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  1. strangebrew

    Adelaide sniffer dogs

    Last couple of times I've been in town I've seen a high number of police with dogs at both the train station and the mall. They put the dogs onto people coming off the trains and yesterday in the mall a huge number of cops were walking down it with a dog. Plenty people getting caught too. Beware!
  2. strangebrew

    holiday tragedy

    Just tragic man, so sorry to hear. From memory she had been in a better place for the last few years after your move out east, that's something. Life can be so short.
  3. strangebrew

    spiritual electricity

    Yep, that's there as well. I normally have a hard time feeling anything, I guess that's why it strikes me as unique but maybe I'm just magical thinking. P.S. - I like the jhana stuff, I hadn't heard of it. It's interesting, the 5 hinderances are pretty much what I've always thought were hinderances to my otherworldly excursions too!
  4. strangebrew

    spiritual electricity

    No it's not Kundalini, not unless I've got a butt for a head - some might say that's true. Browsing around various sites I can see that it's not uncommon but no-one knows what it is. Just about always linked to feelings of spirituality, something greater. Well actually it's not that hard, just got to be fully focused on re-experiencing the peak. To my mind if by just reexperiencing, the sensations are triggered, there must be a correlation with what goes on when you're really hitting the heights, so to speak.
  5. strangebrew

    spiritual electricity

    It's much more than shivers down the spine but that's not to say the same nervous system isn't involved. Starts from the back my head, like strong amphetamine rushes and can shoot down all the extremities when it's really firing. At times my body can really ripple with it.
  6. strangebrew

    spiritual electricity

    You speaking from experience? I've got a big hunch that antidepressants would knock it on it's head. Occassionally some music will set it off. A certain tone maybe - could be why the shaman's stuff triggered it. Felt so strong though, stronger than usual. Could only think that something was indeed powerful there. Tim Buckley's "The River" was the last song I heard that would set it off a bit.
  7. http://www.erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=87405 I've found myself in similar places - sometimes physically dancing or at others I've been dancing in my mind. Thing is if I concentrate real hard sometimes I can get back to this state naturally - imagining the rhythmic, cosmic movements, radiating the good vibes, but when I do so this weird electricity starts in my head & spreads down my spine. It feels similar to the hairs on the back of the neck going berserk but it's internal, inside the skull. I've felt this electrical sensation before in spiritual moments, when something really resonates with me. I was watching this doco the other night called "The Horse Boy" - about a young autistic kid who goes to Mongolia with his parents to visit different shamen to see if they can help with his more problematic symptoms. When the 1st shaman started chanting and drumming this electricity started up again extremely strongly. I was literally buzzing. I was amazed! WTF? Anyone concur?
  8. strangebrew

    Amazon with Bruce Parry - SBS

    The other plant of interest on the show. "Wakrapona" AKA "spinster's delight"
  9. strangebrew

    Amazon with Bruce Parry - SBS

    Ilex guayusa
  10. strangebrew

    Amazon with Bruce Parry - SBS

    So are you saying poor old Brucey finally comes to grips with his ego & actually gets somewhere? I'm sure in the Iboga episode he spent the whole time fighting it, just like in last nights but at least he saw a snake. I was pretty impressed my 1st time - it sure wasn't no brown snake!
  11. strangebrew

    Black Death?!

    Honey was recommended to me by a fellow member recently and it just so happened that I had a huge fat scop that went over in a storm and the rot was setting into damaged parts and it wasn't showing any signs of stopping so I gave it a whirl. And holy fuck, it seems to work! As good as fresh Mancozeb - which btw goes off really quickly once opened.
  12. strangebrew

    Tassili Mushroom Art

    I can't work out why the McKenna's would so blatantly misrepresent the image when there really is no need to - does it really need genitals? and why Stamets has continued to run with it is beyond me. P.S. actually found a review of an Andy Letcher talk yesterday where he mentioned it. Andy Letcher talk
  13. strangebrew

    Tassili Mushroom Art

    How was it described in Food of the Gods - an artistic interpretation or actual rock art? I can't remember & I sold my copy many moons ago.
  14. strangebrew

    Tassili Mushroom Art

    If you're referring to McKenna's "Food of the Gods" you may be right - Kathleen Harrison, his missus drew it. lol
  15. strangebrew

    Tassili Mushroom Art

    Definately nothing in the hands. Damn though, would have scared the crap out of any youngster/s doing initiation ceremonies down in those caves. What an experience!