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  1. Birdwing

    Sub ID

    Look like the goods to me! Take a print to be extra sure should be purple/black.
  2. Birdwing

    NSW camping trip

    Oh well one night is better than no nights.....will be good to catch up again WT!!! ***** Sorry Birdwing! - I edited your post by mistake - oops!***
  3. Birdwing

    Aboriginal dreamtime....

    Cool I'll be sure to check both those books out.
  4. Birdwing

    Aboriginal dreamtime....

    I'd also like to check this book out....Hopefully you can remember it's title once your fighting fit again
  5. Birdwing

    my new ethno garden

    Nice work man....good to see a few pics of this garden I been hearing about. Will be good to see how it progresses in a few years time. It's around 5 or 6 months old.
  6. Birdwing

    Aboriginal dreamtime....

    I'm also intersted in this topic but it's hard to find any good info on it but if you've ever seen some of the traditional rock paintings in the Kimberley's of the Wanjina's it really makes you wonder. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wondjina
  7. Birdwing

    Roky Erickson

    Roky's sure got one hell of a voice would def recommend checking out the Elevators back catalog too 'Easter Everywhere' is one of my all time fav albums!!
  8. Birdwing

    artwork i've done...

    Coooool!!! Some nice works man!!!
  9. Birdwing

    Happy birthday holy mountain..

    Happy Birthday Man!!! Hope you had a good one!
  10. Birdwing

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Ummm you are one of these people....Anyway I'm not here to have a dig at anyone just an observation. Oh well another huge turn out.....Cheers for organising anywayz chaos I still enjoy turning up to the meets even if there is only a few of us as it's always good to sit around and talk with like minded souls. Also means there's more freebies and trades to take home if there are less people there. I still had a good afternoon good to catch up with you guys again & good to meet ya Col.
  11. Birdwing

    evolver spore

    Rak has also got a podcast that is pretty interesting too if you liked some of his thoughts. http://in-a-perfect-world.podomatic.com/ Just having a look now looks like he has podcasted the talk from last night for any of those couldn't make it along.
  12. Birdwing

    evolver spore

    Funny I was thinking the same thing too but still managed to eventually zone it out probably cause I was closer to the front. Yeh was really cool great little crew and interesting people also looking forward to the next one.
  13. Birdwing

    Regrowth 2010

    Yeh I'll be going looking forward to it!!
  14. Birdwing

    NSW camping trip

    Yep I'm a Vego.
  15. Birdwing

    NSW camping trip

    As far as I understood it it was locked in for the 30th, 1st & 2nd.