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  1. The Deb-One-Amine

    WTB: A. Peregrina

    Hey Guys Just Wondering If There Is That Certain Someone That Helped me Last time With These Viable or not Can You Do this Again, Please so If you remember Sending Me These About Same Time Last Year Maybe We Can Arrange a trade
  2. The Deb-One-Amine

    Dear Dislikers

    Guys I didntg mean to out anybody or reneg on my end of the deals, yes i lied but i didnt know how to say sonmething i guess this is it, ill start buying a pack or two from shaman austrailis and as some one else said check my local area for seeds and such, ill post a thread in a few months with a list of people and items they can collect and even make a contribution, because without this site there is simply no other place for like minded individuals Sorry Guys Blake
  3. The Deb-One-Amine

    Dear Dislikers

    i owe a few people items here is there heads up, you aint gettin shit cause i aint got shit no more, i must be a bad person but i always ssem to be leaving things unforfilled ro fill my own needs or in utter ignorence, well i have realised this is a problem and still i have no seeds, i did have them. but as i said i never finsi things so they where left at a house and sadly they have now vanished, the trade items where of no real value to many mearly poppie seeds i can get anywhere and a few acacia seeds
  4. The Deb-One-Amine

    Acacia I.d

    its Not a P.Lophantha Thats Butterfly Food This Is Simialar With Stiking Differences Like Flowering habbit And Location/Distibution.
  5. The Deb-One-Amine

    yopo wanted!

    Ethen Its Strange I know But i Really cant farkin Help It It A ocd thing It Kinda Covers My Eccentric persona
  6. The Deb-One-Amine

    Acacia I.d

    They Grow On the Hills Only In tight Places IN SandyIshhh Soil And Yeah Its A Coastal place, Thanmks
  7. The Deb-One-Amine

    Acacia I.d

    They Grow On the Hills Only In tight Places IN SandyIshhh Soil And Yeah Its A Coastal place
  8. The Deb-One-Amine

    yopo wanted!

    Hey man Id Love Em I Ruined My Last Lot Dont Matter if they Are Viable Or not
  9. The Deb-One-Amine

    10g HBWR seed packets

    Yes please Pm'd
  10. The Deb-One-Amine

    Poppy seedlings dying off.

    Each is Entitled To There Own Though, Please Kindness If i Choose to Trade Something Thats My Choice If I was Trading Them With the Intention of them Being used for Exracts then Yeah You Can Complain But I mearly Trade them For Ornimental Or Study Purposes
  11. The Deb-One-Amine

    Poppy seedlings dying off.

    Just Leave Em if They Manage To Establish They Will Grow Back Next Season Dont Worry All my P Som Keels At The End Of Summer so I chop Off at The Ground and leave roots
  12. The Deb-One-Amine

    Purple congo potatoes

    Is it A purple skinned Potato? If so i Have A few Around in the Veggie Patch Waiting On Fruits So i Can Collect Seeds
  13. The Deb-One-Amine

    Acacia I.d

    Hey Guys, Now i Know i Complain About Poor Picture Quality But I found This Acacia And Was Hoping You Guys Could I.d It For Me. Here Is a Few Pics, I also Have Seeds For Anyone That Would Like Some I Have 10 Packs Of 10, So if your interested Please Feel Free To Shoot Thru A Message. Thanks Guys
  14. The Deb-One-Amine

    Free Ethnobotanical's (Australian Members Only)

    Thankya VvvvVVVV GEts D.Inoxia Herbage(Cant Send Thru Mail), Trich Seeds, Chilli Seeds, Papaver rhoeas Seed About 3000(Scratch That I picked Em out And They Where Mouldy Sorry) But i may be able to get some P. Som Seeds.. (I Hope That Trade WAs Fair Enough For the Haters)
  15. The Deb-One-Amine

    Papaver argemone

    im sorry planthelper but i was just asking because as you said i dont have much knowledge but whats the harm in asking, as for the cooperii i wouldnt think of using agermone as the maoi, but a Q could a passiflora be used? lofty yeah it grows everywhere here.. would you like some? so if the seeds contain toxic properties does that mean they are in the leaves as well?