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  1. anton_

    Post your track of the day

    Yesterday we lost our lives, tomorrow we were born Fortune smiled upon us, sacrifice the Argus All that he might help us see Magna eyes the track for miles, looking for disease Puzzled by the mountains, tricked by the sea And the Argus is practiced compassion With an eye on you, as one is on me Will the god eye grant his forgiveness And allow he that's lived, a reason to see Counting days and building walls, bells ring so's to warn All the signs that guide us, chosen by the Argus Tell me has chosen you Led by form we'll shed our soul Trusting like a child See the dark face that saved us Drink from his empty eyes And the Argus is practiced compassion With an eye on you, as one is on me Will the god eye grant his forgiveness Letting droplets of light erupt from the sea... Lying in beds of garlic and orchids, he closes an eye, which closes another And in sleep he dreams, of watching and looking and feather clouds dancing He curls up his lid and sleeps... Swirling with visions on man's confusion All of the work, done just to appease him The Argus he cries, though love has it's place in the sun It's only man's fear that carries him on...
  2. anton_

    Post a random picture thread

    Merry Christmas, everyone. This can be a trying time for many, families aren't always easy, or present. I wish you all the best time possible. Love from anton_
  3. anton_

    Post a random picture thread

    I've never actually swum here, good to know about the sea lice agree Woopi beach is awesome Besides snorkelling, floating over the top of calm swell and looking back at the shore is one of my favourite things to do at the beach, especially when it's as beautiful as places like Blenheim or Murray's (which is the last place I took a dip, a waaayyy down on the south coast, it was relaxing until I stood on a Skate, lol)
  4. anton_

    Post a random picture thread

    Beautiful day in Coffs
  5. Hahaha, I hadn't realised we were replying to an ancient thread! FancyPants the necromancer (or, was it Franq? )
  6. Torsten crushing spam accounts like Mac crushes scoprions...