see the rain gods are providing just in time for 21.12.12! of course, it would not happen any other way.
  22. Communities like this, and the psychedelic movement in general, have at their foundations the premise that entheogenic substances, when used correctly, can have a positive impact on the lives of individuals and life in general on this planet. In the past few decades, much emphasis has been placed on rediscovering the practices of cultures with shamanic traditions and incorporating these into contemporary rituals. A common view amongst members of this contemporary psychedelic community is that when these shamanic techniques and plants are implemented in the traditional ritual setting, a positive experience reconnecting oneself to the natural world will ensue. This seems to be based on the view that the ancient shamanic cultures where nature worshiping people and their practices were built around this. This, however, may be a simplification of the extremely complex spiritual topology that entheogenic plants and substances allow access to. There are numerous examples of entheogenic plants being used in seemingly malevolent ways. The practice of brujeria in the amazon basin, and the imbibing of mushrooms by the upper classes at human sacrifice festivals in the aztec society, are two examples that immediately spring to mind. In these situations, especially in the case of the aztecs, entheogens are still living up to the namesake in that they are manifesting a god within, but what kind of god? These substances can manifest the full spectrum of desires within the human heart, including the will to bring suffering on others. It seems important therefore to carefully examine the context of entheogenic traditions before incorporating then into our lives. Perhaps more importantly, those who do use these powerful sacraments should create their own rituals and belief structures to emphasise positive qualities such as love and respect for nature and fellow beings, if that is what they seek.
  23. ∂an

    the light within

    Do you know of any good literature on this topic? Sounds like you know a fair bit about these cultures.