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    Something had a munch on my Loph graft...

    Thanks teonanacatl Right thats it ime making a cage for em first thing tommorrow.. And lace my greeenhouse with rodent bait... Bye Bye Mouse'y
  2. CarlDry

    Mat I get some help on an ID please?

    Deleted Because
  3. CarlDry

    Wanted: Salvia apiana

    Have you looked here -_- http://www.herbalistics.com.au/shop/produc...&products_id=31 Cheers mole
  4. CarlDry

    Ebay Pachanoi

  5. CarlDry

    separatory funnel

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  6. CarlDry

    Global Satellite Weather Image

    Great site Thanks
  7. CarlDry

    H.B Woodrose seedling help...

    Flange here's a pic of 1 of my HBWR. quote: "Flange" How fast/slow growing of a plant is it? The pic should give you an idea. Its only my first time at growing these. That date is 25/11/04 Cheers mole [ 09. January 2005, 20:55: Message edited by: mole ]
  8. CarlDry

    H.B Woodrose seedling help...

    I have just recently sprouted some. They are about 6 weeks old, 15 or so I have never bothered with lights. I have mine behind 70/30 shade cloth in my pergola in the Morning. In the afternoon i put them in full sun. Protecting the pots from the sun. :confused: Cheers mole [ 09. January 2005, 20:52: Message edited by: mole ]
  9. CarlDry

    Very Interesting Documentary..

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  10. CarlDry

    Very Interesting Documentary..

    I found this while browsing. Very interesting doco about the discovery of LSD. Alot about Albert Hoffman,Timothy Leary. bittorent!!! 60min vcd http://torrentreactor.net/search.php?searc...s=lsd&cid=&lid= Cheers mole
  11. CarlDry

    mayan ink

    I Just could'nt help myself i just had post a pic of the back of my arm. :D All Freehand !!! Had a lot more work since this pic was taken.(2001) Lots of hours Lost count.. :confused: Happy Drilling mr b.caapi :D Im off to the tat shop Cheers mole