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  1. Can't you grow tobacco under the condition that you are taxed for doing it? I don't think it would be that bad to legalize pot and have it taxed. Sure it might start out as a hefty tax, but i'm sure i'd decrease a bit over time. Anyway, there are plenty of ways to avoid paying tax for such things anyway, just like people do now when they grow. At least if it were legal you wouldn't get jail time or it on your criminal record if u were caught...
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    It's a weird weird world

    Thursday, 3 September 2009 http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/8237006.stm BBC © MMIX Hemp plants look like cannabis ones, but have little psychoactive effect A triumph for Dutch police quickly turned out to be an embarrassing mistake after they destroyed what they thought was a field of cannabis plants. Police on Wednesday announced they had discovered a plantation of some 47,000 illicit cannabis plants with a street value of 4.4m euros ($6.3m; £3.8m). They had destroyed much of the crop when they were told the plants belonged to a respected school of agriculture. They were a type of hemp, being grown as a fibre for use in textiles. Hemp is related to cannabis, but contains only trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive substance found in marijuana. They were being grown in the field near Lelystad, Flevoland province under licence by researchers from Wageningen University who were studying the hemp variety as a potential sustainable source of textiles. "The street value from a drug point of view is less than zero," the university's Simon Vink told AP news agency. Under Dutch law, cannabis is a controlled substance, and its large-scale production is illegal. However a policy of tolerance is applied to individual users.
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    Hearing Voices

    Maybe the voices tell them what they are scared of doing? I can't really add anything else. It was just a thought. I too have a fascination in schizophrenia. Sometimes it's more to do with making sure i'm not going down that road (silly anxious thoughts take over sometimes) but it is also an incredibly interesting condition with much -, I think left unexplained. The thought of our mind, the thing we rely on in everyday life to possess you, to lose control. It's a scary thought...It's funny how drugs can do the same thing. Psychedelics especially. They totally take over. I'm rambling now.
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    Hearing Voices

    Schizophrenia? Thought maybe that was obvious??? I don't see how if it were a spirit it would be so evil to do such a thing.
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    Plastic trees to counter climate change

    Haha yep. That's it. Maybe it was Futurama?
  6. eexpee

    Plastic trees to counter climate change

    I think it was The Simpsons where they showed what it would be like in the future, there was a tablet under a tree saying "here stands the last real tree" or something. Maybe things really will be that way....
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    What's wrong?

    I just looked at my 30cm tall T. Peruvians and she has red like warts all around one section. Like a ring of red like warts. Could it be sunburn? It wasn't like that this morning but I gave her a little water and now the sun is one her and she suddenly has these. Sorry I don't have a working camera. Does anyone know?
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    Stropharia Aurantiaca

    Sorry if this has been covered before, but after doing a bit of searching around, it seems that you could easily mistake some Stropharia Aurantiaca with p. subaeruginosa. Of course you would look for bluing, but say you found a patch of subs and got a bit over confident and some of these happened to be in there. Apart from the bluing is there any other distinctive trait that these guys have that can easily be pulled out from subs? I believe they can be quite upsetting if eaten... Thanks!
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    nitrous oxide: planet killer

    Im sure it is just an excuse to get it regulated to people stop using it recreationally...
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    Heavy Metal

    Job for a cowboy is one of my favorites - BRUTAL! If anyone is into the brutal death metal a good band is Daath I saw Alexisonfire a couple years back at the big top. Wasn't bad, but nowdays I find it is to 'soft'. Psychoshaman mentioned Opeth I think. I also started listening to them recently, but they have to much slow instrumental and not enough god dam SCREAMING!!!! XP Oh and Suffocation and Hate Eternal is real deep black metal stuff
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    Going To Byron Schoolies! Need a local :)

    Well I have been talking to divinersage and we might be going up at the same time. If andyamine your offer takes up and I am there, I would love a tour of the local areas too. I was going to get to Nimbin via public transport but you only stay a couple of hours and you wont get any good conversations going with the locals either. XP
  12. Thanks I hope I can get it growing fast. From what I have read in other posts some people have trouble getting them to get any taller than 30cm in 2 years! XP
  13. eexpee

    What's wrong?

    Okay, hopefully I know how to attack images, here are some bad pics of my cactus. I had to you my built in webcam, so one is upside down... Its around the middle if you can see...I actually think it could be a rash from the insulation that was being done on the roof maybe?
  14. :D The reason for all the interest is I am trying to pop some seeds right now. It will be an interesting addition to my small collection indeed!
  15. Interesting. Are there any papers written on this? Also you mention it possibly reducing the occurrence of psychosis. Can you elaborate? XP
  16. After reflecting on the experience thing, I have sort of found a peace in it. As part of the western culture we have been conditioned to think we are separate and individual. Traditional teachings tell us of how we are all connected and one with everything else. I don't quite know how to explain this, but anyway; we are an experience, but we are all part of the same experience. Remove our bodies and we are in Zen, Nirvana, because there is no longer an individual receiver, but the experience of universal consciousness. Our mind is so conditioned to being one thing, the ego, that when an experience of being not one separate thing, but one part of a whole thing it tries to interperate that experience to something within itself. For one that has not quite come to terms with the distinction between the ego and the universal it can be quite scary, this is what I think may have happened in your case. That 'place' you went to was no place IMO, but 'THE place' of existence. For something to exist, there needs to be nothing there first. So you went to that place of nothing; no-thing. This is all what I think, I don't think anyone can offer an answer to your experience. There will be no definitive answer to this, it's as simple as that. The more you try and find one the more it will bring pain and confusion. It's about being given the privilege to experience such an experience as a human, something not many are able to do, and acknowledge the experience for what it is. It is not meant to be understood, not now anyway. Life now is not understood, but we accept it as the place we are in now. Try not to dwell on it to much, just take it for what it is. Maybe the feeling of not being in your body comes from the experience of knowing we are not truly our bodies. To much distance from this reality can take us away from this reality in a way that is not good and persists after the experience. But we are here now for a reason, so we must also experience this reality for what it is. IMO aya every week could be doing something to bring you away from your existing reality to much. This fear and confusion is a sign maybe it needs to slow down. Come back to it when you can sort through the experience more, otherwise it could leave you feeling very hollow, which is not what it is meant to do. Good luck. I hope my input has helped you. - Also t s t. you said something about heimia being used in conjunction with cid. In what dosages is it recommended and what method ie. smoking or as a tea? Does it also have a similar effect when used with mushrooms, LSA or DMT? Does it also need to have an MAOI with it? Plase explain further. XP
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    What's wrong?

    I'm not so sure I want to do that though....the lumps are hard. I would describe them more as boil like things actually...
  18. eexpee

    What's wrong?

    Haha. They are actually more red-green than striking red actually. It has moved up a bit from the middle of the cactus now climbing upwards. There is more of it when the sun isn't directly on it. Help!
  19. After a FOAF had an intense acid trip, he felt quite similar, like he was dreaming and that reality was fragile and that he could very well not exist anymore, almost like his awareness was in another dimension looking in through a screen or something. It took a little while for him to integrate himself back in to what we call 'reality' but that feeling of looking in, or not being here kind of stayed. He has concluded it is something to do with the limited ability we have to see this world, because we only have 2 eyes, and it almost seems 'fake' to see the world in this way. You have just become aware of how you are just an experience. That everything we experience is just that. This feeling has caused many panic attacks in this person, mostly while thinking about it under the influence of cannabis. In medical terms this feeling is what 'they' call 'depersonalisation', a phenomenon where you feel disconnected from yourself. Apart from what I have just said, I am not sure I can say much else, if it has helped at all. Bringing it back up makes him question it even more, he has no answer, it seems empty to think we are just an experience. XP
  20. eexpee

    Long term positive effects

    Only for regular long term use. Weekly is not bad. And it depends on the strain.
  21. Found this document. Is a good read. It's interesting, it discusses the third eye, what chemicals cause certain states, LSD's role in this. It talks also about similar states of madness and compares it to LSD and reflects upon these states. http://www.theatlantic.com/issues/96may/nitrous/lsd.htm If you pull out anything interesting from it, please discuss.
  22. eexpee

    smokable lsa's from common house plant!!!

    Thanks. I know, I have, twice. But it's a confusing thread!
  23. eexpee

    smokable lsa's from common house plant!!!

    Hmm, well after utse I have come up wit these threads of interest: http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/inde...hl=cyanide+HBWR http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/inde...t=0&start=0 It would seem that the seeds don't contain any detectable amount of cyanide, which is good. The first thread doesn't continue any further, and discusses the presence of cyanide in the husks, which could be responsible for effects? If this is true, and considering the action of cyanide, it would seem to risky without conclusive evidence to smoke the husks or pods of HBWR. Is anyone able to clear this up? There is no interest in a hospital trip... XP
  24. eexpee

    smokable lsa's from common house plant!!!

    Lol, you know I meant MAOI. Okay, will do with the cyanide thing. Yes, I have read the whole thread. I just found it very confusing... I wonder what the duration/come up of snorting HBWR husks is.... As people said something about getting effects from smoking some HBWR seeds, I might give smoking the pods a go and possibly making a nice smoking blend. XP
  25. eexpee

    smokable lsa's from common house plant!!!

    Okay, understandable. BUT, an important one of those questions in regards to safety: Is spider grass an MAIO? And now that I think about it. Does the HBWR contain any harmful quantities of cyanide? I remember once reading that it had something to do with the nausea. If that is the case, would then snorting the husks avoid any cyanide ingestion as this method causes no nausea? I will endevour to find out the rest - at some point. If there is anything of value in the pod I will report back. XP