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  1. mac

    hey :)

    been busy with work but some time off sick, should have came back earlier
  2. mac

    hey :)

    just thought id let everyone know i was still alive cant believe the price pach is going for on ebay ? mine is slowly taking over the yard & if rather use it for stock or give it away than ask the price some are asking for it
  3. mac

    Netbooks (Mini Laptops)

    ASUS, MSI or leader when it comes to laptops Major Tom
  4. mac

    Bin Laden dead?

  5. mac


    lol seriously i tend to sleep better after sex or just with female company i have had insomnia for 20 years & thats the best cure i have found, natural Endorphins ( endogenous opioids )
  6. mac

    Good station wagons.

    yeah wagons are better as ya can lock them up & petrol engines plenty of power when needed, your decision should be based on what you want it for & how much you want to spend and how much offroad vs highway use, running & repair costs later models are fine i was just using those for examples Take your time test drive a few cars & look for low Ks with either i want a sport wagon if i ever upgrade the VS but cant afford one at the moment
  7. mac

    Good station wagons.

    this may give ya some idea of price & fuel economy Holden wagon same year hilux twin-cab hilux
  8. mac

    Good station wagons.

    fairly decent for a 6 cylinder good on trips just depends on how heavy your foot is, they are a good car for when you need the power overtaking etc.. little heavier round town with stopping & starting traffic lights im sure there would be some good info online about economy just the price of diesel now is the main thing to look at & most diesels tend to be a little sluggish but yeah depending on what your main usage will be if go for a commodore wagon or twin-cab hilux with canopy like i said diesels & 4wds parts tyres are more expensive in the long run IMO if a family car id look at the holden, do a bit of research on economy & redbook prices of what your after & test drive a few first would be the best before you make a decision commodore wagons are a little more than a sedan but price range ya can pick a VS VT up fairly cheap these days & the engines are very reliable parts are cheap
  9. mac

    Good station wagons.

    i have a VS wagon its done over the 200,000 k & still runs like a dream have seen them with well over 325,000 on them & they still run well so if you cant find a good diesel look into a commodore wagon VS & later models, they are fairly good on fuel for a v6 unless your flogging them around all the time & have plenty of power with comfort & lower costs for repairs than 4wd,s it just depends if you want it for off road work
  10. mac

    Lightning fucked up my Graphic Board

    whats the specs of your system EG, CPU intel/AMD socket 775, socket A/ AM2-3 ? what memory ddr ddr2 ddr3 , onboard or dedicated video etc ATI / Nvidia ? might be best to cut your losses & put the $ towards the latest system
  11. yeah that's the thing Slybacon It sux what happened to your friend, but i would blame the circumstances surrounding the incident. surround yourself with people who are up to no good or, mess with the wrong people & this sort of thing happens you have to expect red flags to be raised. i had a similar experience when i was younger but i keep to myself these days & cut my ties with that scene over 12 years ago when my first child was born thanks for expanding on the story gives us all something to think about
  12. So if he was innocent or was set up what did it concern (without incriminating anyone) to do 18 months , i take it it wasn't a first offence