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  1. zero

    Micropropagation techniques

    Has anyone out there done any tissue culture with pines or worked with hard wood? sorry I know this is off topic.
  2. zero

    u no

    Sorry but who's face is that???
  3. zero

    wanted: sassafras

    I would also be very keen for some of these seeds guys pm me. peace
  4. zero

    Catha Edulis ID

    does anyone have any pictures of a older narrow leaf khat plant? I thought it was the only spp in the genus?????
  5. zero

    Lights for growing

    I too have been looking into LEDs and I think the only was to do it is to source your own and make the panels yourself because there is no info on auction sites etc. does anyone out there know where I can buy Blue LEDs 420NM and Red LEDs 680-690NM
  6. zero

    Unknown Psilocybe

    that interesting in the needles of pinus radiata, its a nice shrooms thats for sure. keep em coming
  7. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19441008 "Toxicity studies on dermal application of plant extract of Dodonaea viscosa used in Ethiopian traditional medicine. Abstract Despite advances in the understanding of the medicinal properties of many herbs, the consumer today is confronted with the lack of or misinformation concerning the safety of these herbs that rivals the heyday of the patent medicine era. In the present study, Dodonaea viscosa (Sapindaceae), a medicinal plant commonly used for skin diseases in Ethiopia was subjected to a systematic dermatotoxicity study. To this effect, the dermatotoxicity of an 80% methanol extract of the leaf was investigated in animals following standard procedures for irritation, sensitization, acute toxicity and repeated toxicity tests. The skin irritation test in rabbits showed the extract to be a slight or negligibly slight irritant, with a primary irritation index of 0.45. A sensitization test in mice by the mouse ear swelling test method revealed the extract to be a non-sensitizer in the dose range 12-30 mg/mL. The percent responder was zero. The acute and repeated dermal toxicity tests on rats did not show any overt sign of toxicity. The findings of this study collectively indicate that dermal application of D. viscosa is not associated with any toxicologically relevant effects and the data could provide satisfactory preclinical evidence of safety to launch a clinical trial on a standardized formulation of the plant extracts. © 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd."
  8. zero

    Some beautiful species

    Nice pictures man, I can see why you love that place, its looks amazing.
  9. zero

    Some kiwi porn

    I asked about the blue ones but he said he cant ID them
  10. zero

    Plant ID

    Hi guys any idea what this plant is? the seeds were labled Yopo, but looked like the read deal. ID please peace zero
  11. zero

    Beneficial Herbs for the Lungs

    what about a vape pipe?
  12. zero

    Beneficial Herbs for the Lungs

    sorry but why would you bother to smoke coca leaf? this is a great post, I have never read about those herbs before. have to add some of them to my wanted list
  13. zero

    seed ID

    I can just see inside the crack and it looks like a bug has eaten a hold in the seed I was thinking that when I got it. still great for desplay.
  14. zero

    seed ID

    I dont know what it is??? have been looking and trying to find that one out for some time. im sure I will find out one day. but wow there are some cool seeds around ay.